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Sometimes, finding the right way to share your message can be difficult — especially if you don’t feel creative.

That’s why we’ve gathered 15 ecommerce email examples to show you how other companies attract customers and earn conversions!

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Types of ecommerce emails

Before we go over the examples, let’s talk about the different types of ecommerce emails.

Not all your ecommerce emails will have the same information or purpose. Understanding the different types of emails can help you plan your strategy and create impactful emails that accomplish their goals.

Here are a few basic types to know:

  • Promotional emails: These emails promote a product or service. They may include a discount code or sale to encourage the user to shop.
  • Transaction emails: These emails pertain strictly to orders. Confirmation emails, shipping confirmation, and delivery notification emails are all transactional.
  • Abandoned cart emails: These emails use customer data to encourage users to complete a purchase with items they had in their cart.
  • Welcome emails: These emails are sent to users who have provided their email addresses, whether for product updates, rewards points, or something else. They also let you test to make sure the email is valid.

Now, let’s look at the best ecommerce email examples for each type below!

1. Hilma

First on our list is this seasonal product offer from Hilma. This example shows how you can work with the time of year to your advantage when promoting products, even if it’s something people can use anytime.

The bright colors, fun fonts, and product images all make this an attractive email that catches your attention. Plus, the discount code entices users to purchase even more — especially if they want to help with seasonal allergies.


2. Kizik

Next, we have an example of an abandoned cart email from Kizik. This user left a pair of running shoes in their cart, so Kizik reminds them of what they’re missing.

The most important information is at the top, but if the reader wanted to learn more, they could scroll to learn more about Kizik and their products. Overall, this longer example of ecommerce email copy is effective at retargeting.


3. Mount Sapo

This Mount Sapo email is a bit of a longer, more informational ecommerce piece. This seasonal shopping guide tells users about 21 different gift ideas, some of which link directly to their products.

With the balance of fun cut-out images and informational blurbs, this email works to benefit the reader and subtly push them toward the website. Plus, since it’s a seasonal message, it works well to help the last-minute shopper!

mount sapo

4. Buoy

The next ecommerce email marketing example comes from Buoy with their Memorial Day advertisement. This email is fun and bright to match the occasion, and the discount at the top tells the reader what they want to know immediately.

Overall, this is a pretty straightforward example, but it’s helpful to see how other companies structure their promotions.


5. Chipotle

Chipotle offers another perspective on promotional emails in the example below. This email offers rewards members a free drink with $5 purchase. The large text and branded black-and-white coloring make this an eye-catching email with a free twist.

Plus, asking for feedback gives Chipotle more intel on what their users want to see in their email campaigns.


6. Crocs

Our next transactional email example comes from Crocs as an order confirmation. You can see how they clearly lay out everything the customer needs to know, including the payment, product, and shipping details. They also make it easy to ask questions and find out more about their order.

This email might look simple, but that’s a good thing! Transactional emails are meant to benefit the customer exclusively. They should be easy to reference and review as they wait for their order.


7. Laird

Another transactional example is this one from Laird. This is a delivery confirmation, which helps the user know that their product has arrived at the provided address, and they can pick it up.

Laird also includes an email address in case any issues arise with delivery.


8. Patagonia

Patagonia adds a more personal touch to their order confirmation emails. For one, they include an image at the top that aligns with their branding and evokes an adventurous feeling. They also thank the customer for their order first, which makes the email feel almost handwritten, even though it’s likely a template.


9. Peak

This message from Peak is an excellent ecommerce email copywriting example. It shows that sometimes less is more, especially when getting people to open your emails. This bold, fun reminder email tells the reader about the sale without bombarding them with information.


10. Little Beast

This email from Little Beast combines a promotional email with an abandoned cart. They show what the recipient was browsing before while offering them a discount code. This encourages the user to go back to shopping with a little more incentive than a regular reminder.

Plus, the puppy picture doesn’t hurt, either.

little beast

11. United By Blue

United By Blue takes a simple approach to retargeting — just show a picture. Humans are visual beings, so sometimes, all it takes to remind someone of a purchase is a nicely placed product photo in their inbox.

The product photo here includes a link to go back to browsing, encouraging users to resume right where they left off.

united by blue

12. Open Spaces

This email example from Open Spaces has a lot going for it. Some of the things that work include:

  • The fun, artsy background and overlays
  • The pressure to shop with the “almost sold out” reminder
  • The tip for how to use the product effectively

Keeping your emails fun and helpful is key to conversions — this email shows how you can do that effectively.

open spaces

13. Casper

Casper’s informational email shows how you can educate your audience and build brand awareness while still focusing on ecommerce. In fact, this is a great ecommerce email marketing example for companies who want more content outside of sales.

This company sells pillows and sleep-oriented products, so it makes sense for them to establish themselves as sleep experts. By sending this email, they’re helping their audience learn more while positioning themselves as a great solution to the problem.


14. Baina

If your brand has a more elevated, classy look, you should reflect that in your emails.

Baina shows how to achieve that look in their emails. The simple background with pops of color creates an elegant aesthetic that matches the company as a whole. They promote their latest offerings while maintaining their desired look.


15. Saltair

Last on our list of ecommerce email examples is Saltair, a cosmetics company. This simple email shows users what the latest bestsellers are while giving the reasons why in the employee blurbs. This email is another simple one, but they manage to promote their products through appealing product images and recommendations.


Launch your ecommerce industry emails with WebFX!

Now that you’ve seen some powerful ecommerce email marketing examples, you can start rethinking your strategy. If you want some help along the way, WebFX can do just that.

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