The Importance of Choosing the Right Corporate Web Design Firm

In the highly competitive Internet world, the marketing strategy of a web-based business can be its life—or its death.

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Many web-based companies find it cost-efficient to hire a corporate website design firm to handle their ecommerce or Internet marketing needs. The expertise and the experience that is needed to carry out a successful online marketing campaign can become an internal strain on a company. Internet marketing, software development and integration, and search engine optimization are all specialized skills, which is why so many companies choose to outsource them to corporate website design agencies.

The corporate website design agency you choose will have a large bearing on the outcome of your marketing strategies. It is essential that you choose the right company to meet your marketing objectives, and ensure that your site is successful.

How Much Does a Corporate Website Cost?

Use this calculator to come up with a rough estimate of how much your new website will cost. Note that quotes vary from firm to firm, so the specific website design agencies you contact may provide quotes higher or lower than this.

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Choosing a Website Design Agency

Here are five guidelines to help you evaluable corporate web design firms and choose the right one.

1. Establish your goals.

Before you begin your search, you should be clear on what your company needs. Remember that the corporate web design firm you pick needs to be able to help you achieve your marketing goals. It is best for you, as the company representative, to identify these goals beforehand. The design agency in question should have extensive experience, and be able to provide valuable insight into how they will meet your goals.

You also need to establish the objective of your website. What is the message you wish to convey? Does your website have (or will it have) basic information about the company, or is it more comprehensive and detailed about the products and services you provide? Does it have ecommerce functionality (to sell products or services), or will it direct shoppers to a physical location?

Another point to consider is your Internet marketing tactics, such as SEO or Google Adwords, and what you hope to achieve through these. You need to define what your specific goals are, such as an increased percentage of conversions or higher ranking in search engine results. Experienced corporate web design firms can help you refine or define these goals, and devise a strategy to meet them.

2. Find the corporate web design firm that fits your working style.

A successful partnership with a corporate website design agency is long-lasting. After the initial design phase has been completed, your marketing campaigns will require consistent monitoring, analytics, and adjusting. As your company grows, so will the needs of your site. Finding a corporate website design company that matches your working style is essential for a successful and long-lasting partnership.

When researching corporate web design firms, ask them questions about their plans for your project. Will there be a dedicated project manager for your project? Do they use a project management software that you will be able to access? How are project timelines established? How do they research your business and industry to determine the best solutions for your company? After the initial website design and internet marketing campaign is established, what measures will they take to keep your site and campaign at peak performance? How often do they provide site performance reports?

The process of a reliable corporate web design firm should be clearly stated and intricately designed. The agency you choose must spend time in understanding your goals through Needs Analysis, and should design your site’s structure using researched and well thought-out Information Architecture strategies.

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3. Review their track record.

Reviewing the portfolios of the corporate website design agencies you are evaluating is a great way to get a sense of their work. However, there are technical aspects and internet marketing components that may not be presented in the portfolios you review. Asking for examples of how the efforts of the companies you are evaluating translated into specific benefits for their clients is key to understanding what they could potentially do for your business.

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Another way to verify the expertise and skill of a website design firm is to ask for references. Contact past clients and ask questions about their experience with the corporate web design firms you are thinking about partnering with. What did the corporate web design firm do for them? How did their company benefit? Were they timely, professional, and courteous? Did they listen to requests and respond quickly?

The client list itself reveals the scope of the corporate web design firm you are looking at. Research the clients to find their business size, location and industry. Successful corporate web design firms work with a variety of clients across the country and in varying industries, unless they are specialized to one particular industry or client-type. However, the client list should always contain businesses in an industry similar to yours.

4. Learn about the services they offer.

Most corporate web design agencies offer value-added services, such as product marketing, web site promotion, pay-per-click management, and email and newsletter campaigns. You should also verify they provide software and corporate website development, essential for online growing businesses. Understanding the core services they offer and their specialities is helpful in determining the best corporate web design firm for your business.

5. Request a proposal.

Corporate web design firms send proposals for you to evaluate before you finalize your decision. You should specify that the proposal must include a general overview of your requirements (based on what you agreed upon) and the proposed solutions. This is a good way to determine if the company in question understood all your needs. It is also best to ask for a description of the development and implementation process along with price quotes for the different project phases.

Once you determine the right agency to meet your needs and goals, are satisfied with their proposal and cost, you can sign with them. Your agreement should contain detailed information on the website package and services to be provided. It should include the number of pages, the scope of the design, maintenance, internet marketing plans, costs, payment and project timeline.

Your corporate web design firm should be your partner in making your business more profitable. Many companies have achieved online success thanks to efficient and dedicated corporate web design firms. With great site design and proper marketing, bundled with great products and services, your corporate website can be more successful than you ever imagined.

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