Amazon SEO Pricing: How Much Does Amazon SEO Cost in 2023?

With 70 percent of shoppers sticking to the first page of Amazon search results, it’s important for businesses to optimize their product listings with search engine optimization (SEO). Many companies partner with Amazon SEO agencies, which introduces the question — how much does Amazon SEO cost? Get all the details in this go-to guide for Amazon SEO pricing!

Professional Amazon SEO services pricing

Curious about how much WebFX Amazon SEO services cost? Browse our pricing now or keep reading to learn more about how much Amazon SEO costs.

Bronze Plan

$1,300 / month

  • Up to 15 child ASINs optimized
  • 1 content asset / quarter
  • Ongoing product page optimization
  • Monthly pricing monitoring

Silver Plan

$2,675 / month

  • Up to 30 child ASINs optimized
  • 3 content assets / quarter
  • In-stock rate monitoring
  • Ongoing video and image additions

Gold Plan

$4,575 / month

  • Up to 50 child ASINs optimized
  • 4 content assets / quarter
  • Amazon inventory planning monitoring
  • Quarterly competitor analysis


How much does Amazon SEO cost?

Today, services for Amazon SEO cost $99 to $2000 per product. Since SEO focuses on ongoing optimization, however, many agencies that offer Amazon services now provide progressive monthly optimization services. For these services, you can expect to pay $450 to $1800 per month.

What should your company budget for Amazon SEO, though?

Get your answer fast with our in-depth guide on Amazon SEO pricing. Just keep reading to get started — or, if you’re looking for the most accurate estimate, you can contact our award-winning team to chat. Call us at 888-601-5359 or contact us online for a free quote!

What is Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO refers to the process of optimizing a product listing to increase that product’s visibility in search results on Amazon. To improve a product’s placement in search results, you need to optimize your listing according to the standards set by Amazon’s algorithm.

Optimizing your product listing includes several steps, like the following:

  • Researching keywords searched by shoppers in your target market
  • Implementing high-value keywords into product titles, descriptions, and features
  • Updating product images to match Amazon standards
  • Investing in review management to increase the number and quality of reviews

With a variety of approaches available for Amazon SEO, it’s not a surprise that prices — whether per product or per month — have a broad range. For the best results, however, companies should invest in Amazon SEO services that include all the necessary optimization steps.

What should companies pay for Amazon SEO?

While it’s helpful to know the average cost for Amazon SEO services, most businesses want to know what their company should pay. The best way to estimate Amazon SEO pricing? By referencing the number of products you’re selling on Amazon.

That’s why we’ve broken down the cost for Amazon SEO by product numbers:

If you have 1-25 products

For businesses on Amazon that sell one to 25 products, prices for Amazon SEO range from $99 to $50,000. In most cases, agencies base their product optimization services — and rates — on a per-product basis.

Amazon SEO pricing for businesses that sell one to 25 products

As an example, your agency may charge $99 per product. If your company sells 10 products and wants to optimize each one, you would have a total cost of $990. Depending on your agency, they may offer a discount for a bulk purchase.

If you have 25-50 products

For companies on Amazon that sell 25 to 50 products, average prices for Amazon SEO services range from $2475 to $100,000. Due to the number of products, most agencies offer a discount for optimizing that many products.

Amazon SEO pricing for businesses that sell 25 to 50 products

Your agency, for instance, may decrease its per-product optimization costs by a few dollars due to your order size. While this pricing model offers some savings, it’s critical for your company to make service quality — and not price — a priority.

If you partner with an agency that offers low prices but delivers low-quality work, that doesn’t help your business. Instead, it leaves you with poorly optimized product listings, forcing your company to reinvest in product optimization services a second time.

Save your business time and money by partnering with an established and trusted agency, like WebFX.

If you have 50-100 products

For brands on Amazon that sell 50 to 100 products, prices for Amazon SEO range from $4950 to $200,000. Due to the size of your inventory, it’s common to work with an agency on not only your product listing optimization but also your advertising campaigns.

