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As a physician, you understand that a patient’s first impression of your practice is critical.

Years ago, a patient’s first impression was developed either over the phone or in person. Today, however, potential patients can and do form opinions your practice before you or anyone on your staff ever even has a chance to say hello.

Now, first impressions come from your website, which is why physician web design is so important.

Visiting your website is usually a potential patient’s first interaction with your practice. Even if someone recommends your practice, they’re likely to visit your site before calling. If your website’s design is lacking, that first visit could be a potential patient’s last interaction with your practice.

If you’re looking to improve your website and attract more patients with it, WebFX can help. With our award-winning team and physician website design services, your practice can launch a fast, compliant, and mobile-friendly site that brings more patients to your center.

Keep reading to learn more about web design for doctors and how our web design agency can help your practice. If you’d like to chat right away about your site and needs, feel free to contact us online or call us at 888-601-5359!

Browse physician website design services

When you choose WebFX for physician website design, you provide your practice with a complete solution to designing, launching, and maintaining your brand new website. While we offer a few different doctor web design services, all deliver a custom, mobile-friendly, and search-friendly site.

Learn more about our physician web design services:

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Physician website design services

Develop a brand-new site for your medical practice with our physician web design services.


Physician website redesign services

Create a fresh, updated look for your existing site with our website redesign services.


30-day physician web design services

Launch a brand-new site in 30 days with our rapid web design services for physicians.


ADA-compliant physician web design services

Build a website that everyone can access with our ADA-compliant web design services.


Explore our physician web design portfolio

Curious about what our award-winning web design team can create for your medical practice? Explore our portfolio, which features physician web design examples from several areas of medicine, like radiology.

Envision Radiology

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Healthcare Administrative Partners

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Health Images

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What does our physician web design services include?

Web design for physicians goes beyond creating an attractive website. In addition to a beautiful site, website design for doctors focuses on creating a fast, accessible site that people can access on their laptop, tablet, or phone and find on their favorite search engine.

That’s why our physician web design services provide you with a site that’s:

  1. Attractive
  2. Fast
  3. Accessible
  4. Mobile-friendly
  5. Compliant with healthcare standards and regulations
  6. Optimized for search engines via search engine optimization (SEO)

When you partner with WebFX for physician web design, you also receive a dedicated project manager.

Your project manager makes the designing, building, and launching of your brand-new site seamless. They learn about your practice, its goals and desires, and use that information to help our in-house, U.S.-based design and development team create the website you’ve always wanted.

Learn more about building your new site by contacting us online or calling us at 888-601-5359!

9 best practices for physician website design

The most important best practices for physician website design (and ones we incorporate into our doctor web design services) include:

1. Be informative

Your website should make basic information very easy to obtain. Your phone number, physical address, and hours of operation are likely the most popular reason patients will visit your website, so this information should be conveniently located on every page.

Another reason new patients or potentially new patients will access your website is to learn more about your practice. Be sure to have a bio on each doctor on your website, what makes your medical practice different, what insurance you take, your cancellation policies, and tips for how to prepare for appointments.

2. Create multiple, topic-specific pages

If you have a website for your medical practice that is less than five pages, you probably aren’t doing a good job of making a first impression. There are a number of things that make your practice special, and a website is a golden opportunity to explain just what those things are.

Do not make the mistake of listing numerous topics on one page. That’s not good for either search engine optimization or usability! Make sure you have a separate page for each doctor in the practice, insurance information, appointment preparation, and so on.

3. Make navigation easy

Having multiple pages for each individual topic that you want to discuss on your website is best practice. However, this will do you little to no good if you have poor navigation.

Remember that the goal of website design for physicians is to enhance the experience of being a patient in your practice. If the website is difficult to navigate, your patients will not see the value in your website or your practice.

Just because you know how to navigate your website easily doesn’t mean others will. Consider the primary demographic of your patient base and ask friends and family that fit that demographic to visit your website and locate specific pages. Ask them for honest feedback on how easy or difficult they felt it was to navigate to the pages you requested they find. This can help you make impactful changes that improve the experience of each visitor.

4. Develop a clean design

Would you invite patients into your office if things were cluttered, unorganized, and scattered about randomly? You shouldn’t feel any differently about your website.

Your site is an extension of your practice. Make sure you are sending the right message to your visitors by ensuring the way it looks is clean and organized, not cluttered!

5. Provide clear calls to action

Each page of the website should have a desired next step. After a user is done reading the about us section, what would be the ideal next step? Is it to learn more about your doctors, view insurance policies you accept, or to schedule an appointment?

Whatever that next logical step is, create a clear call to action on the page that makes navigation from that page to the next page you’d like them to see simple. For example, if you have the functionality to schedule an appointment via your website, it might be a good idea if the confirmation page where they are delivered after successfully scheduling an appointment features a link to the “how to prepare for your appointment” page.

6. Feature a contact form

This is a very simple best practice for physician web design, but one that is overlooked more frequently than you might think. You should undoubtedly have a contact form on your website.

It’s not enough to simply provide an email address where you can be reached. That just adds more work for the user, which greatly decreases the odds they will contact you. Having a contact form on the website, so the user doesn’t have to leave the website to send you a message, is important!

7. Use a responsive design

This isn’t a reminder that you should respond to web inquiries quickly, that’s a given! Responsive is a type of web design that allows your website to respond appropriately to the device that a user is on while viewing your website. If your site uses responsive design, it will allow visitors to see the same content whether they are on a smartphone or desktop, all without scrolling or zooming.

Responsive design is important for physician website design because the number of people using smartphones and tablets to view websites continues to rise. Without responsive design, you may see many of your visitors from mobile devices get frustrated and go elsewhere.

8. Maintain a consistent design and message

Not only should you make sure your website is sending a consistent message throughout all of your pages, but you also want to make sure the design elements are consistent. Each page should not be using a different size or style font. Inconsistent styling is confusing to a user and makes it seem as if the website is not cohesive.

9. Represents the practice accurately

One final tip for doctor website design is to ensure that the website accurately represents your practice. Avoid using stock photos or free online graphics. Whenever possible, use high quality pictures of the office so that visitors do not have unrealistic expectations or feel misled when they come in for an appointment.

Attract more patients with physician website design services

At WebFX, our team of talented designers and developers are here to make sure the website for your practice is attractive, easy to navigate, and fully functional. We know how important a great design is for your physician’s office, and we can help you create that.

With physician website design services from WebFX, you can rank better in search engines, reach more potential patients, and schedule more appointments online. We know all the ins and outs of web design for doctors, and we can earn results. Contact one of our web design experts today to learn more about our services. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Ready to make more appointments with new patients? Call 888-601-5359 or contact us online to find out how a website designed by WebFX can help you attract more potential patients.

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