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Are you looking to use search engine optimization (SEO) for your Orlando business to earn more website traffic, credible leads, and revenue? Then our experienced SEO company in Orlando, FL — we have more than 25 years of experience — can help.

At WebFX, we offer Orlando SEO services that provide your business with a complete solution to SEO. As your Orlando SEO agency, we’ll develop, launch, and manage your SEO strategy.

If you want to expand your online reach and earn more revenue, we can help. Contact us online or call 407-326-0828 to speak with one of our experts today!







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On this page, we’ll take a look at some of our Internet marketing services and what makes us the top choice for your Orlando SEO needs. Keep reading to learn more!

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Social Media

Are you looking to use search engine optimization (SEO) for your Orlando business to earn more website traffic, credible leads, and revenue? Then our experienced SEO company in Orlando, FL — we have more than 25 years of experience — can help.

At WebFX, we offer Orlando SEO services that provide your business with a complete solution to SEO. As your Orlando SEO agency, we’ll develop, launch, and manage your SEO strategy.

Keep reading to learn more! Or, if you want to start creating your campaign, contact us online or call us today at 407-326-0828 to speak with a strategist to see how our SEO services can help.

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WebFX has partnered with numerous local businesses in Florida to help them grow with digital marketing. We’ve helped to implement campaigns including SEO, PPC, email marketing, and beyond.


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How our Orlando SEO services work for you

At WebFX, we design our Orlando SEO services to drive the best results for your business. Get a sneak peek at how our award-winning team of Orlando SEOs builds custom strategies that drive impressive results.

  1. Meet your dedicated account manager: When you partner with our Orlando SEO agency, you receive a dedicated account manager. Your dedicated account manager serves as your trusted point of contact, answering your questions, developing your strategy, and more.
  2. Have your website, industry, and business’s SEO researched: Your dedicated account manager will start the process of launching your SEO strategy by auditing your site, researching your industry, and evaluating your competitors.
  3. Receive your custom Orlando SEO strategy: Following their audit and research, your SEO can create your custom strategy. Your strategy will include a plan for improving your existing SEO and building on your current SEO, like by creating new content.
  4. Get your website and online presence optimized for search: With your approval, our Orlando SEO company can start optimizing your website and online presence. We feature a team of not only SEOs but also designers, developers, and copywriters, which lets us take care of everything for you.
  5. Review your monthly reporting: Every month, your business can expect a report. This report details our Orlando SEO agency’s work, as well as how that work impacted your SEO, like by earning new or improved rankings. For your convenience, your account manager will review your report with you.

If you have additional questions about our SEO services for Orlando businesses, contact us online today!

Orlando SEO services from WebFX

At WebFX, we offer all the Orlando SEO services you need in one place. Explore them now!

Traditional SEO

Attract valuable traffic, shoppers, and leads to your business with traditional SEO services from our Orlando SEO company. Choose from four plans and let our Orlando SEO experts build a custom, revenue-driving strategy for you.

View Traditional SEO Plans

Local SEO

Grow your Florida business with local Orlando SEO services. Allow our award-winning team to optimize your local presence to drive more foot traffic, phone calls, and more to your company and less to your competitors.

View Local SEO Plans

Enterprise SEO

Make competing at the corporate level easy with our Orlando SEO agency’s enterprise SEO services. Experienced SEOs, plus advanced marketing tech will help your business earn a top spot in competitive search results.

View Enterprise SEO Plans

Ecommerce SEO

Drive more online orders, quote requests, and more with our Orlando SEO services for ecommerce companies. A custom-built ecommerce SEO strategy will help your business appear in valuable search results related to your products.

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What do our Orlando SEO services include?

Our Orlando SEO services include everything you need to succeed in search results, including:

  1. Custom SEO strategy
  2. 360-degree SEO audit
  3. Dedicated account manager
  4. Regular SEO reporting
  5. Call, lead, and revenue tracking
  6. Keyword research and integration
  7. Duplicate content checks and fixes
  8. Quarterly earned media content and promotion

Why make WebFX your Orlando SEO company?

SEO is a great opportunity for your Orlando business to reach more traffic and earn more credible leads. When you boost your website’s traffic, you can earn more conversions for your business. At WebFX, we have years of experience creating SEO plans that drive results.

We’re a full-service Orlando SEO agency that specializes in customized SEO plans. We have a team of 200+ experts that are dedicated to your campaign. Our award-winning team of Orlando SEOs will help you create a campaign that boosts your traffic and earns your business new leads.

If you’re looking for an Orlando SEO company that drives results, look no further. To date, we’ve driven over $3 billion in sales and over 7.8 million leads for our clients. We focus on driving successful results for our clients first.

Our clients love the work we do for them. In fact, we have over 860 client testimonials that attest to the great work we do. Check them out to see what it’s like to partner with a top Orlando SEO company like WebFX!

8 services to support your Orlando SEO

Looking to amplify the performance of your Orlando SEO? Other digital marketing services, like pay-per-click (PPC) advertisingconversion rate optimization (CRO), and social media marketing, can all support your SEO strategy.

