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Is SEO Dead? Your Definitive Answer for 2021 and Beyond

Since the dawn of search engine optimization (SEO), there have been murmurs. “SEO is dead,” people have claimed, causing Internet marketers to scramble. The constant changes to search engine algorithms and advances in technology have some worried that their time and hard work are useless.

Despite the doubts, SEO has grown and allowed many businesses to thrive. The rumblings of “SEO is dead” and “Is SEO still relevant?” are back again though. Is it finally true in 2021?

Watch the video below and then keep scrolling to find out.

While SEO isn’t the same as when it first started, it certainly isn’t dead. It remains crucial to get high rankings in Google and aim for a prime click-through rate. Keep reading to find out which techniques achieve top rankings and which ones have fallen by the wayside!

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4 outdated SEO techniques

Not all SEO is in the grave, but there are several practices that aren’t reliable anymore.

Outdated SEO techniques can cause rankings to drop and traffic to plummet. Google has picked up on shady tactics and honed their ranking factors over the years. They’re better than ever at promoting helpful content, which means SEO experts have to take a new approach in some cases.

Here are the SEO techniques that have lagged behind and can hurt your campaign.

1. Getting backlinks at all costs

Backlinks were originally a cornerstone of top rankings. Search engines placed immense importance on backlinks (when websites link to your pages). In the past, generating a large store of backlinks could skyrocket your site to a page one spot.

However, Google now heavily monitors link schemes like overdoing link exchanges and flooding directory or bookmark sites. If you simply compile as many links as possible, it’s not a productive strategy to gain the good graces of search engines. Links are invaluable to SEO — but  2021 SEO requires credible link building on authoritative sites.

Your link building needs to aim for relevant, fitting placements, which might cause your backlinking efforts to scale back and concentrate closely on industry powerhouses and big-name websites. The sites you want to get backlinks from should have substantial volumes of organic traffic and provide value to visitors.

2. Relying on exact-match domains

Another outdated SEO technique to steer clear of is exact-match domain names — domains crafted around a lucrative keyword and used to earn optimal rankings. If your central keyword was “hairdresser in Portland,” it was wise to select the domain “www.portlandhairdresser.com” or “salonhairdresserportland.org.” Instead of sticking with unique brands, businesses would set these up to manipulate the search results. Exact-match domains no longer finagle their way to the top only based on their name.

Domains have an equal likelihood to compete for keywords. This is mostly due to the fact that Google’s spam force discounted low-quality domains with exact-match names. For sites with trustworthy content, an exact-match domain shouldn’t directly hinder you, but it won’t pay off for SEO either.

SEO-friendly domain names are readable and distinct for both users and search engines. Embrace simple domain names and showcase high-caliber content.

3. Focusing on content quantity over quality

It makes sense to spread out your reach and target keywords with regular posts, but the level of attention you give to them is significant. It’s common to crank out subpar content and hope for decent rankings, but low-quality content doesn’t cut it on the current search engine landscape. Thin content — content that hasn’t fully addressed a topic — ranks poorly and causes you to have low dwell time.

Google wants content that adds value and extends knowledge about subjects, so it’s a good idea to accommodate with comprehensive content. Thorough, helpful content takes time and effort to develop, and it’s the only way to keep long-term SEO success. In-depth material is what Google prioritizes so it can deliver accurate material to users and satisfy them throughout the search experience.

4. Overusing keywords

Even if you aren’t keyword stuffing, you might be pushing your keyword too hard in your content. A bloated keyword density or unnatural wording can damage the potential to get noticed by Google and attract visitors. Google has the ability to detect synonyms and related keywords to your main keyword through their latent semantic indexing (LSI) feature.

You can have content writers lay out posts without sneaky keyword moves with this sophisticated addition. Include keywords organically within the context of your content.

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3 alive-and-well SEO techniques

As algorithms get tweaks and makeovers, Internet marketers need to alter their strategies.

SEO is a labor of love that demands management and adjustments. SEO that prospers in 2021 adheres to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and stays up-to-date on industry news. It’s critical to take note of industry leaders and resources to know what’s going strong.

The following SEO techniques for 2021 can revamp your site and drive revenue.

1. Pay attention to user experience

You should care about user experience because Google has an eagle-eye focus on pleasing people. Providing users with convenience throughout your site is worthwhile. User experience considerations include speeding up your page load time, supporting copy with media, and optimizing for mobile devices.

2. Increase on-page readability

Organizing your content for effortless reading is vital. Title tags and header tags allow users to understand what sections are about, establishing a clear structure. They serve another purpose besides forming a smooth read.

Google uses them to grasp what the page is about and how well it covers the subject compared to other pages. Adding these HTML tags remains productive for optimization, and you can format your posts to reduce your bounce rate.

3. Prepare for voice search

Voice search is the new kid on the block of SEO, and it’s the trend to watch out for in 2021. Audible searches tend to differ from written searches, with an emphasis on conversational terms. Artificial intelligence lends a helping hand, but you still need to think about long-tail keywords (keywords that stretch for three or more words). Voice search also calls for structured data — extra information about your business in the search results pages.

Update your SEO with WebFX

Next time someone asks you, “Is SEO dead?” The consensus is in and you can rest assured — SEO is not dead.

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