See Inside WebFX April2018: Swinging Into Summertime

Everyone has a favorite childhood memory of summertime. Whether it’s playing sports outside with a few of your best friends, ice cream runs after a hot day, family vacations, or simply taking a break from school, we all remember that eager, excited feeling that washed over you like a wave of warm sunshine when you realized three months of classroom-free bliss were ahead of you! Although we may have left the Sandlot-esque days of our youth behind, that electrifying summer spirit lives on at WebFX!

April marked our first outdoor activities in brand new spaces, new skill-building experiences, new faces at WebFX, and a new vision for the future. Check out what we were up to in April #InsideFX!

Happy Hour On The Green

The team welcomed the first 70-degree day with a post-workday happy hour in our new Courtyard! Any reason for the FX family to get together, laugh, share stories, and celebrate a new warmer season is automatically going to be a hit.

Over the next few months, the space will become a fully operational place to practice your putting or even play a round of some competitive mini golf. Stay tuned to see what’s in store for the area!

Crafting Night

It goes without saying that we have some immensely talented and artistically inclined members of our team here at WebFX. Sharing those skills and talents with the rest of the team is just one way we all benefit from each other’s amazing gifts!

This month, our crafting evening included hammers, nails, and planks of wood – but no, we weren’t building the next pet-friendly desk area or contributing to the Downtown construction. The team created beautiful wall art using nails to outline a design, and string to bring the piece together! Check out the finished results for yourself in the April Vlog!


When you’re lucky enough to be one of the fastest growing privately held companies (what, you didn’t know?

We’re legit. ) there can be some questions about where we’re going to take the business in the future. Bill and Karie, our co-founders here at WebFX, hosted an Ask Me Anything panel to give our FX family an opportunity to ask any questions that have been on their minds about – well – absolutely anything! Some awesome questions were asked, including future potential expansion, new services, and whether or not we can have a tunnel system built between all three of the buildings (the answer still to be determined).

It was an outstanding opportunity and platform for candid discussion and will be repeated in the future!

Student Engagement

Our Talent Acquisition team went through a finals-week of their own while hosting a record-breaking number of students on our own FX campus back to back! Spring ’18’s WebFX-U saw over 40 students from various colleges around Pennsylvania all touring our facilities and learning from our experts about different departments and aspects of digital marketing! The Social Media queens, Earned Media gurus, and Internet Marketing champs all rocked it out and left the students feeling excited and optimistic about their future careers (potentially as FX-ers themselves!).

One mentioned “All of the team members were so open and honest and friendly!” and another “Your team and atmosphere at work was amazing. I loved your mission as a company and how passionate every employee was.” The very next day we hosted a BU Husky Road Trip with another 30 students. This event featured tours, networking, and Q&A with our own Bloomsburg Alumni.

A huge thank you to everyone involved who made these events so successful! 

FXTalk Improv Night

We were honored and thrilled to host the Harrisburg Improv Theater Group for one of our #FXTalks! The group presented on How Improvisational Comedy Can Help in Improve Skills in The Workplace, and got our own FX-ers involved in the fun! Footage of some of these highlights can be found in the Vlog, you won’t want to miss it.

Jazmin perfectly summed up the experience by saying: “Having the Harrisburg Improve Theatre Group for our April FXTalks was easily one of my favorite events so far! It was surprising how many principals of practicing improvisational comedy were completely relevant and helpful when it comes to managing clients and strategies in Internet Marketing. There’s no better way to learn than in great company and being able to laugh and play throughout the night with the best coworkers in PA was a perfect example of that!”

Behind the Label Beer Swap

With an event as excellent as Harrisburg Beer Week, we couldn’t help but get involved!

Representatives from Troegs Independent Brewing, Zeroday Brewing Co, South County Brewing Co, and Chelsie Markel from It’s A Brew Life and Stouts and Stilettos all joined us to present on the artwork and design that goes into beer branding! A record number of attendees showed up for our beer tasting and bottle swap, along with some beer-infused treats from the one and only Anna Rose Bakery. Oh, and almost forgot to mention the Loaded “Totchos” tater tot nacho bar!

From our free swag (including an amazing souvenir glass designed by our own Happiness Manager, Heather), a surplus of craft beers, amazing company and talented guests, this event was a monumental success and we already can’t wait for next year!

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