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RFPs, or requests for proposal, allow you to provide a social media agency that you’re interested in with information about your business. They’re essentially applications to work with an agency, and the information you provide allows them to determine whether or not you’re a good client fit for them.

Not only that, but their response (hopefully a proposal!), helps you determine if their services are what you need, if their agency fits your budget, and so much more.

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Read on if you’re interested in learning more about what a social media RFP is, and what our guide includes!

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What is a social media RFP?

After you’ve decided you need a social media marketing agency, you’ve done your research, and you’ve come up with a few agencies that you’re interested in, RFPs come next.

There a great way to let agencies know that you’re interested in their services, whether you’ve spoken to them previously or not.

They provide an outline to agencies that cover information that is necessary for them to decide whether or not they can meet your needs and accomplish your goals with their social media strategies.

RFPs essentially answer all the questions that a social media marketing agency would have for you, before presenting you with a proposal for their services. The information that you provide on your RFP allows an agency to get to know you, your industry, your competition, your goals, your budget, and more.

They also present you as a professional business that is serious about adopting a social media campaign.

What’s included in our guide?

So what’s in our free template?

When you download our resource, you’ll find a complete list of information that you should provide to agencies then you’re interested in receiving a proposal.

We break everything down by subheading so that you don’t miss any important information, and we also break it down into bulleted lists so that you can provide detailed, granular information.

Here are a few of the sections we include:

Statement of purpose

All RFPs should have a statement of purpose to open. This section provides agencies with an overall feel for your business, and what you’re looking for in terms of services.

You’ll start out by informing them about your company’s background with information like why you’re requesting a proposal, the current state of your social media presence, and a list of other agencies you’re contacting.

You’ll also want to provide a list of the social media services that you’re interested in.

This could include things like written posts for Facebook, branded photo posts for Instagram, or general social media ads.

The last part of a statement of purpose is the inclusion of what your goals are for your social media campaign. This includes things like redesigning your social media presence, increasing followers, or sharing blog posts regularly on social platforms.

Company information

You’ll also want to share your company information with an agency that you’re interested in. This should include things like your mission statement, the history of your company, your annual company-wide goals, and your past experience with social media marketing firms.

This helps a social media agency get an idea of who they’re working with.

Budget and incentives

An extremely important part of an RFP is to provide social media agencies with your budget and incentives. This is one of the best ways to tell whether or not you’ll be a good fit, because it lets an agency know up front how much money you have to spend on a campaign.

This takes the guess work out of determining whether or not you can afford a given agencies’ services.

In this section, you’ll include things like terms of contract expansion and renewal, and your total budget for a campaign.

Find the perfect social media marketing agency by using our free RFP template

A social media RFP is one of the best ways for you (and your agency of choice) to decide if you would have a great mutual partnership.

It provides them with important information up front, and when you get a response, you’ll be one step closer to deciding whether or not they’re a great fit for you.

Our free RFP template will help you find the perfect social media marketing agency in no time!

Enjoy your free download and happy agency hunting!

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Join 8,223 other savvy marketers and download your free guide now.

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