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See Inside WebFX July 2020: Summer is in Full Swing!

See Inside WebFX July 2020: Summer is in Full Swing!

July’s warm weather has our team out & about – socially distant of course – & finding ways to make the most of their summer days at the FXCampus! With some of our team in the office and some remote, we’ve had a multitude of in-person and virtual events to choose from, so we can continue to see each other’s faces … or at least most of their faces when they’re masked 😉 Our campus has undergone many improvements this summer, from things like additional sanitary measures to additional outdoor seating — things our team is so thankful for! We’ve loved finding ways to mix safety and sanitary measures with our dose of FXfun where we can!

Here’s what we were up to during July! Farm2FX Weekly CSA Every Wednesday, we receive our weekly CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) from a local Harrisburg-based farm. We receive a different assortment of fresh fruits and veggies that our team members get to choose from to take home.

This program allows us as consumers to connect directly with local farmers and bring local produce right to our team! During the month of July, we received tons of fresh kale, cherries, peaches, potatoes, and more. It’s fun seeing our team get creative with their weekly haul by whipping up new concoctions in their kitchen.

It’s an awesome way to try new produce! #FeastFX Food Truck Visits The FX campus continued to welcome a rotating lineup of our favorite food trucks from across the city. Most exciting?

Our weekly-Wednesday food truck days expanded to host trucks on both Wednesdays and Fridays for the summer months. Food truck days are a popular occurrence amongst the team, bringing different food options right to our doorsteps … because everyone knows the feeling of not having anything in the fridge to pack for lunch. We also expanded our outdoor seating areas to include more tables and chairs by where our food trucks park, and to accommodate more options for social distance dining.

We love seeing our team connect over lunchtime! Game Night We hosted our monthly game night virtually with a few rounds of Scateggories via Zoom. This game is typically a popular in-office game night, so it was no surprise that many tuned in to play it virtually.

We love how our virtual game nights create an easy way for both our remote and in-office team members to hang out after hours. July’s game night brought a lot of new faces as we’ve welcomed many new hires to our team this summer! DIY Scent Your Sanitizer Bar With expanded safety and sanitary policies implemented across the company, we set up a DIY Scent-Your-Sanitizer Bar for team members to take advantage of during their break time.

Every team member is equipped with their own personal hand sanitizer at their desk, so they had the option to scent it to fit their personal preference! Team members took advantage of the scent bar by adding different essential oil droplets directly into their hand sanitizer bottle. Some favorites were lavender, citrus, and peppermint!

Bi-Annual Goals Meeting In true WebFX fashion, Bill hosted our bi-annual goals meeting in style by making the most of Zoom’s features! Throughout the presentation, Bill unveiled a multitude of new programs and additions to our campus. We gained BEVI Sparkling water machines throughout our campus, launched a new WFH program, STEMFX, and enhanced health & wellness protocols to touch on a few of the additions.

Our July bi-annual goals meeting is always a direct reflection of the genuine care our co-founders have for WebFX and its team members. Every new program and campus addition is thoughtfully crafted with our team’s best interest at heart. #LiveWellFX Workout With a Pro Circus Acrobat Our team was joined virtually by Aaron Felske, a pro circus acrobat, who took us through the full warm-up workout routine that he leads his Cirque du Soleil teammates through.

He shared his 20 years of experience as a fitness and performance instructor, working as a Cirque du Soleil acrobat, Celine Dion dancer, and Broadway actor — right to our homes. Made up of moves and skills he learned training world-class athletes and circus performers, his class challenged our body’s abilities while strengthening muscle and extending flexibility. #FXCommunties Book Club Event: Educated Our FXCommunities Book Club took the time to read and discuss Tara Westover’s memoir “Educated”. Westover was raised in a Mormon survivalist household, never stepping foot into a classroom until the age of 17. Now, she holds a Ph.D. from Cambridge. Our team has a drive for ongoing learning, whether industry-related, mindset shaping, or personal development.

We love seeing our team get together after hours to tackle stories like this one. FX Friends & Family Outdoor Movie Night The FXFamily took over FNB Field on City Island for the evening, to enjoy an outdoor movie night in the outfield of our local baseball stadium. Our team worked hard during the month of July to check off our goals and earn ourselves this awesome event.

Many FXers and their families showed up and spread out across the field, which easily accommodated social distancing. It was the perfect event to hang out with our FXFamily while keeping everyone’s safety as the top priority. If anyone knows how to mix fun and safety, it’s the WebFX crew!

Till Next Month! We’re kicking August off in high gear and are looking forward to reporting back on everything our team accomplishes in the weeks to come.

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