6 Best Online Advertising Strategies To Use In 2023

What is the best way to advertise online? There are lots of effective digital advertising strategies available, but we're focusing on the best online advertising strategies for businesses this year. Keep reading to learn about the best ways to advertise online now!

If you’re like many marketers, two of your biggest concerns when evaluating your options are cost-effectiveness and results. That’s why on this page, we’ll go over a few of the best online advertising strategies, their costs, and their benefits for your business.

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The best online advertising strategies

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Keep reading to learn more about the strategies you can use to drive revenue for your business.

Some of the best ways to advertise online include these advertising strategies:

1. Web design

Whether you’re a water treatment plant investing in digital marketing or an online retailer using co-op advertising, your website is one of the most essential parts of your business. It’s your home online, and where many potential customers will turn for information about your products or services. In many cases, your website will be the first impression your business makes on members of your target audience.

Since many of your other online advertising campaigns will be designed to drive traffic to your website, your web design can make or break their success. This means that your site needs to be effective in attracting and keeping users’ attention and encouraging them to convert.

Certain Design Elements

A well-designed site can make visitors want to stay longer and keep them more invested in what your company has to offer. It also builds trust with potential customers. In fact, one study revealed that 94 percent of respondents mistrusted a website because of certain design elements — so if you haven’t updated your site in a while, your potential customers likely notice.

A professional website is necessary for your online advertising campaigns to be successful. So if you think your site needs an overhaul, check out our project quote calculator to get a free estimate!

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2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Your website can be a great marketing tool — but only if your potential customers can find it.

The best way to make this happen is with search engine optimization or SEO. By investing in SEO, you can improve your website in ways that help it rank well in search engines like Google for searches related to your products or services.

SEO involves incorporating keywords related to your products or services on your site, so that when users search those keywords in search engines like Google, relevant pages appear in results.

You can identify the best keywords for your pages by doing keyword research to see what your target audience is searching, as well as which keywords your competitors are targeting. You want to choose keywords that are used by your target audience and will attract them to your site.

Incorporating Keywords

You can improve your site’s SEO by publishing original content around your target keywords, as well as earning links from other authoritative sites online. With the right strategy, you have the potential to improve your rankings, gain more traffic, and generate more leads and conversion.

The goal of SEO is to get your website to the top of the first page of results. Ideally, you want to be in the top three positions because they earn the majority of clicks. In fact, the top three results earn 35 percent of the clicks on desktop and 31 percent on mobile.

SEO is a great tool to help advertise your business to potential customers. Investing in SEO can boost your exposure, foot traffic, and conversion rate. It takes time, but the results can be well worth it for your business.

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3. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Next on our list of advertising channels and strategies is Pay-per-click. PPC is an online advertising model that allows you to place ads in search engine results for specific keywords. While SEO focuses on earning rankings through content and optimization, PPC essentially lets you pay for placement for your target keywords.

If you’re new to PPC and want to know how to write an ad that will deliver the best results, Google Ads is the best place to start, because it allows you to place ads in Google search results.

PPC works on a bidding system in which you select target keywords, then compete with other advertisers to place ads in the search results for those keywords. If your bid is among the highest, you’ll earn placement above organic search results — and if someone clicks, you’ll pay your bid amount.

One of the biggest advantages of PPC is that (as the name implies), you only pay when users click on your advertisement. This means you don’t have to worry about wasting your budget on people who aren’t interested in your business or ignore your ads.

Top Three Paid Spots

This feature makes PPC one of the most powerful Internet advertising strategies for companies today.

PPC is also an effective advertising strategy because it can start generating results the minute you launch a campaign. Unlike SEO, which takes time, PPC can create sales and conversions immediately. As an online advertising strategies example, an HVAC marketing strategy that uses PPC could start generating phone calls immediately, like for maintenance requests, emergency services, and more. That’s immediate revenue for that business!

PPC also works well in combination with SEO, because combining the two gives your business multiple opportunities to appear in search results. When people search for keywords related to your products or services, you want them to see your company in search results.

If you’re not yet ranking organically, PPC is a great way to reach them — and if you are already ranking organically, you have a chance to appear in two different spots on the results page.

And if you’re wondering if PPC ads are an effective way to generate traffic and conversions, the answer is yes. Out of all the results on the page, the top three paid spots receive 46 percent of the clicks. This indicates that almost half of searchers will click on PPC advertisements.

Overall, PPC is an effective channel for online advertising that can work within any budget and increase your online visibility. And if you partner with an experienced PPC campaign manager, it can be exactly what you need to grow your business and increase your revenue.

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4. Social media marketing

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram present huge opportunities to reach and connect with your target audience. That’s why these sites are quickly becoming some of the best ways to advertise online.

Social media is a great place to advertise because there are so many consumers on these platforms. In fact, eighty-one percent of American adults have a social media profile — meaning the chances are high that at least part of your audience is active on social media.

You can also use social media platforms to run advertisements for your company.

Social platforms let you select your audience based on standard demographic information like age, gender, and location, as well as advanced options like interests and behaviors. This allows you to reach the users that are most likely to be part of your target audience, and maximize your results with each campaign.

For example, if you operate a garage door company, you may use social media to target users within your service area. Your garage door advertising campaign may go even further, focusing on demographics of your target audience, like marriage status, age, and gender, to build a better ad.

Social Media Option

One of the biggest advantages of using social media for advertising is the relatively low cost.

In fact, fifty percent of B2B marketers find social media to be a ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ low-cost option for advertising — so if you’re looking for a cost-effective advertising strategy to reach new customers, social media is something to consider.

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5. Content marketing

Content marketing is a great way to indirectly advertise your business to consumers by providing them with helpful or interesting information. You can create content in the form of blogs, videos, infographics, and virtually any online format.

