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Fix your marketing funnel and learn how to grow your online revenue in 30 seconds!

Your marketing funnel is leaking leads. At each stage of your inbound marketing process, you lose more and more potential customers. Sometimes you can’t help it – things happen. But what would your funnel look like if you could attract more traffic, get more people to fill out contact forms, or convert more leads?

Take this inbound marketing funnel tool for a spin and find out! You may be surprised at how much a small change in contacts or conversion rate can affect your bottom line. Start by answering 7 simple questions about your sales process, and you could be well on your way to growing your business. View sample report.

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Visitors / Month


Contacts / Month


Leads / Month

Close Rate


Customers / Month

Your Revenue

Let’s take a look at your current revenue, what your sales funnel looks like, and some potential improvements.

Currently, with a lifetime customer value of $600, the new customers you bring in this month have an earning potential of $600 over the course of their lifetime!

To see how your earning potential could increase, use the tools on the right side to update your funnel. The additional lifetime earning potential will be displayed below!


Adjust the numbers below to see how plugging up the leaks in your funnel can bring in additional revenue!

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Close Rate



Additional Lifetime Revenue

Need more visitors? Higher conversions? Download one of our marketing guides or get a free quote today!


How to Get More from Your Marketing Funnel

Looking to close the gaps in your marketing funnel to earn more leads and revenue online? Check out these 7 tips.


Optimize Your Site With SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) allows you to optimize your website so that it appears higher in online searches related to your business. This allows more people to find your business and ultimately become customers.

Since SEO targets people who are already searching online for your services, it will also help you reach more qualified leads for your business.


Increase Conversion Rates

Want more of your website traffic to convert and become customers?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) allows you to optimize elements of your site in order to boost conversion rates and earn more revenue online. CRO plans from WebFX include conversion funnel analysis and testing to make sure that qualified visitors stay on your site and ultimately convert.


Create Paid Ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads can start attracting relevant traffic to your site the minute they go live.

With PPC, you can develop a presence in search results while you wait to achieve organic rankings with SEO. So if you’re looking to quickly boost web traffic and revenue, PPC is a great option.


Improve User Experience On Your Site

If you want to attract and convert more customers online, you need to make sure they have a great experience on your website. And you should make it as easy as possible for them to convert.

At WebFX, our UX designers will help you create websites that not only look great but also improve user experience.


Publish Value Content

Content marketing can help you reach more people online and encourage them to become customers.

Great content can also increase your site’s overall ranking power. And it can position your business as an authority in your field.


Maintain a Presence on Social Media

Social media can help you develop and maintain relationships with current and potential customers.

You can provide them with important updates about your business and encourage dialogue about your company. If people have questions about your business, they can ask directly on social media, increasing the likelihood that they will purchase.


Nurture Relationships with Email

With email marketing, you can keep in touch with customers and develop relationships with new prospects.

Email marketing can help you earn more revenue online. And it has an incredible ROI potential — $44 for ever $1 you spend!

Need Help Optimizing Your Marketing Funnel?

If you want to fix your marketing funnel to reach more leads and earn more revenue, WebFX can help! Check out our Internet marketing plans online, and contact us today to speak with a strategist.

We’re excited to work with you!

Fix that leaky funnel
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Depending on your industry, "conversion" can mean a few different things, but what it comes down to is the number of site visitors who take a step towards becoming a customer.

If you're a B2B company, conversion may mean filling out a contact form. If you're a B2C company, it could simply be making a purchase. Divide the number of people who take these actions by your total number of site visitors (your answer to question 1).

If you still aren't sure, the average conversion rate for sites is about 2.4%. For specific estimates, you can check out this chart of average conversion rates by industry.

What percentage of the people who contact you are likely to become customers? This can be somewhat subjective, but research shows that on average, only 27% percent of B2B leads are "qualified."

How many of the leads you consider likely to become customers actually become customers? This will depend on your business, but the average for leads from SEO is 14.6%.

If your site has ecommerce functionality, look at the average amount of money each customer spends per purchase. If not, enter the average price each customer pays per transaction. If your business charges on a monthly or yearly basis, enter the cost of one transaction.

How many purchases does each individual customer or client make per year? For example, if you charge on a monthly basis, enter "12."

How long do your customers continue to purchase from you? This will determine the "lifetime value" of each customer.