Amazon SEO pricing for businesses that sell 50 to 100 products

When businesses invest in marketing and advertising on Amazon, they tend to maximize their success on the platform. By optimizing your listings, launching your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, and continuing to improve your products’ ranking in search results, you increase your exposure to shoppers.

As an example, consider the performance and results of Sawyer, an outdoor sales company.

Sawyer utilized product optimization and PPC advertising to increase sales. Its optimization and advertising campaign not only delivered a low Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) but also provided the company with its best sales month ever.

If you have more than 100 products

For businesses on Amazon that sell more than 100 products, prices for Amazon SEO cost upwards of $9999. Depending on the number of products, your agency will likely provide a bulk discount, which can improve your Amazon SEO costs.

Amazon SEO pricing for businesses that sell 100-plus products

If your company also maintains an Amazon Store, it’s worth researching management and optimization services for your storefront. By investing in both product and storefront optimization, your business can maximize its impact and sales numbers on Amazon.

Plus, you can ensure that shoppers visiting your store take the action you want — purchasing a product.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Select a marketing service for Amazon to view custom prices for your campaign

Amazon SEO

Get more sales with a custom strategy for optimizing your product listings so your business ranks higher in Amazon search results.

Amazon PPC

Achieve a competitive ACoS with an Amazon PPC campaign that includes negative keywords, ad creation, bid management, and more.

Amazon Store Management

Make setting up, designing, and launching your Amazon Store easy with our award-winning design and marketing team.

7 factors that determine Amazon SEO pricing

Before you invest in Amazon SEO, it’s critical to understand the factors behind Amazon SEO pricing. When you understand the costs behind product optimization, you can build an accurate budget for your business.

The seven factors that impact Amazon SEO pricing include:

1. Monthly vs one-time optimization

Frequency is a significant price factor for Amazon SEO.

If you purchase one-time product optimization services, you will have lower costs than businesses investing in monthly product optimization. While many companies opt for a once-and-done approach for Amazon SEO, business owners are starting to question this strategy — and for a good reason.


Search habits change over time, with new trends developing all the time. Companies that optimize their products once fail to stay ahead of those trends, losing rankings in relevant search results. Plus, they give away valuable sales to their top competitors.

It’s the sellers that stay ahead of those trends that succeed on Amazon.

In response, more companies are investing in monthly optimization services for their products. While this approach appears to cost more at first glance, it often covers its costs — and then some — by maximizing product rankings and sales.

While the decision is yours, it’s worth weighing the long-term value of ongoing product optimization.

2. Number of products

Cost is another substantial price factor of Amazon SEO.

In general, companies with broader product lines have higher product optimization costs. If your company sells 50 products versus 25, for example, expect to pay more. The cost difference is a matter of labor — it requires more time to optimize 50 listings than 25.

If you’re looking to minimize your upfront costs for Amazon SEO, you can start by optimizing your highest-selling listings. Adopting this approach helps your company increase the sales of its most popular products first, before moving onto lower-selling items.

graphic about optimizing your highest-selling Amazon listings

In some cases, however, it’s beneficial to begin with products that have the most potential. That’s why it’s essential to partner with an experienced Amazon agency, like WebFX. Not only do we bring more than two decades of expertise to Amazon, but we also partner you with a dedicated account manager.

They learn your business, plus become familiar with your product line to provide recommendations that align with your marketing goals. For example, if you’re looking to increase your overall sales, they may suggest prioritizing the optimization of Product A over Product B.

3. Experience of agency

Experience can also influence your Amazon SEO costs.

If you’re partnering with an agency that brings decades of experience to marketing and advertising on Amazon, expect higher prices for their services. In comparison, a newer agency may charge less due to their inexperience.

The price difference between young and experienced agencies is a few hundred dollars, generally.