At WebFX, our Orlando SEO company offers a complete suite of SEO-friendly services, including:

  1. PPC
  2. CRO
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Social media advertising
  5. Geofencing advertising
  6. Remarketing
  7. Video marketing
  8. Content marketing

Browse our complete list of digital marketing and digital advertising services to learn more! If you’re unsure which strategies would work best with your Orlando SEO services, feel free to contact us online or call 407-326-0828 to chat with an experienced strategist about your business and needs.

FAQs about Orlando SEO

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of boosting your website’s rankings in search results for keywords and phrases related to your Orlando business. When users conduct searches, they generate a list of results that match their query. You want to optimize your site to appear at the top of these results, so more leads find and contact your Orlando business.

It is crucial that you improve your site’s ranking because 75% of people don’t look past the first page of results. If you aren’t on the first page, you’ll miss the opportunity to connect with leads that are interested in your business. SEO helps you boost your rankings and reach those leads.

How long does SEO take?

SEO is a process that takes time. You won’t see results with it overnight. It takes time to optimize your site and see the effects of your changes, but the results are well worth it.

Why invest in SEO?

When you invest in SEO, you invest in helping your business reach more valuable leads. You help your business connect to people that want to learn more about your Orlando business. It’s a great opportunity for your business to obtain valuable leads that turn into conversions.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is a specific SEO strategy that focuses on improving your visibility in local search results. For example, if you operate a restaurant in downtown Orlando, then you would use local SEO to reach people in or near Orlando, FL.

How do I optimize my website for SEO?

The best SEO results come from incorporating these eight steps into your plan:

1. Conduct keyword research

Keyword research is a crucial part of SEO. SEO operates on keywords. When users conduct searches, they use keywords to help generate a list of results that fit their query best.

If you want to reach leads that are interested in your Orlando business, you need to use the right keywords. There are numerous keyword research tools you can use to help your business choose the right keywords. When you conduct keyword research, you want to focus on keywords that will attract the most qualified leads.

That is why it is best to focus on long-tail keywords. These are keywords that contain three or more words. Long-tail keywords will generate better results for your business.

These keywords are more specific than short-tail keywords, which only contain one or two words. Long-tail keywords work better for your campaign because they attract traffic that is the most interested in your business. Someone who searches “Boat rental shop in Orlando, FL” is going to be more interested in your business than someone who just searches “boat.”

Long-tail keywords, like “Boat rental shop in Orlando, FL,” generate better results for your campaign. You’ll obtain more qualified leads that you will nurture towards conversion.

When you conduct keyword research, you produce better results for your campaign. You’ll attract more qualified leads and earn more conversions for your Orlando business.

2. Integrate keywords

Once you have your keywords selected, you’ll need to integrate them into your site. When Google crawls through your page, it looks for keywords to understand the context of your page. You need to integrate keywords on to your site to help your site rank for those keywords.

There are numerous places you’ll want to integrate keywords, including the headings, titles, meta descriptions, and body text of your pages. These are all great places to integrate keywords for Google.

As you integrate keywords, you need to be mindful of how often you use them. If you use them too frequently, this leads to keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing negatively impacts your SEO ranking, so you’ll want to minimize how often you use your keywords.

3. Earn backlinks

If you want to see success with your SEO campaign, you need to earn backlinks. Backlinks are links to your Orlando business’s page from other authority sites.

Backlinks are crucial to your business because they help build your trust and authority. When an authority site links to your page, it sends a signal to Google that your website is trustworthy and has valuable information. Google will rank your site higher, so more people can find your site.

The best way to earn backlinks is through content creation. You can create videosbloginfographics, or other types of content to appeal to your audience. It is important that you keep your content industry-specific, so you attract the right type of leads to your website.

When you create content, you can reach out to authority sites and ask them to check it out. If they like what they see, they may use it as a reference on their own page. This helps you build a relationship with these authority sites and earn more backlinks down the line.

Backlinks are a crucial part of SEO. They help you boost your website’s trust and authority, which boosts your SEO ranking. When you improve your SEO ranking, you obtain more valuable leads for your Orlando business.

Why is SEO (and local SEO) important?

SEO, as well as local SEO, matters for several reasons, including:

  1. SEO reaches people at the perfect moment: When you adopt Orlando SEO, you adopt a user-focused approach to reaching potential clients. That’s because SEO reaches users at the perfect moment — when they’re searching for you. In comparison, other traditional marketing strategies fight for user attention and often fail because they don’t consider the user.
  2. People rely on search engines to find businesses: More than 90% of online experiences start with a search engine. Consumers (and business buyers) use search engines like Google and Bing to find their next purchase. That’s why 51% of users find a new company after a search. If your business wants to survive and grow, you need SEO.
  3. SEO delivers real and measurable results: Search engine optimization should also matter to Orlando businesses because it works. Compared to traditional marketing, SEO maintains a close rate eight times that of traditional marketing. More than 85% of marketers also consider SEO a success, emphasizing its ability to drive results for marketers and the businesses behind them.

If your company wants to grow and remain competitive, then Orlando search engine optimization is a must. With the right SEO agency, you can launch a smart strategy that positions your business at the top of search results.

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If you want to help your business grow, SEO is a great way to boost your website traffic and earn valuable leads. Our team at WebFX will help you reap the benefits of SEO. If you’re ready to start increasing traffic and your number of leads with Orlando SEO, contact us today to see how we can help.

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