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How Much Does Voice Search Optimization Cost in 2024?

Voice search optimization is one of the fastest-growing marketing services available. With the popularity of voice devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home growing at a rapid rate, it’s crucial that you consider a voice search optimization campaign for your business. But how much does it cost? In 2018, the average small to midsize business can expect to pay $300 to $900 per optimized page for featured snippet and voice search optimization services. Keep reading to learn more, or give us a call at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist!


How much do voice search optimization services cost?

Curious about how much voice search optimization services cost? Browse WebFX prices now:

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Understanding voice search optimization

Before we look at how much voice search optimization costs, let’s talk a little bit about what it is and what a campaign entails.

How is my page selected for voice search?

Research shows a strong correlation between voice search and position zero spots in search. In other words, content pages that rank in position zero, also known as a “featured snippet,” have a higher chance of being used in voice search results than those that rank organically. These featured snippets rank above organic results in search engine results pages and receive the highest number of clicks from searchers.

It’s important for your voice search optimization agency to pay close attention to where you rank in search — and ensure that you’re ranking in position zero.

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Why voice search?

Many business owners wonder the same thing — why is voice search suddenly so important? Though voice search optimization is a fairly new strategy, it doesn’t make it any less significant.

As a matter of fact, marketers plan on the voice recognition market becoming a $2,02 billion industry between 2021 to 2025. That statistic alone shows how voice search grows every day — making it increasingly important for marketers that want to effectively reach their target market.

So why should your business optimize your website for voice search? In the year 2017, 35.6 million Americans said they used a voice-activated assistant at least once per month. Voice-activated assistants are any device that responds when you speak a command. That number is staggering, and it’s more proof that voice search is growing — and that marketers need to keep up.

At the end of the day, if you want your business to be a result contender for voice search, now is the time to adopt a voice search optimization campaign.

Did we mention that by 2020, the U.S. will be home to an estimated 21.4 million smart speakers like Amazon Alexa?

How much does voice search optimization cost?

Before adopting a new marketing campaign for your business, you probably have one big question: how much does it cost? As a financially responsible business owner, this is a great question to ask, but also one that’s difficult to answer.

Every voice search optimization company is different — they have different ways of performing voice search optimization, which means they also charge different prices for their services.

Some agencies have been around for decades and only use the best technology, analytics programs, and software to accomplish voice search optimization. These agencies will likely end up charging more for their services, but the campaign will yield impressive results.

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On the other hand, some agencies are just starting out, and use lower-grade software to carry out their campaigns. These agencies may charge less for their services, but they won’t always provide impressive results.

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As with anything, you can expect that you get what you pay for in terms of voice search optimization.

That being said, for a basic voice search optimization campaign, you can plan on spending anywhere from $300 to $900 per optimized page.

This will likely include content creation, image optimization, schema implementation, and other important factors to a voice search campaign.

What impacts the price of voice search optimization?

As mentioned before, voice search optimization cost can vary from agency to agency. But there are a few things that can impact the price of your voice search optimization campaign.

The number of keywords you want to optimize

SEO (search engine optimization) recap: In order for your website to rank highly in search engine results pages, it’s necessary to target valuable keywords that your target audience searches.

The same thing goes for voice search optimization. You still want to optimize the pages on your website for keywords that users are likely to search. The only catch? With voice search, you want to optimize your pages with versions of keywords that users are likely to speak rather than type.

For example, when you search something by typing it into your smartphone, you might search “pizza near me.” When you speak the same query, you might say something like “where can I get pepperoni pizza?” or “where is the closest pizza restaurant?” This means you’ll have to optimize for slightly different keywords.

This kind of keyword targeting is competitive, just like keyword targeting for traditional SEO campaigns. Similarly, there are some keywords that are harder to optimize for than others.

Regardless of what keywords you want to target with your campaign, the number of keywords that you decide to target can impact the cost of your campaign.

When you target a keyword on your website, you’ll need to write informative, beneficial content that topic. That being said, the more keywords you target, the more content the agency will have to write.

This can in turn, make your campaign more expensive.

The expertise of the agency

The agency’s expertise can also impact the price of your voice search optimization campaign.

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If an agency is just starting out, they may offer lower prices — but cheaper isn’t always better.

If you hire an agency that has been working in the industry for decades, they’ll likely charge a little more for their services, but for good reason — they provide results. They have a team of experts who have become professionals in their craft by staying up to date with the latest trends in voice search and providing impressive results in the past.

That being said, it’s always worth it to spend a little more on an agency that you know will deliver the results you’re looking for with voice search optimization.

What to consider when budgeting for voice search optimization

Though it’s difficult to put an exact price tag on a voice search optimization campaign, there are a few things to consider when determining if you’re your campaign will be at the high or low end of the pricing spectrum.

Number of pages you want to optimize for voice search

As we mentioned before, ensuring that your current and future content is optimized in a way that appeals to search engines is crucial to earning a position zero/voice search ranking in results.

That being said, the number of pages you want to optimize for voice search will affect the cost of your campaign.

If you want to optimize all of your current content on your website for voice search, and you have over 300 pages on your website, your campaign will cost far more than if you only need to optimize 50 pages.

How much new, targeted content you’re looking to add

If you’re not satisfied with the content you currently have on your website, or want to add more fresh, targeted content, you should account for this addition in your budget.

Content creation involves a lot of steps, so you’ll want to get some concrete numbers from agencies that you might be interested in hiring. This will give you an idea of how many pages of content you can get for a certain price.

How many keywords you want to target

This goes hand-in-hand with the amount of content you’re looking to add to your website, since you’ll basically create content surrounding the keywords you choose to target.

For example, if there are 10 keywords that you know are valuable to you and your industry, you’ll likely create pages of content to target each of the keywords.

