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Your website’s design plays an essential role in helping people realize your company is trustworthy and reliable. That’s why investing in web design for limo companies is critical to your business’s growth –– it helps you create a better user experience for your audience, so more people hire your limo company.

Keep reading to learn six tips for doing limo web design successfully!

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6 tips for doing web design for limo companies effectively

Limousine web design isn’t as easy as throwing up some pages and calling it a day. You need to make insightful and tactical decisions to ensure you build a website that helps you get more people to rent your limos.

Here are six tips to help you do web design for limo companies right: 

1. Create a simple design

One of the most common misconceptions about limousine web design is that you need an elaborate and over-the-top design to get your audience’s attention. Having too busy of a website, though, can deter people from engaging with your business. Instead, it’s better to create a clean and simple web design to keep prospects engaged.

Having a simple design enables your audience to focus on the information on your website without getting distracted by your design.

Consider these tips for creating an effective limo web design:

  • Integrate your color scheme (3-4 colors) consistently throughout your website
  • Utilize white space to keep your website from being cluttered
  • Add images, videos, and graphics to convey your message visually
  • Use call to action (CTA) buttons to guide prospects towards desired actions

By integrating all these aspects into your design, you ensure you deliver a positive experience for your audience as they check out your limousine services.

2. Create informative content

When doing web design for limo companies, your visual design isn’t the only important component of your website. You need to have informative content on your website. After all, prospects don’t go to your website to see your beautiful design –– they want information.

For every page you design for your website, you want to think about the information you need to include on that page. What is most important for your audience to know when they visit that page? If someone visits your page with all your different transportation options, for example, what’s most important for them to know about each vehicle?

Make sure your content is easy to understand and readable. Here’s how you can design your pages to reach those goals:

  • Make the font size large enough that people can read it
  • Choose web-safe fonts (no fancy scripts for your main text)
  • Use white space to make it easy to focus on the information
  • Keep content to 2-3 lines per paragraph for easy skimming
  • Limit overuse of jargon

By creating informative content, you’ll help keep your audience engaged on your website and learning more about your limousine services.

3. Integrate visuals 

Before renting a limo for a night out, your clients will probably want to know what your vehicles look like, both on the inside and outside. That’s why an important component of limousine web design is integrating visuals.

Adding visuals, like images and videos, offer two benefits to your website. First, visuals help to break up all the text on your website, providing relief for users’ eyes. Second, visuals provide your audience with more insight into your business and what you offer.

For example, you could spend two paragraphs explaining what the inside of your limo looks like and someone still might not visualize what it looks like. Adding a photo can enhance your description and give them better insight into what type of limo they’re renting.

Images of the inside of a limo on a limo company's website

When you add visuals to your website, make sure they’re high-quality. Having grainy, low resolution images will turn people away –– they won’t think you’re trustworthy. High resolution images that are clear and show all the details will look best for your website.

Images from inside a limo on a limo companies website

You’ll also want to try and use as many authentic images as possible. Using stock photos of the inside of a limo might make your audience feel misled. Authentic images will ensure your audience knows what they’re getting when they book your limousines.

4. Make your website easy to navigate

You’ll likely have many pages on your limo company website, from a photo gallery and information about your services to a contact page and a blog. Ensuring your website is easy to navigate is a key component of limo web design. You want to make it easy for users to learn about your services without getting frustrated that they can’t find something. 

White navigation bar at the top of a limo company's website

The organization and navigation of your site should feel logical and intuitive. For example, a horizontal menu at the top of your homepage keeps users from having to think too hard about where they need to click. Examples of how you can make your website easy to navigate include: 

  • Linking to your homepage on the image of your brand’s logo so users can return to your main page from anywhere on your site
  • Including a search bar at the top of your website to help users find exactly what they need
  • Using broad headings to organize pages underneath
  • Keeping vital information in your website’s footer, like contact info and social media pages

Making your website easy to navigate will ensure prospects stay engaged as they learn about your limousine company.

5. Optimize for mobile devices

More people scour the Internet on their phones rather than on laptops or desktop computers. More than 50% of website traffic comes from mobile, making it essential for your website to perform on cellphones as well as computers. 

That’s why mobile optimization is the next part we’ll cover for limo web design.

You must ensure your website adapts to provide a positive user experience on mobile.

You can use Google’s mobile page testing tool to see what your website looks like on a mobile phone screen. You can improve your website’s mobile capacity by integrating responsive design, which ensures your site adapts to any device a user uses.

Making sure your website design is compatible with mobile devices will give users a better experience on your site and encourage them to keep learning about what you offer.

6. Keep accessibility at the forefront 

Last on this list of tips for web design for limo companies, let’s talk about website accessibility. Not everyone who accesses your website can use it as is. Some people need additional assistance to access your information, so it’s critical you set your website up for success by making it accessible.

Accessible websites should be easy for everyone to use and navigate. You can read through the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines from the Web Accessibility Initiative and the World Wide Web Consortium to ensure your website is as accessible as possible. 

Here are some ways to make your website accessible:

  • Use easy to read fonts
  • Add alt text to images
  • Add closed-captioning to videos
  • Make your website navigable using a keyboard

Overall, you want to ensure your website is compatible with assistive technologies, browsers, and devices to make it easy for anyone to get information from your website.

WebFX can help you cruise through web design for limo companies

Investing in your website’s design is critical for earning new customers that hire your limousine company. If you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start with limousine web design, WebFX can help.

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