See Inside WebFX May 2018: What Do Yoda, The Limbo, & Fresh Prince All Have In Common?

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Answer: they were all May-jor hits this month on the FX-Campus!

Get it?

May brought us a plethora of events here at WebFX. Kicking it off with our world famous (or at least Harrisburg famous) Cinco De Mayo party, May the 4th celebration in typical Star Wars fashion (did you know Yoda lives on Front Street?), and too many awesome team breakout events to count! Check out the video and read on to get a glimpse of what our crazy month was like #InsideFX!

May The 4th Be With You

The force was indeed strong with our very own Happiness Manager, Heather, as she assumed the role of Yoda and graced the team with her wisdom. Visiting all seven floors of FX family members while showing off tricks like levitation and some wicked dance moves, Yoda helped everyone kick off the month with a positive vibe. Can you spot the Yoda mini-me in the video?

He’s a favorite around here!

Cinco De Mayo

When our love for tacos, party games, and spending time together combine, you know it’s going to be a wild night! The FX-Campus was fully decked-out in Cinco fashion sporting a taco truck photo prop, pinata, huge food spread, plenty of drinks, and even a puppy wearing a tiny sombrero (what can top that?). Fun events of the evening included limbo, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, a baby hitting a pinata, and too many laughs to possibly count.

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who helped put on this outstanding event! Seeing our team’s friends and families all getting to experience the FX culture is something we’ll surely never tire of.

Latte Art Workshop

Our rockstar Interactive team has been hard at work (per usual) WOW-ing our clients with their award-winning design and development skills, but even superheroes need some fun downtime! To celebrate their awesomeness, the crew from Little Amps Coffee took over Cafe Diem and taught the FX team how to create stunning latte art. Although the first few attempts were a little rocky, by the end of the night the team were creating nearly-professional beverages!

A huge thank you to the continually epic Little Amps team for the lessons and excuse to drink lattes at 7 pm!

Dry-Erase Wall Art

Here at WebFX, we seize every opportunity to take a blank space and turn it into something completely unique and representative of our creative FX family. An entire wall on our top floor was recently turned into a dry-erase gallery, and the team was able to paint their own creations to have displayed! Everything from tributes to Cafe Diem, throwbacks of previous breakout events, FX Builds tracking and even monthly award winners have a place on the wall and will remind and inspire the team every time they walk by!

That’s all for now!

Be sure to check back next month to see what’s going on next #InsideFX!

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