See Inside WebFX February 2019: The Glow Up

While there’s no possible way to be any more fabulous and fun than our FX Family already is, 2019 was quick to set the benchmark pretty high when it comes to events! Kicking the year off with our Let It Glow holiday party, we followed up with the famed We Love Our FX Family Day in addition to Galentines day, Valen-Guys night, and tons other fun breakout activities! Check out these plus more on this almost-Spring edition of #InsideFX.

Let It Glow Holiday Party

Our WowFX team really outdid themselves (again) by turning our office into a blacklight glow themed venue for the not-your-average office holiday party of the year.

From neon Twister to glowing food and drinks to Bill’s outstanding glowing orange bowtie – it was quite a sight to be seen! Check out this awesome video from one of our own team member’s brother (shout out Kiri Chhun Photography) for a glimpse inside the event!

We <3 Our FX Family Day

Each year on February 14th WebFX celebrates how much we love our world-class team with an entire day dedicated to making them feel like the superstars they really are. Starting off with our two-story long banner that hangs loud and proud off the front of the Mansion and ending with a popcorn and candy bar, there’s a lot of fun to be had on this special day!

Team leaders kicked off the morning by serving each FX Family member a “microphone” waffle (keeping with our awards ceremony theme), and some other yummy snacks. Bill later delivered a bag of new FX swag to each desk and the team enjoyed jumping out of a jumbo-sized bag of popcorn!

Pet Treats & Terrarium Workshop

If there’s anything our team members love more than treats for themselves, it’s treats for their furry friends at home. That’s why during National Hobbies month, Happiness Manager Heather decided to host a treat-making workshop to give our human friends a break, and our animal pals some tasty snacks!

Smelling up the office with everything from blueberries to peanut butter, the event was a total hit (or so I’ve assumed from the happy dog pics on Instagram).

Also celebrating new hobbies, the FX Family participated in a build your own terrarium workshop using succulents and other fun materials to make gorgeous mini planters for their desks! One of the most attended and highly rated breakout sessions of its kind, Deep Rooted Co blew everyone away with how simple it was to create stunning pieces of living art. And so far, all of the creations are still living!

Galentines & Valen-Guys Night

Our second annual Galentines Day event was just as fun and exciting as the first!

Featuring a DIY flower crown activity, vendor truck show, brunch buffet, and skin-care master class, each of our lovely ladies (and gents) left feeling refreshed and just a little pampered! Across the campus, our Valen-Guys night was also in full swing with a BBQ buffet, array of video games, mini golf, and of course some friendly (ish) competition. These laid-back events are a favourite for quite a few team members and are the perfect way to get to know new additions to the team!

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