Protect your users and customers! Integrate our service to your site!

You don't need to be registered to integrate password generator to your website. Just decide which type of implementation you want and copy-paste the code listed below and change some settings.

The settings for password generator can be passed via URL parameters which follow the path of the file. In our case the path to file is Everything that follows after the question mark (?) are parameters that can be customized for your needs. They are passed like: param1=value1&param2=value2& ...
Here is a complete list of parameters you can change:

parameter [possible values] description
type [0,1] you can decide if you want ordinary random password (0) or mnemonic (easy to remember) password (1)
length [3 to 99] specify the length of the password. if you set type to mnemonic (1) that refers just to letters
lowercase [0,1] only possible with ordinary password. use of lowercase letters in password
uppercase [0,1] only possible with ordinary password. use of uppercase letters in password
numbers [0,1] only possible with ordinary password. use of numbers in password
symbols [0,1] only possible with ordinary password. use of symbols in password
digits [-99 to 99] only possible with mnemonic password. it describes how many digits to add to the end of the mnemonic password. if passed negative value, the specified number will be added to the beginning of the string

This URL will provide mnemonic password starting with 3 numbers and then 10 randomly selected letters like: 137yiqatiduju

Next you have to decide where and how you want your password generator to appear. We have already prepared three options which can be seen below. You can easily copy-paste the code and just modify the URL parameters.

1. Button Example:

2. Link

Example: Get the password

3. iFrame Example: