BigQuery Consulting Services: Do More With Google Cloud

Google Cloud offers your business immense potential — but only if you use it. With BigQuery consulting services, your company can make the most of Google Cloud. From automating processes to eliminating maintenance schedules, you can make an impressive impact on your business and bottom line.

Keep reading to learn more about the value of Google Cloud consulting services, as well as what Google consulting services include.

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Access all the benefits of Google Cloud with BigQuery consulting services

Invest in BigQuery consulting services, and your company can access all of Google Cloud’s features:

Automate your processes

Your time is valuable. Make the most of it with Google Cloud.

With Google Cloud and BigQuery, your business can automate critical, yet time-consuming processes. Whether you want BigQuery to run a daily query and post the results to a separate document (like Google Sheets) or append data every month, a BigQuery consultant can make it happen.

Access advanced data visualizations

Visuals matter. Give people the perspective they need with BigQuery in Google Cloud.

Using BigQuery, your company can not only process data at lightning-speed but also receive advanced data visualizations with tools like Google Data Studio. Via a platform like Google Data Studio, you can show trends, demonstrate results, and get everyone on your team up-to-speed on the latest changes.

Make reporting and presentations easy with BigQuery consulting services.

Integrate your data and tools

Take silos out of your business and bring all your data and tools together with BigQuery.

Thanks to Google Cloud, your team can access the powerful G Suite, which includes go-to programs like Google Docs, Google Meet, and Google Cloud Search. Your BigQuery efforts can take advantage of these platforms, accessing and sharing your data, like from Google Analytics, across channels.

Ax maintenance from your to-dos

Maintaining an in-house server and data warehouses tests your team and your budget.

With Google Cloud, your company can eliminate server maintenance and data warehouse costs from your operations. Instead, you can trust Google to store and process your data. If you want to take advantage of this feature, though, you need to leverage BigQuery.

Use the expertise of a BigQuery consultant to make BigQuery and Google Cloud work for you.

Scale your solution to meet your needs

A scalable solution is a must for businesses, whether you’re a startup or enterprise.

Luckily, Google Cloud and BigQuery scale to your company’s needs. Whether you require minor or massive data analyses, you can trust BigQuery to scale its data processing to your organization’s unique needs.

Secure your most sensitive data

Data protection is essential in the digital age, and BigQuery provides unparalleled protection.

With BigQuery, your company can safely store, process, and analyze data. Google makes sure of it, including automatic data replication and a 99.9% service-level agreement (SLA) with BigQuery. All you need are BigQuery consulting services to help your business adopt BigQuery.

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Inside Google Cloud consulting services: 4 steps that drive success

How do Google Cloud consulting services help your business leverage BigQuery?

Find out below with a sneak-peak into the four-step process:

1. Assess

The assessment stage helps your consultant and your company discover and build a viable solution. It’s the foundation for your BigQuery usage. That’s why it’s a critical, can’t-skip step in any BigQuery consulting service.

In this phase, you can expect your consultant to discuss:

  • Your expected or desired uses of BigQuery
  • Your potential or available BigQuery solutions

Experiments may follow, with your consultant developing possible solutions and testing their viability.

2. Plan

The planning stage progresses your BigQuery efforts. Using findings from their initial assessment, consultants can create an in-depth architecture and deployment plan, which your team can review to provide feedback.

Like the assess stage, the planning stage plays a vital role in your BigQuery solution.

It takes the insights and action items gained from the assessment stage and repurposes them into an actionable document. Via your architecture and deployment plan, you can visualize and get a preview of your BigQuery solution.

3. Deploy

The deploy stage makes your BigQuery solution a reality.

Following your review and feedback, consultants can update your architecture and deployment plan. Then, their development team can start building your BigQuery solution, using the architecture and deployment plan for reference.

Depending on your plan, your BigQuery consulting services may include data migration.

4. Optimize

The optimize stage takes a progressive approach to your BigQuery solution. Like Google’s consulting services, your BigQuery consultant looks for ways to refine your BigQuery applications and implement smart processes.

With continued optimization, your company can maximize the performance of BigQuery.

Operate your business 10x better with BigQuery consulting services

Faster processes, information sharing, and data analysis can make a tremendous impact on your business. BigQuery, as well as BigQuery consulting services, can help your business expedite each of these tasks.

Learn more about the process improvements that come with Google Cloud consulting services:


Infrastructure plays a critical role in your company’s efficiency.

When it comes to data infrastructure, BigQuery offers an innovative and robust solution. With BigQuery, your business can store all your data in a secure location, thanks to BigQuery’s serverless infrastructure. Even better, your company can launch your data warehouse in seconds.

With the serverless infrastructure provided by BigQuery, you can also scale seamlessly to your needs. The infrastructure uses automatic scaling and high-performance streaming ingestion to load your data. For your business, that means fast data analysis, no matter how much data you bring.


BigQuery also makes a positive impact on the productivity of your company and individual teams.

In minutes, you can not only launch your BigQuery data warehouse but also run your first data query. BigQuery can start structured query language (SQL) queries in seconds on gigabytes and even petabytes of data, saving your business a tremendous amount of time.

You also eliminate several additional time-consuming tasks for your team, including provisioning resources. Not to mention, your IT and development departments can stop dedicating time to server maintenance.

All these BigQuery features save your business and your team time.

With BigQuery consulting services, you can redirect your focus to the tasks that matter. You can also solve common pain points for your team members, like long turnaround times for data queries or unreliable servers.

Data and analytics

BigQuery helps businesses like yours focus on analytics, not your infrastructure or wait times.

With BigQuery, you can build a data warehouse for your marketing and sales efforts, as well as anything else that requires analysis and visualization. Whether you want to assess the performance of your paid online ads or website traffic performance, you can do it with BigQuery.

Even better, you can access and share your data across Google properties.

From accessing your Google Analytics data to visualizing it in Google Data Studio, you have all the tools you need with the Google Cloud. You can even integrate BigQuery with platforms outside of the Google network.

Using BigQuery and BigQuery consulting services, your business can finally focus on the details. You can see the trends in your campaigns, the long-term wins in your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, and more.

Overall, you can make smarter, data-driven decisions with BigQuery and a BigQuery consultant.

Measuring the metrics that affect your bottom line.

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FAQs about BigQuery consulting services

Do you have additional questions about BigQuery consulting services? Browse our FAQ:

What is BigQuery?

BigQuery is an enterprise-level data warehouse from Google that allows users to query data at tremendously fast speeds. As a part of the Google family, BigQuery integrates and works alongside other Google products, including Google Sheets.

What is BigQuery used for?

Companies can use BigQuery to store, process, and analyze a massive amount of data. According to Google, BigQuery can run SQL queries on terabytes of data in seconds and petabytes of data in minutes by scaling to your query requests automatically.

How much does BigQuery cost?

BigQuery operates on a pay-as-you-go or flat-rate pricing model.

The flat-rate pricing model starts at $10,000 per month and provides your business with a dedicated reservation of 500 slots. In comparison, the pay-as-you-go pricing model costs $5 per terabyte, with the first terabyte of each month provided for free.

Aside from data processing, BigQuery also includes storage costs.

For monthly storage, users pay $0.02 per gigabyte. If your stored data includes tables or partitions that haven’t been modified in the past 90 days, Google will charge a lower storage rate of $0.01 per gigabyte for that data.

Learn more about BigQuery consulting services for your business

BigQuery offers your business immense opportunity. You can automate processes, streamline data sources, scale solutions, and minimize operating costs. With the help of a BigQuery consulting firm, you can take full advantage of this platform and all its perks.

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