At WebFX, we accept responsibility, work with integrity, and give back to others. We believe in giving back to our communities and to the world—so much that we've made it one of our core values.

Although we've donated thousands of dollars to local non-profits and community organizations, we felt that it was time to expand our efforts. That's what motivated us to create #FXBuilds, a program that will allow us to give to others in new ways.

Our current project:
The Water Project

In March of 2018, we set the new goal of raising a $30,000 for The Water Project.

The Water Project helps to construct community solutions for safe water. Communities are all different and have diverse needs when it comes to water and otherwise. Water projects that we work on include new wells, well rehabilitation, protected springs, rainwater harvesting, and sand dams.

Our FXBuilds donation to the Water Project has already assisted in the pursuit of three of these projects in communities throughout Kenya to provide safe water resources.

What is FXBuilds?

#FXBuilds is a WebFX program, established in 2014, that allows us to give back to those in need. Powered by team successes, the program allows us to improve the lives of those around the world who may lack education, shelter, clean drinking water, vaccines, and other basic human privileges.

Our goal with #FXBuilds is two-fold, and our combined efforts will essentially allow each WebFX team member to have helped a total of approximately 50 people around the world in a 10 year period.

View FXBuilds Projects
1. To donate over $400,000 to building and community improvements by 2024.
2. To improve the lives of 5,000 people across the globe by 2024.
pencils of promise


Pencils of Promise School in Guatemala

pencils of promise


Pencils of Promise School in Ghana

pencils of promise


The Water Project Wells in Kenya

forgotten voices international


Forgotten Voices Improving global orphan crisis