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WebFX is a marketing agency that provides vendors and sellers with comprehensive, result-driven review management services for Amazon that accelerate sales, increase search rankings, and maximize market dominance.

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Aggressive Plan

$600 / month

  • Amazon Vine (Vendor)
  • Negative review responses
  • Sales response emails

Market Leader Plan

$1,000 / month

  • Amazon Early Reviewer Program (Seller)
  • Negative review responses
  • Product question and answer management

Trailblazer Plan

$1,500 / month

  • Amazon Early Reviewer Program
  • Sales response emails
  • Product question and answer management


Increase your sales on Amazon with Review Management for Amazon

Reviews influence the purchase decisions of 80% of shoppers, emphasizing that businesses need to prioritize review management if they want to succeed — and rank well — on Amazon. That is why vendors and sellers invest in review management services for Amazon.

It’s also why they partner with WebFX, which has driven more than $3 billion in revenue for clients.

Discover how our review management services for Amazon can help your business accelerate its sales, improve its search rankings, and increase its market dominance by contacting us online today! Or, call 888-601-5359 to speak with one of our award-winning strategists!

Being new to digital advertising I searched for a company that not only could handle my project but do it at a fair price. I found both of those needs were covered with WebFX. I have been very happy with not only the success of my campaign, but also the friendly and knowledgeable people there.

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Review Management Services for Amazon

With more ecommerce businesses joining Amazon, as well as the fact that Amazon’s search algorithm uses reviews to shape search results, review management has become a necessity for sellers and vendors on the platform.

Learn more about our comprehensive review management services for Amazon, below.

FeaturesAggressiveMarket LeaderTrailblazerEnterprise
Amazon Vine (Vendor)
Amazon Early Reviewer Program (Seller)
Negative Review Responses
Sales Response Emails
Product Question and Answer Management
PPC Progressive Monthly Management for Amazon Cost Required with Review Management for Amazon$2,000 $2,500/mo. or 28% of ad spend, whichever is greater $5,000/mo. or 24% of ad spend, whichever is greater $12,000/mo. Or 20% of ad spend, whichever is greater
PPC Monthly Ad Spend for Amazon: Required with Review Management for AmazonUp to $5,000 $5,001 to $15,000 $15,001 to $50,000 $50,000+
Progressive Monthly Management$600$1,000$1,500Call for Quote
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What do our Review Management Services for Amazon include?

Our review management services for Amazon, which you can add-on to your advertising package, include:

Amazon Vine™

As a vendor on Amazon, your review management services include Amazon Vine™. With this service, your products can earn reviews from some of Amazon’s most trusted reviewers. Use Amazon Vine™ to prep for the launch of a new product or help an existing product earn more genuine reviews.

Amazon Early Reviewer Program

As a seller on Amazon, your review management services include the Early Reviewer Program. With the Early Reviewer Program, you can earn more reviews from customers that have already purchased your product on Amazon. Use the Early Review Program to build user trust, sales, and more.

Negative review management

We adopt a proactive approach to negative reviews with our review management services for Amazon. If a shopper posts a negative review, our team will respond and resolve the situation. With this approach, your company demonstrates that it’s active and responsive, which can encourage shoppers to purchase.

Product question and answer management

Our product question and answer management provide shoppers with all the information they need to make a purchase. We respond, as well as coordinate with your team, to answer every user’s question, ensuring they receive accurate and up-to-date information on your products.

Email management

We bring industry-leading expertise to email management, which is why our review management services also include the creation and management of sales-related emails. Our team will create a strategy for encouraging shoppers to share their product experience on Amazon.

Dedicated marketing specialist

Collaborate on your Amazon strategy with a dedicated and hands-on marketing specialist that brings more than 1.6 million hours of expertise to your review management services. As your partner, they’ll learn your business, products, and goals to accelerate your sales.

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Why use our review management services for Amazon?

With a track record of increasing client revenues, there is a reason why companies choose WebFX for review management — we drive results. Partner with WebFX for your Amazon needs, and you can expect the following perks:

More than 500+ marketing specialists

We feature a team of more than 500+ marketing specialists. With their knowledge and passion for Amazon marketing and advertising, you can trust you’re receiving the best recommendations and service. Plus, they’ve won more than four dozen awards for their work.

More than 25 years of experience

We bring more than 25 years of experience to the world’s biggest ecommerce website. For decades, ecommerce companies have chosen WebFX for increasing their sales, revenue, and market dominance. If you want to see similar results, WebFX is your trusted partner.