How do you gauge the experience of an agency? A few ways, including:

  • Years in business: Experience often coordinates to the age of an agency. If you partner with an agency that has decades of history and experience, like WebFX, you can trust they meet client expectations on a consistent basis — and adapt to industry changes fast.
  • Reviews: Feedback from past clients can also shed light on an agency’s experience. Via testimonials, as well as reviews, it’s easy to gauge an agency’s expertise. You also gain insight into how that agency works and collaborates with its clients.
  • Accolades: Awards can also highlight the experience of an agency. If reputable organizations with a long history have recognized your agency for their work, it’s a reliable indicator of your agency’s skill in marketing and advertising on Amazon.

While your company can work with a newer agency — and still receive decent results — partnering with an experienced agency offers a hassle-free experience. Your team can trust your agency to optimize your listings for maximum performance. Plus, they’ll meet your deadline.

For businesses with a strict budget, it’s difficult to ignore agencies that offer “cheap” product optimization services. It’s critical to remember, however, that these prices often represent the level of service you receive.

Invest in a trusted and experienced agency the first time, and your company receives top-notch SEO for your products the first time. While more expensive up-front, an established agency eliminates the hassle, risk, and potential financial loss of inexperienced agencies promoting low rates.

4. Number of keywords

Keywords are another critical price factor for Amazon SEO pricing.

In most cases, agencies optimize your product listings for a specific number of keywords — frontend and backend. For example, at WebFX, we optimize each product listing with up to 50 high-value keywords. We also add the maximum number of backend keywords to increase your visibility in search results.

As you browse and compare agencies, you’ll find that many agencies won’t reveal their keyword limits.

amazon backend keywords graphic

Before signing with an agency, ask if they have a keyword cap and if they charge a fee for additional keyword optimization. Every agency should specify a backend keyword limit, as Amazon only allows 250 bytes — or around 250 characters — of backend keywords.

Remember, more keywords are not necessarily better.

You want to target keywords offering the most value to your business. Optimize a product listing for a keyword that’s barely relevant to your product or target audience, and it won’t drive purchases. That’s why you should focus on quality over quantity.

5. Standard content vs. Enhanced Brand Content

The format of content on your product page can also impact your Amazon SEO pricing.

On Amazon, you can optimize your product listings with standard or Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). With EBC, your company can revamp your product listing with a modern look that tells your brand’s story, plus includes helpful and compelling images.

Amazon SEO Enhanced Branded Content example

EBC requires more than SEO expertise. It also demands graphic design experience. That’s why agencies offering product optimization for EBC tend to charge more for their services. The price difference between enhanced and standard content is often minor, generally a few hundred dollars.

For many companies, EBC offers a competitive advantage. With EBC, you can engage shoppers with eye-catching images and compelling text. These elements help users imagine your product in their lives, which drives wants — and purchases.

6. Agency technology

In digital marketing and advertising, technology offers a significant advantage. It can provide proven and performance-driven keyword recommendations, plus discover new keyword opportunities for your business.

That’s why an agency’s technology can impact their Amazon SEO prices.

Price varies quite a bit when it comes to tech. An agency may charge a few hundred — or a few thousand — dollars more. In most cases, agencies sourcing their tech software from a third-party, versus developing it in-house like WebFX, tend to increase their product optimization prices the most.

WebFX offers access to the most advanced artificial intelligence software, IBM Watson. This platform powers MarketingCloudFX, our proprietary marketing software that provides proven keyword recommendations to maximize your visibility to shoppers — and increase your product sales.

For the best results, it’s critical to understand the value of an agency’s technology. You need to know how it will benefit your company, as well as your Amazon strategy. That way, you can make an educated decision when it comes to choosing an agency.

7. Add-on services

With Amazon SEO, you often have the option to add-on other services, including:

PPC advertising

The addition of a PPC campaign can increase your Amazon SEO prices a substantial amount.

You have to create an ad budget, plus a budget for your agency’s services. That doesn’t mean PPC isn’t a worthy investment, though — it can offer a tremendous amount of value, which is why marketers are spending 165 percent more on Sponsored Product Ads.

average Amazon PPC costs

On average, Amazon PPC costs $100 to more than $50,000 per month.

If you’re partnering with an agency for Amazon SEO and PPC, make sure they have the experience for it. Picking an agency that’s new to Amazon PPC can result in a higher ACoS, plus a lower return on investment (ROI).

