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A Solid SEO Foundation: Calhoun Super Structure and WebFX

Calhoun Super Structure’s search engine marketing (SEM) wasn’t where they wanted to be. Thankfully, they knew just where to turn: WebFX. Here’s how we helped upgrade their search engine presence!





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“WebFX has been critical to the overall success of our organization. In our highly competitive industry, we have seen record-breaking online form submissions, improved quality in site traffic, and positive ROI.”

Calhoun Super Structure

About Calhoun Super Structure

Calhoun Super Structure offers fabric structure solutions to consumers and businesses across North America, setting up fabric-covered building structures of various shapes and sizes. These structures provide shelter to people, animals, equipment, and more without requiring customers to invest in a brick-and-mortar structure.

Founded in 1992 by Canadian businessman Leonard Calhoun, the company was later taken up by his sons in 2000 and rebranded as Calhoun Super Structure. This family-owned business has seen a series of milestones since that time, including selling to businesses in the United States and offering new solutions.

Today, Calhoun is headquartered in Tara, Ontario.

The challenge

Thanks to the superior quality of Calhoun’s fabric solutions, they had a steady stream of customers. Even so, they knew they could do more.

Calhoun wanted to bring in more website traffic so they could achieve more online conversions and grow their revenue. For that, they knew they needed to improve their SEO serviced and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

“Before partnering with WebFX,” Calhoun said, “the quality of our site traffic — and thus the amount of quality lead conversions — was subpar. We knew there was a better digital agency out there that could help us achieve our goals of obtaining quality leads for our business. That is when we turned to WebFX.”

It wasn’t an immediate decision, but it was one Calhoun felt confident about once they made it.

“We ultimately chose WebFX,” Calhoun went on to say, “because they are a sophisticated digital marketing agency [that has] a solid clientele and positive reputation, provides many services, and offers their proprietary account management tool, MarketingCloudFX, that keeps us informed.”

Services Used
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Expert SEO and PPC services from WebFX

When Calhoun first partnered with WebFX, we started by drawing up a plan tailored to their business and goals. We worked to improve their SEO and PPC, driving more qualified traffic to their website.

For Calhoun’s SEO, we put out new content on their site and refreshed current content, integrating keywords strategically as we went. Our team simultaneously improved their PPC strategy by launching engaging display ads.

“WebFX manages all facets of our SEM and SEO through creative use of dynamic display ads, regular optimizing of keywords, and frequent content updates on our website (whether via blogs or page refreshing),” said Calhoun. “They further add value by taking the reins on website updates and amendments if and when we need it.”

  • 210%

  • 30%


Business impact

Over the course of Calhoun’s partnership with WebFX, they saw a huge increase in results. In particular, WebFX was able to drive up the company’s online lead conversions, as well as the return on investment (ROI) of their SEM.

“Since partnering with WebFX,” Calhoun said, “users have increased by 74%, sessions have increased by 50%, bounce rate has decreased by 21%, and ROI from SEM specifically has increased by 30%.”

With the help of WebFX, Calhoun is driving more business, continuing to grow as they bring in new customers.

WebFX can bring a huge boost to your marketing

As a result of partnering with WebFX, Calhoun said, “The quality of site traffic has drastically improved and is evident in the significant increase in users, sessions, and pageviews and decrease in overall bounce rate, versus the comparable term. Most importantly, our online lead conversions have increased by 210%.”

If you’re looking for a professional marketing agency to help you optimize your marketing like we did for Calhoun, we’d love to help you. In addition to SEO and PPC, we offer services relating to:

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