Typically, an agency will conduct keyword research for you before deciding on what keywords to use in your campaign. This is sometimes included in a content creation package, but for some agencies it’s not. It’s best to figure out if keyword research is an additional cost.

The agency’s experience

When you work with a top-of-the-line, international marketing firm for your voice search optimization, chances are you’re going to pay a little more. However, as we mentioned before, cheaper isn’t always better — especially when it has to do with business.

It’s better to budget a little higher if you want to get truly outstanding results.

Why is it important to optimize for voice search?

SEO hasn’t changed since voice search devices came along — it still helps your site appear at the top of search results for a specific query. The only difference? It’s now necessary for SEO campaigns to target keywords and phrases that users are likely to speak into their devices.

Just like it’s important to optimize your website pages to rank in traditional search results, it’s now important to optimize your site for voice search.

Voice search is about to get a whole lot more popular

In the coming years, voice search optimization is going to have a huge impact on the way users search for things they need online. Further, by 2020, nearly 30% of searches will be done without a screen.

That being said, it’s extremely important to optimize your website for voice search so that the 30% of people who no longer use a screen to search can find your company online.

If you think voice search isn’t steadily growing, think again! Between Google Home and Amazon Alexa45 million devices were installed at the start of 2018, and that number is only set to grow.

With so many customers purchasing voice devices, it’s only natural that the number of voice searches will continue to increase year over year.

If you’re a local business, voice search optimization is a must

If you’re a local business, voice search optimization is even more important for you. Why?

A high percentage — 46%, of voice search users say they look for a local business with voice search on a daily basis.

If you’re a local business and you aren’t optimizing your content for voice search, you could miss out on nearly 50% of potential customers. That’s huge.

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Another significant stat to note for local business owners — 58% of consumers said they used a voice search device to find information about a local business in the last year.

Statistics that prove why the price of voice search optimization is worth it

If you’re questioning whether you should optimize your website for voice search optimization, and whether the price is worth it, these stats should help to seal the deal.

  1. Of current smart speaker owners, 45% said that they plan to purchase another smart voice device.
  2. Google Assistant is available on more than 400 million devices.
  3. By the year , two-thirds of millennials will utilize some sort of voice-enabled digital assistant.
  4. As of January 2018, there were one billion voice searches per month.
  5. When asked, 65% of people who own an Amazon Echo or Google Home say they can’t imagine going back to how life used to be before they had a smart speaker device.

These stats show that a voice search optimization campaign is not a waste, but quite the opposite. Though you may be weary of adding another cost onto your marketing strategy, voice search is one of the best possible campaigns you could adopt.

WebFX Featured Snippet Creation & Optimization Pricing

Search Engine Result Page Analysis
Featured Snippet Query Research (Keywords)
Content CreationUp to 400 words
Implementation of Schema (JSON, Microdata, RDFa)
Metadata & Date Stamp Optimization
Image Optimization
Heading Optimization
Featured Snippet Testing
Readability Content Grade (Flesch-Kincaid)Score of 8.0+
Dedicated Project Manager
300+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Investment$600 per page
Need more information? Call Us: 888-601-5359GET STARTED

At WebFX, we offer top-of-the-line voice search optimization. We know the importance of optimizing your existing content in order to win more position zero spots in search. We want to give your business the highest chance of ultimately achieving a voice result.

Our voice search and featured snippet optimization services combine all the techniques necessary to achieve position zero for your most important content — so that you can also achieve a voice result.

We’ll start by giving your website a search engine result page analysis. With this analysis, we’ll take inventory of your site’s pages in order to determine what is needed to propel them into position zero.

Often times, existing pages on your site need content optimization, a few images, or different keyword targeting. Whatever it is, our analysis will help us understand what your website needs to gain more voice search results.

Next, we’ll preform featured snippet query research. In short, this is keyword research that will increase your chances of securing a position zero result, and further, a voice search result. For position zero results, you’ll typically want to answer a question or provide an ordered list, so researching keywords and phrases around those criteria can be helpful.

We’ll then create content surrounding those keywords so your website has the opportunity to rank for the keywords that mean the most to your business. Content is extremely important to your campaign because without it, there won’t be anything for Google to rank in search engine results.

The keyword you’re targeting impacts the type of content you create. For example, if the top spot in search for the keyword “how to keep oceans clean” is a piece of content that is 4000 words long from a highly-reputable, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to take over that top spot with just a blog post.

However, if the top spot for that same keyword is a 300-word blog post, there is tons of opportunity to steal the top spot with an extensive piece of longform content.

Sometimes, you’ll require longform content, which is content that is more than 2000 words, and sometimes a blog is sufficient to target the keyword. Regardless of what kind of content your website requires, we’ll ensure that it properly targets keywords so that you can rank highly.

We also include image optimization and heading optimization in our campaigns to help you boost your search rankings. When we optimize your images, we’ll ensure that they’re the correct size so that they load quickly, they’re responsive — or easy to view on every device — and that they have the proper alt text. Since Google can’t determine what a photo is just by its code, alt text is necessary to describe the photo to Google.

An example of alt text would be “cupcake on a glass stand at a bakery,” or “high school students walking down the hallway.”

We also want your headings to be as effective as possible, so we’ll optimize them by adding your target keywords.

With all of our campaigns, you’ll receive a dedicated project manager to assist you throughout the course of your campaign. They’ll help answer your questions, provide custom reports, and even suggest new strategies to better optimize your campaign.

With a combination of these initiatives and more, we’ll create the perfect voice search campaign for your company — and optimize your content for both position zero and voice search.

WebFX is a top voice search optimization agency

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When it comes to SEO, we’re one of the best in the world at what we do. That means that when you opt for a voice search optimization campaign with WebFX, you can trust we’ll get you results.

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Get started with voice search optimization today

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