More than $3 billion in client sales

With our expertise, as well as data-driven strategies, we’ve generated more than $3 billion in revenue for our clients. With increased sales, our clients have achieved their most ambitious goals, from creating a new product to establishing a new department to building a new store or facility.

Satisfied clients

With more than 25 years of experience, we offer unparalleled expertise when it comes to Amazon management. Our history emphasizes the commitment of our team and company to learn the newest strategies and standards for building, managing, and optimizing a successful Amazon Store.

Advanced AI technology

We develop some of the most innovative marketing software, from MarketingCloudFX to ContentGeniusFX. Each features the power of IBM Watson, as well as more than 25 years of proprietary data. With the machine learning power of IBM Watson, our team can find top-performing keywords for your products to build a competitive strategy.

Data-driven strategies

With our exclusive software and industry-leading expertise, we build strategies backed by data — not hunches or guesses. That allows our award-winning team to accelerate and maximize your revenue from Amazon, as well as improve your return on investment (ROI).

Transparent pricing and reporting

We provide 100% transparency to our clients, from our prices to our reporting. By publishing our prices online, your business can assess our services and your results in an instant.

Personalized review management

We customize each of our services for Amazon, from our advertising to our optimization services, to your company. Unlike other agencies, we learn about your business, products, and goals, to deliver a personalized and data-driven review management plan.

Ready to build a custom review management plan for your business? Contact us online — or give us a ring at 888-601-5359 to chat with one of our experience strategists about your products, business, and goals for the upcoming year!

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Why invest in review management services for Amazon?

If you’re debating about the value of our review management services for Amazon, you want to consider the benefits of review management. A data-driven and competitive review management strategy can have a massive impact on your company’s short- and long-term performance.

Five of the biggest benefits of professional review management include:

1. Accelerate your Amazon sales

One of the most valuable advantages of review management is that you can accelerate your sales on Amazon. A few factors contribute to increased sales on Amazon, like the influence of positive reviews on not only shopper behavior but also Amazon’s algorithms.

For example, with a high number of positive reviews, you signal to Amazon and users that your product delivers on user expectations. Those expectations can relate to product quality and usefulness, as well as shipping speed.

By delivering on shopper expectations and earning positive reviews, your product can move-up in relevant search results. It can also win its Buy Box, which can lead to more consumers purchasing your product — and even reviewing it.

2. Increase your customer satisfaction

It’s a time-consuming and around-the-clock process to monitor, manage, and respond to your product reviews. By not investing the time to monitor reviews, however, your business risks customer dissatisfaction — as well as negative chatter about your company and products.

With our review management services for Amazon, we help spur word-of-mouth recommendations about your products. It also allows your business to take a proactive approach to negative reviews, which can turn an unhappy customer into a satisfied one.

3. Improve your Amazon search rankings

Amazon relies on several factors when ranking products in search results. While our SEO and product optimization services for Amazon improve your visibility in search, our review management services also contribute to increased rankings.

With higher rankings in relevant search results, you can accelerate product sales — and higher sales allow your company to earn more reviews from verified shoppers, such as through the Early Reviewer Program. And with more satisfied reviews, you can solidify your rankings even more.

4. Maximize your brand awareness

As your products generate more reviews from satisfied shoppers, you build your brand awareness. Consumers start recommending your products to friends and family, which can establish your company and products as the go-to choice.

If you maintain an Amazon Store, your high-ranking and well-reviewed products can also contribute to other digital marketing strategies. For example, your Amazon Store can feature social links, which encourage happy shoppers to follow and interact with your business on social media.

5. Beat your competition

Improving your sales and revenue on Amazon requires your company to develop a better strategy than your competitors. That’s why you want a results-driven agency like WebFX — we create a data-driven approach that places your business ahead of its toughest competitors.

By outranking your competitors in search results, as well as in reviews, your business can pull ahead. That can result in an increased share of wallet (SOW), which can fund your company’s upcoming plans, like establishing a new manufacturing center or adding a few new positions to your team.

Get an instant breakdown of your Amazon sales margin with our free calculator.

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Ready to accelerate your sales on Amazon?

If you’re ready to increase your revenue from Amazon, partner with WebFX. With more than $3 billion generated in revenue for clients, as well as a client recommendation score that’s 488% higher than the industry average, we’re the trusted choice for ecommerce businesses.

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