Maximize your budget by partnering with an agency experienced with PPC.

Professional copywriting

In some cases, agencies provide product optimization services that do not include copywriting. While definitions can vary, it often means your agency will not write an optimized product description. They will, however, update your product title, features, category, and photos.

Costs for professional copywriting range from $25 to $2000 per product.

average Amazon copywriting costs

Whether your company invests in professional copywriting depends on several factors.

For example, if your team has the time and skill to write product descriptions, then it makes sense to rewrite your descriptions in-house. Companies pressed for time, however, may find professional copywriting services helpful.

Review management

As reviews can impact your ranking in search results, many agencies offer review management services. Investing in review management services can help your products earn a higher rank in search results, plus win their Buy Boxes.

Prices for review management services range from $300 to more than $750.

average Amazon review management costs

Like professional copywriting, it’s essential for your team to weigh the potential value of review management services. If you have a dedicated team member that can monitor, as well as increase your product reviews, then you may not benefit from review management services.

For companies with more than 25 products, however, this add-on service can offer tremendous value.

Product photography

While some Amazon SEO services include product photography, others provide it as an optional service. Whether you invest in this add-on service or not, it’s imperative that your product images adhere to Amazon standards. If not, they can impact your ranking in search results.

Rates for product photography range from $20 to $1500 per product.

average Amazon product photography costs

In most cases, the per-product cost includes a set number of images. For example, a photographer may charge $500 for eight images of a single product. The photos generally vary, with some featuring a white background and others including models.

Again, your team will need to decide if you need product photography.

If you already have professional images that adhere to Amazon standards, it’s probably better to invest your Amazon marketing budget elsewhere. If you don’t, however, a fresh set of images could make a substantial difference in sales and rankings in search results.

Due to the number of Amazon services, it’s critical to partner with a trusted and experienced agency. With their experience, as well as client-focused approach, you can ensure you’re only investing in services that offer the most value to your company.

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What does SEO services for Amazon include?

A great follow-up question to, “What does Amazon SEO cost?” is, “What does Amazon SEO include?” Before you invest in product optimization services, it’s imperative to understand what you’re paying for — you don’t want to sign with an agency and then discover they don’t offer what you need.

In most cases, agencies offer the following with their one-time or progressive Amazon SEO services:

1. Keyword research

Keywords are the foundation of any Amazon SEO strategy.

When you partner with a results-driven agency, like WebFX, you can expect in-depth research into your business, products, and target market. With that information, your agency can discover valuable frontend and backend keywords for each of your products.

amazon SEO keyword example

2. Competitor analysis

If your agency overlooks your competitors, consider finding another agency. A competitive and smart Amazon SEO strategy should include a competitor analysis. With a competitor analysis, you get an inside peek into your competition’s plan — and discover their weak points.

Data like that allows your agency to build a stronger strategy, capitalizing on the vulnerabilities of your competitors to accelerate your Amazon sales. Keep in mind that a competitor analysis should inspire your approach, not serve as a template.

3. Product title optimization

It’s essential for your Amazon SEO services to include product title optimization. With this deliverable, your agency revamps your product title, ensuring it features your targeted keywords and adheres to Amazon’s standards for product titles.

As a quick refresher, Amazon prefers the following title format:

Brand + Model Number + Model Name + Product Type

Depending on your product, this format may vary. For example, if you offer a product in multiple colors, your product title will often include color details. Another example is for product bundles, like replacement heads for an electric toothbrush.

4. Product features optimization

Your agency should also optimize your product features. For reference, product features appear at the top of your product listing. They’re a bulleted list located next to your product images, below your product price.

For the best results, your agency should create product features that include not only your targeted keywords, but also your product’s unique selling points (USPs). In this format, your product features appeal to users, plus Amazon’s algorithm.

5. Product description optimization

Agencies differ when it comes to product description optimization. Some include optimized copy — or provide it for an additional fee — while others offer recommendations for creating an optimization product description.

Before you sign with an agency, ask them about their policy for product descriptions.

