SEO Jargon Explained: Your A-Z Guide for Becoming an SEO Pro

If you’re embarking on your journey into search engine optimization (SEO), you may find yourself bogged down with all the different terms related to SEO. If you need all this SEO jargon explained, then you’ve come to the right place!

On this page, we’ll cover 30 must-know SEO terms marketers use when talking about this strategy. If you want to stay in the know-how about SEO and other online marketing techniques, subscribe to our newsletter, Revenue Weekly, for the latest information!

What are Featured Snippets? [+4 Tips for Earning Position 0]

When you’re optimizing your website to help your business appear in search results, it’s likely that your ultimate goal is to achieve the number one spot in search engine results page (SERPs). This top position earns 34% of clicks on desktop and 31% on mobile.

But did you know that the CTR for that top position drops by 8% when the results have a featured snippet?

This drop occurs because more people click on the featured snippet than an organic result. *Changes goals to rank for featured snippet instead*

13 Voice Search Statistics That Prove You Need Voice Search Optimization

By 2020, voice searches will account for more than half of all online searches.

With the development of devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo, voice search continues to grow. And if you don’t currently use voice search optimization, you’re missing out on valuable leads and revenue.

Still not sure if voice search optimization is worth it? In this post, we’ll share 13 voice search statistics that prove you should start investing in voice search optimization.