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What is an SEO Company? (And What Do SEO Companies Do?)


What is an SEO company? Your timesaving, traffic-generating hero. Search engine optimization companies, better known as SEO agencies, help businesses generate more traffic from the web by improving the business’s visibility in organic search results on Google, Bing, and other […]

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Can You Do SEO Yourself? Yes! Learn DIY SEO Now.


Can you do SEO yourself? Yes! In fact, most search engine optimization (SEO) experts got their start with do-it-yourself (DIY) SEO. And with some time, a few free SEO tools, and this guide on how to do SEO yourself, you […]

The 7 Best SEO Websites for Informational Content


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a broad topic. The basic idea of SEO is simple enough — it’s the practice of optimizing web content to rank in Google search results. But the specifics of that process are way more detailed, […]

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9 Big Google Business Profile Ranking Factors (+ 9 to Skip)


Most small- to mid-sized businesses know how crucial it is to optimize their locations on Google Business Profile (GBP) — formerly known as Google My Business — to improve rankings for local searches and get more leads on Google Maps. […]

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How to Perform an SEO Audit in 2023: Your Complete Guide

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an extremely valuable strategy that enables you to enjoy continuous traffic, leads, and conversions. But to keep enjoying these benefits, you’ll need to optimize and improve your strategy over time. That’s where an SEO […]

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Amazon SEO Audit: a Complete Guide (+ SEO Tips)


Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your website or products rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). In terms of Amazon, it helps your products appear first — leading to more clicks and purchases. If you want to […]

What Are SEO Services & What Do SEO Company Services Include?


What are SEO services? SEO services are one-time or ongoing search engine optimization services that optimize your site's SEO to increase its organic search visibility and traffic. Freelancers, consultants, and agencies all offer SEO services. Today, 55% of businesses invest […]

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What is an SEO Landing Page and How Do You Optimize One?


SEO landing page definition: A search engine optimization (SEO) landing page is meant to attract organic search traffic relevant to one’s business and to drive conversions. Think of SEO landing pages as high-value fish bait. In a sea full of prey […]

Referring Domains Vs. Backlinks — Your One-Stop Guide


A huge part of search engine optimization (SEO) is getting other people to link to your site. Referring domains and backlinks affect link quality and your bottom line. Many marketers aren’t sure about the difference between these two terms. Referring […]


What Is FAQ Schema? (And How to Get Started With FAQ Schema for Google)

Google’s results page is a competitive arena, so it’s critical to find ways to rise above the rest. Certain tactics can make your listing more obvious to readers, increasing their odds of visiting your site. Filling a page with frequently […]

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