Connected TV Advertising Pricing: How Much Do CTV Ads Cost?

Connected TV, or CTV, ads enable you to expand your reach and capture your audience’s attention on their favorite streaming platforms. But before you invest in CTV ads, you’ll want to research connected TV advertising pricing to learn how much you can expect to pay. Keep reading to learn how much CTV ads cost in 2023!

Your Connected TV Pricing Guide Cheat Sheet

Use this CTV advertising pricing cheat sheet to get a quick overview of CTV advertising costs, from average pricing to cost factors.

Then keep reading to learn more about how much you can expect your CTV ads to cost in 2023!

Last Updated April 2022

Average connected TV advertising costs

Here are some average advertising costs for popular CTV platforms:

  • YouTube ad costs: $10 per day, or $0.10 – $0.30 per click or view
  • Hulu ad costs: $0.02 – $0.04 per view
  • TikTok ad costs: $0.01 per view, plus a $500 minimum campaign spend

Connected TV cost factors

CTV advertising costs can vary depending on:

Connected TV advertising deliverables

You can expect your CTV advertising package to include the following:

How much does connected TV advertising cost in 2023?

So, how much does connected TV advertising cost?

When it comes to CTV advertising costs, there is no set price you’ll pay for your ads. Most CTV platforms enable you to set a maximum budget and choose how much you want to spend when a user clicks or sees your advertisement, so you don’t exceed your budget.

But how much do businesses pay on average for connected TV ads? The cost varies depending on the ad type and platform. Check out some average CTV advertising costs for popular platforms below:

  1. YouTube
  2. Hulu
  3. TikTok


Cost: $10 per day, or $0.10 – $0.30 per click or view

YouTube is one of the most popular CTV advertising platforms in the world. With YouTube, you can create anything from display ads to skippable and non-skippable video ads.

With YouTube ads, businesses spend an average of $10 or more a day to run an ad campaign. You can expect to pay around $0.10 to $0.30 each time a user clicks or views your ad.


Cost: $0.02 – $0.04 per view

Hulu is another popular CTV advertising platform you can use to promote your brand, products, and services. On average, businesses spend around $0.02 to $0.04 each time a user clicks or views their advertisement.

With Hulu, you can create commercial ads that play before, during, or after TV shows and movies, pause ads that display when users pause their video, and more.


Cost: $0.01 per view, plus a $500 minimum campaign spend

Another popular CTV advertising platform is TikTok. TikTok enables advertisers to promote their products and services with videos and images as their target audience scrolls through their video feed updates.

With TikTok ads, businesses can expect to spend an average of $0.01 or more when a user views their ad. TikTok also requires a minimum spend of $500 to run an ad campaign.

What determines pricing for CTV advertising?

The great thing about CTV ads is that they can fit perfectly into any marketing budget. That’s because there’s not one set price for connected TV advertising.

Here are some of the factors that can determine how much you’ll spend on a CTV ad campaign:

  • Your maximum budget
  • The ad type
  • The CTV advertising platform
  • Your bidding selection
  • Your targeting options

How much you spend on CTV ads varies depending on the platform and ad type you choose and if you decide to use audience targeting features. By setting a maximum daily spend on your chosen platform, you ensure that you never go over your advertising budget.

What do CTV advertising pricing packages include?

Are you considering investing in connected TV advertising packages from an experienced agency? A CTV advertising agency can help you implement effective ad campaigns that maximize your results and earn a high return on investment (ROI).

If you choose to invest in connected TV advertising packages, expect your plan to include the following:

  • Advanced audience targeting options
  • Multiple ad types, including video and display ads
  • Advertising options on multiple CTV platforms
  • Ad campaign management and optimization
  • Audience behavior insights
  • Ad campaign tracking
  • Competitor analysis
  • Frequent reports
  • And more

You can expect your CTV advertising plan to include a variety of tools and features to help ensure your ads reach your ideal customers and increase your conversions and sales.

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