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You might not think website design is a big deal for your accounting firm. After all, you and your partners are hired for your math skills—not your visual flair. This may be true, but the right web design could make the difference between a potential client contacting you or leaving your site in favor of another firm.

Web design is much more than just choosing pretty colors and fonts. It also involves making a website functional and easy to use. No matter how fantastic the visuals, your website won’t benefit your firm if it doesn’t work properly. In fact, a poorly-designed site could drive revenues and conversions down.

On this page, you’ll learn why web design for accountants is important, how a good design can boost revenue, and what steps you can take to implement an effective web design.

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Why does web design matter for accountants?

Your website is the core of your online marketing strategy. Every blog, tweet, and email is designed to send clients and prospects to your website. When your strategy is sound but your site fails to support it, people will abandon your site and most likely forget the idea of using your accounting services.

Web design matters because it impacts many aspects of your site’s performance, including:


Clients and prospects are using a variety of devices and browsers to access your website. Some may use more than one and expect the same experience every time. A responsive design enables a consistent experience across all of these devices, including mobile devices.


While web pages should have content in a variety of formats, those elements should be easy to load. If not, the page may load so slowly that users get frustrated and go elsewhere. Once the page loads, its layout should make important information easy to find and interactive features easy to use.


Your accounting firm is not like every other firm. Similarly, your website should not be like every other accounting website. Although it should have the kind of content consumers expect from an accounting firm, it should also contain enough unique elements to differentiate your firm from others.

Design impacts every aspect of your site, and is clearly essential if you value your online presence. But what if you don’t? Keep reading to learn how an effective website can help your accounting firm.

How can a website benefit your firm?

Without a strong online presence, you miss out on potential clients and revenue. A great site can help you grow your business by attracting new clients and showing them that you are trustworthy before they ever even set foot in your firm.

Attracts new clients

Think about the last time you searched for information on a business. Whether you needed to call a plumber, find a new hairdresser, or choose a hotel for your next vacation, how did you do it? If you’re like many people, you used a search engine.

Search engines like Google are becoming the primary way that people around the world find what they are looking for. This means it’s highly likely that potential clients in your area are using them to find accountants, and the only way they will find you is with a well-designed website.

Speeds up the sales cycle

A good design ensures people find what they want and can quickly get in touch with your firm. It places key selling points exactly where the visitor’s eyes wander and provides the tools to request information, ask for quotes, or contact you and your associates directly.

Positions you as trustworthy and reliable

As many as 75% of Internet users base the credibility of a site more on presentation than content. Although this is somewhat disheartening for the writers and content creators of the world, it means that web design for accountants is extremely important.

When your site looks good and works properly, visitors see you as credible and professional. As an accountant, this is essential. No one wants to put their finances into the hands of a questionable firm, and a strong website can be exactly what you need to show potential clients that you are trustworthy.

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What elements are involved in web design for accountants?

Now that you know why web design is important for accountants, you need a design that helps you accomplish your business goals. Remember, potential clients are judging you by your website, so it has to convey the same professionalism and competence as the rest of your marketing strategy. The following elements will accomplish this:

Brand identity

You probably already use your firm’s name and logo on every piece of marketing material you produce. It should also appear prominently on every page of your website. The most effective way to do this is to create a template in which they appear at the top of the page, with contact information at the bottom.


Visitors to your site don’t want to spend hours—or even minutes—clicking around to find what they need. If they have to sift through more than one or two pages with confusing navigation, they’ll likely leave in favor of a site that is easier to use.

Ideally, most pages should be accessible with one or two clicks. Put your most important content right on the homepage, and make the rest of your navigation as intuitive as possible.


Your profession relies on organization, and your website should reflect this value. Arrange photos and text in an easy-to-follow format and use explicit descriptions so visitors know exactly where to go for additional information.

Calls to action

Every page should encourage further interaction, whether you want visitors to contact you, go to another page, or download premium content. Make it clear on every page what users should do next, and make these calls to action stand out.

Strong web design should make navigating your site an easy, informative, and pleasant experience for all users. When done right, it will bring in new clients and position your firm as trustworthy and reliable. If you need help creating a design that accomplishes these goals, feel free to contact us. Our dedicated team is more than happy to assist you.

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