Like your product features, your product description should include your targeted keywords and USPs. It’s also helpful if your product description highlights your product’s strengths compared to competitors.

For example, if your product features a two-year warranty, versus the one-year warranty of your competitor, make sure you or your agency mentions it. That way, you’re developing a description that’s not only search-friendly, but also user-friendly.

6. Product image optimization

Most agencies also provide product image optimization with their Amazon SEO services. For example, if you already have high-quality images for your products, your agency makes sure those images adhere to Amazon’s standards for size, contrast, and more.

If your product requires new images, that’s often a separate cost. As you receive quotes from different agencies, make sure to get their opinion on your product images. That way, your team can budget accordingly.

7. Performance reporting

Agencies that understand Amazon SEO recognize the critical role of data. That’s why your agency should offer performance reporting with your Amazon SEO services.

Before you sign with an agency, make sure they offer transparent reporting. If they don’t, consider partnering with an Amazon marketing agency that prioritizes transparency and ensures you have complete access to your campaign.

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Is Amazon SEO worth the cost?

Debating the value of Amazon SEO and if it’s worth the cost?

Consider these three benefits of Amazon SEO:

  1. Increase your rankings in search results: With 70 percent of shoppers sticking to the first page of Amazon search results, it’s important to rank on the first page. If you want to earn a top spot, however, you need a competitive SEO strategy.
  2. Accelerate your online sales: During the holidays alone, shoppers order more than 1 billion items from businesses on Amazon. If you want people to find your products, it’s essential not only to provide a compelling product listing. You also need a smart SEO strategy that considers users and Amazon’s algorithm.
  3. Improve your brand awareness: More than 1 million small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs) sell on Amazon, which means you’re competing against dozens of other sellers. If you want to thrive, you need to stand apart in search results and product content. With Amazon SEO, you can do that, plus build brand awareness.

Amazon SEO provides your business with a competitive edge on the world’s biggest ecommerce platform. That’s why Amazon SEO offers immense value to sellers on Amazon, helping companies succeed — and grow — on one of the most competitive platforms.

WebFX SEO pricing for Amazon

Curious about our SEO prices for Amazon? Check our SEO pricing table for Amazon:

Dedicated Marketing Specialist for Amazon
Initial Product Analysis
Comprehensive Product Analysis Report
Competitive Product Price Analysis
Product User Engagement Analysis
Keyword Research for Individual Products (50 keywords per product)
Product Listings Keyword Mapping and Optimization
Search Term Keyword Additions
Product Title Optimization
Product Imagery List (list of products that do not meet Amazon recommended image number or have image errors)
Product key features optimization
Product Category Optimization
Product Review Evaluation
Initial Product OptimizationUp to 15 child ASINs Up to 30 child ASINs Up to 50 child ASINs Custom
Initial Product Copywriting (includes product copy for 5 featured bullet points and product description)15 pages 30 pages 50 pages Custom
Video Additions (Provided by client)
Image Additions (provided by client)
Initial Photo Editing
Initial campaign development & strategy
Initial inventory and backend review
New Products Consulting & Integration into Amazon Account (if new products are part of above 20 targeted products)
Existing Product Optimization Suggestions and Implementations (if part of above 20 targeted products)
Case Management for Amazon (if case arises from above 20 targeted products)
In-Stock Rate Monitoring
Perfect Order Percentage Monitoring
Order Defect Rate Monitoring
Inventory Planning Monitoring for Amazon
Global Marketplace Suggestions
Ongoing Product Optimization
Quarterly Product Analysis
Quarterly Earned Media Content Assets – Content, Product, Review Updates, and more134Custom
Quarterly Competitor Analysis
Monthly Pricing Monitoring
Monthly Sales Monitoring
Monthly Reporting for Amazon (2 hours included)
Monthly Consulting Call
Initial Campaign Investment (One-Time: Two-Month Duration)$1,500 $3,300 $4,950 Call for Quote
Progressive Monthly Management Cost$1,300 $2,675 $4,575 Call for Quote
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