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The 5 Best AI Marketing Tools Available

In this video, Brii from our Interactive team will go over five of the best AI marketing tools available. Keep reading to learn more!


Despite what the movies say, AI tools can be helpful and not cause complete destruction of society.

Outside of the scary evil-robot universe, AI is a tool. To be more specific, it’s a type of technology that can mimic human intelligence to do tasks only people were previously capable of.

That can be really convenient because it means you can pass off mundane business tasks to AI tools. In fact, there are lots of marketing tools out there that include AI features to help you automate tasks.

But what are some good AI marketing tools to use? Let me talk about five of them.

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5 AI marketing tools for your business to try

There’s a growing market of AI marketing technology, or AI martech. That means you’ve got a lot of options. The good news is, we’re here to help you narrow down the list. Here are five of the best AI marketing tools out there.

1. ChatGPT

Price: Free, or $20 per month for a premium version

ChatGPT free interface

ChatGPT is easily the most well-known tool on our list. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a really good chance you’ve heard at least something about this tool. The description you’ve probably heard is that ChatGPT can write content in place of humans.

Well, don’t go pronouncing the writing industry dead just yet — ChatGPT isn’t advanced enough to replace human writers.

That said, ChatGPT is a really good tool for helping writers with their jobs. You can use ChatGPT to help you come up with outlines and initial drafts for your marketing content. Then you can hand it off to your human writers to take what ChatGPT puts out and turn it into high-quality content for your website.

2. Grammarly

Price: Free, or custom quote for Premium and Business plans

Grammarly web content editor

You might have heard of Grammarly before — it’s one of the better-known tools on this list. If so, you know that it’s a content editing tool. If you publish blog posts or articles on your website, you can filter them through Grammarly to check for spelling or grammar errors. It can also detect tone from writing.

Grammarly is a pretty simple tool. It’s not hard to use — you paste in your text, give it a second, and then you’ll see all Grammarly’s suggestions listed in the right-hand column. You can even get a Grammarly browser extension so you don’t always have to go directly to the website or app.


Price: Starts at $49 per month

Smartwriter interface is a marketing AI tool for building personalized email campaigns (and more) at a really fast pace. Personalization can really get your emails to perform better, so it’s handy to have a tool that can help with that.

Smartwriter is so useful because its AI can automate most of the email outreach process. Based on the guidelines you set, it can automatically generate personalized emails and send them out to the right users.


Price: Based on custom quote

Smartly insights is an AI martech tool for ad creation and testing. You can use Smartly to build ads for social media and other websites, and find which ones are the most effective.

You can then use Smartly to automatically run your chosen ads on different sites like Facebook and Instagram. With Smartly, you’ll gain access to AI-powered insights that help you make the best decisions possible for your marketing and utilize your budget in the best ways possible.

5. PhotoRoom

Price: Free, or $9.49 per month for an upgraded version

PhotoRoom interface

The last piece of marketing AI tech on this list is PhotoRoom. PhotoRoom is a tool for helping you remove image backgrounds, replace backgrounds, and make other edits to your photos. With its AI background replacer tool, you just drop in a photograph and PhotoRoom will calculate which parts of the photo should be removed. It then generates your image with a new background based on things you tell it, like the mood or textures you’re looking for.

The tool works quickly and efficiently, which is particularly impressive since the base version of the tool is free. That said, there’s a paid version too.

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That wraps up our list of AI marketing tools. Of course, as helpful as tools are, they can’t completely do your job for you. You still have to be able to run your marketing campaigns.

If you’re looking for more helpful marketing info, you’re already at the right place. Just subscribe to our YouTube channel or our email newsletter for more useful marketing tips. For now, though, thanks for watching. See you in the next one!

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