Regardless of your industry, publishing original content is an extremely effective way to connect with your target audience. When you share information that your potential customers and clients find interesting, they’ll be much more likely to trust your brand.

Content marketing can also establish your company as an authority and build your online reputation. When your target audience sees you reliably publishing new information within your industry, they’ll have confidence that you’re a leader in your field.

In order to be successful with content marketing, you have to keep up with a regular publishing schedule.

Companies that post 16 times or more a month see four times more traffic than companies that only post a few times a month. This can seem like a difficult and time-consuming commitment, but it can be made easier by partnering with an agency for copywriting services.

Companies Posting

Written content isn’t the only route you can take, though — you can also create content in the form of original graphics.

Visual elements can grab users’ attention, and when combined with interesting information, can make them want to spend more time on your site. Plus, infographics are easy to share on social media, meaning they improve the chances that your visitors will share a link to your site with their followers.

If you want to take things a step further, videos are one of the most effective ways to engage visitors. Creating original video content can be slightly more work-intensive than writing a blog post or designing a graphic, but when done well, the results for your business can be significant.

Content marketing is one of the best online advertising methods because it can support other marketing and advertising efforts, like social media, paid search, and even SEO. That’s why businesses make content a core part of their strategy.

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6. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, but still one of the most effective advertising strategies and marketing techniques. When you use email, you can reach individual members of your target audience directly in their inboxes.

Emails are a great way to connect with your current and potential customers. You can send newsletters, information about new products or services, and deals tailored to different segments of your audience.

As a result, email is an extremely cost-effective channel (which is why it’s one of the best ways to advertise online). In fact, for every dollar you spend on email, you have the potential to earn an ROI of $44.

Of course, reaching this high potential means continuously testing and improving your emails over time — but one of the ways to fast-track your results is to incorporate personalization.

Personalized emails increase CTR by 14 percent. This is due to users feeling that the contents of the email are targeted specifically for them. For more helpful tips, check out this post with five tips for effective marketing campaigns!

Some great tips include personalization, enticing subject lines, and including animated content.

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[Bonus] 3 of the best digital advertising strategies for businesses looking to innovate

If your paid advertising strategy already includes the above Internet advertising strategies, don’t worry. There are other effective advertising strategies your company can take advantage of, which can help push you ahead of competitors and increase your revenue.

Three of the best online ads strategies for businesses looking to get creative include:

1. Geofencing advertising

Geofencing advertising is one of the best online advertising methods for companies looking to target competitors, top talent, high-value leads, and local shoppers. With geofencing, your business creates a virtual fence around a specific area, like a college campus, competitor location, or conference center.

When someone enters this fence, they get added to a remarketing audience.

Your company can then remarket to these users, which can help build their brand awareness, guide their next shopping trip, or influence who their company requests quotes or proposals from next quarter.

This Internet advertising strategy offers your business a new, innovative, and effective way to reach your target audience. That’s why it’s worth checking out, because it could help your company secure that next lead, move those customers away from competitors, or hire that passive candidate.

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2. Amazon advertising

For ecommerce companies, Amazon is one of the best ways to advertise online — it’s also the third most popular ad platform, behind Google and Facebook. With Amazon Advertising, your business can promote your products and brand in Amazon search results, product pages, and more.

Even if your business doesn’t operate in the ecommerce sector, you can take advantage of Amazon ads. You can advertise on not only Amazon but also Amazon-owned sites, like IMDb, to build brand awareness.

With more than 50 percent of product searches starting on Amazon (instead of Google), it’s worth considering the potential positive impact of this Internet advertising strategy on your business and bottom line.

Need help getting started? WebFX is a trusted Amazon ad agency.

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3. Influencer Advertising

Influencer marketing is another effective advertising strategy. In fact, influencer marketing offers an average ROI of $6.50 for every $1 invested. Companies of all sizes, from big brands to small startups, use influencer marketing to create brand awareness, build user trust, and generate sales.

Besides partnering with an influencer and having them promote your brand, products, or services on their dedicated channels, you can also integrate influencers into your advertising campaigns. Your ads, for example, can feature your influencer.

Brands, like The Hershey Company, have used this strategy with success.

The Hershey Company partnered with several influencers to promote its Hot Cocoa Kisses on YouTube. In addition to the influencers promoting the product on their channels, The Hershey Company also launched a paid ad campaign on YouTube, which advertised the influencers’ Hot Cocoa Kisses content.

The campaign was a massive success, generating the following results:

  • 12 percent increase in purchase intent
  • 551% increase in searches
  • $9+ million in retail sales

Results like these are why influencer marketing is quickly becoming one of the best digital advertising strategies. Get ahead of the curve and start experimenting with influencer marketing and advertising in your business.

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How to select the best online advertising strategies for your business

With all these available advertising strategies, it can be difficult to figure out which are the best fit for your company and budget.

Among other online advertising strategies examples that are worth trying if you’re a smaller business with a relatively low marketing budget, you may want to start with low-cost options that you can do in-house, like social media, SEO, and email marketing campaigns.

If you have more flexibility, however, we recommend using as many of these strategies as possible to create a comprehensive strategy. When you utilize multiple approaches, you’ll be able to reach more consumers than if you only used one.

As a baseline, you’ll want to make sure your website is designed to generate conversions.

You can throw tons of money into SEO and PPC, but if your website isn’t professional and user-friendly, you’re unlikely to get the results you want. Users need to find your site, but once they get there, they also need to be able to find the information they need to become customers or clients.

As you grow your strategy, the biggest advantage of online advertising is that it’s easy to monitor and improve your campaigns. With all the effective advertising strategies on this page, it’s easy to see your return on investment and make adjustments to improve your ROI moving forward.

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