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Your limousine company caters to all sorts of customers, from prom-goers to newly married couples. But if not enough of those potential customers are calling you to schedule rentals, it may be time to rethink your marketing strategy.

A decade ago, a few print and radio ads (combined with customer referrals) were enough to keep your business busy. However, that’s no longer the case. Today’s consumers are increasingly skeptical of traditional advertisements, and the majority take to search engines like Google to research their options for all of their service needs. As a result, SEO is now absolutely essential for businesses in all industries.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it refers to the process of refining your website in order to increase its rank in search engine results. As your site ranks higher, you’ll get more traffic, more leads, and more customers. Keep reading to find out why these high rankings matter, and how Google and other search engines decide where your site will rank in searches for limousine companies.

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How does SEO for limousine companies work?

Search engines are constantly crawling the Internet for new and updated web pages. When someone performs a search, indexed pages that contain the keywords being searched are ranked according to how relevant they are. Rankings are determined by hundreds of factors, including keywords, content quality, site authority, user experience and many others.

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When people search for limousine companies, your site may or may not come up depending on these factors. Is your site optimized for industry-related keywords? Is it optimized for local searches? Do you regularly post new content and stay active on social media? Each of these things will impact your search engine rankings—and, over the long term, the health of your business.

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Why do search engine rankings matter?

Take a minute to think about how your potential customers go about finding limousine companies. In most cases, they go to Google or another search engine and type in something like “limousine companies” or “limo rentals”. Depending on the specific terms they use, they’ll likely be presented with a few million results.

The only way your site will stand out from the rest is if you use SEO to improve your individual pages’ rankings. Once you do, your business will enjoy several benefits, including:

Increased traffic

Most searchers won’t take the time to click through pages of results, so it’s not surprising that 71 percent of searches result in a click on the first page. In fact, 67% of those clicks go to the first 5 results. Beyond that, the rate falls drastically—and is next to zero by the time you get to the second page. This means that if you’re not constantly optimizing for search, your site won’t generate the attention necessary to attract new business.

Higher conversions

As you can imagine, the site that gets the most traffic also gets the most conversions. While the final rate varies from one industry to another and depends on the intent of each search, you stand a far greater chance of generating leads and sales when your site is at the top of search results.

Greater credibility

Search algorithms rank sites based on website performance, user experience, and quality. High rankings show that search engines have a lot of confidence in your site, which can increase confidence among potential customers.

What SEO strategies can your limousine company use?

When people search for limo companies in a search engine, you want them to do more than just visit your site. You also want them to act, either by booking a ride at that moment or doing something else to initiate a relationship, like filling out a contact form. As a result, you should use the following strategies to attract qualified leads and help them convert:

1. Location-based keywords

You want to be seen as the best, most reliable limo company. But by whom? Unless your fleet is nationwide, it’s more important to attract the attention of people primarily in your local area. You will if your SEO strategy includes optimizing for local searches.

Your content should include the location of your main office, but also neighboring cities, as well as any terms for your region or state. And don’t forget about nearby airports—the number of pickups and drop-offs could occupy your drivers all day. Boost your rankings in local search even more by making sure that your Google Business Profile page is up-to-date.

2. Use responsive design

Before cell phones came along, people either had to make reservations ahead of time or simply hope a cab stopped by when they needed a ride. Now, thanks to smartphones, they can find a car and make a reservation right from their phones

Mobile has made a lot of things easier, which is why more people are using it to search for products and services. However, this is only beneficial to your site if visitors can access and navigate it on their smartphones. The best way to do this is with responsive design, which will ensure that your site displays and functions well on all browsers and screen sizes.

3. Improve user experience

Sites are ranked by several factors, and one that is often overlooked is user experience. If your site doesn’t work properly every time someone visits, search engines won’t be inclined to recommend it to users. Plus, many of your visitors are likely interested in booking a limousine, and if your site doesn’t work, they’ll move on to one of your competitors. Keep them around by regularly checking the performance of your website.

Test your site on multiple devices to make sure it loads quickly and everything looks right. Check all links and forms—you don’t want to lose a rider because one of them wasn’t working. Consistent performance and functionality will lead to more trust and higher search rankings.

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How WebFX can help

Your business depends on knowing where passengers want to go and getting them there. Search engines serve a similar function—bringing Internet users to the best destination for their needs. When you use SEO, you improve the chances that they’ll consider your site one of the best and drive more traffic to your pages.

For more information on how your limousine company can use SEO, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our talented team of Internet marketing professionals has years of experience optimizing local businesses for search, and we can do the same for yours.

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