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6 Benefits of Marketing Analytics

In this video, Bo from the WebFX Internet Marketing team will take you through some of the main benefits of marketing analytics. Keep reading to learn more!  Transcript: Hey guys! When you were in school, did you ever have […]

How Much Does CRM Cost in 2022?

Investing in a customer relationship management (CRM) platform unlocks powerful technology that gives you the tools you need to earn more sales, drive revenue, and grow your business. How much does CRM cost? Average CRM pricing varies from $12 to […]

19 Content Marketing Trends for Your 2023 Strategy

Did you know that businesses that use content marketing see six times more conversions than companies that don't? Content marketing is one of the most valuable strategies for increasing traffic to your site, earning more qualified leads, and boosting conversions. […]

What Is Consumer Marketing?

Definition: Consumer marketing is promoting a product or service to individuals for their personal use. Have you ever seen an ad or received an email from a brand promoting a consumer product or service? If so, you’ve experienced consumer marketing! […]

qualitative vs. quantitative research

Understanding Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research

Do you want to measure your marketing activities’ success and learn how you can improve them? Or do you want to understand your customers better? Quantitative and qualitative marketing research can help you do all these. Quantitative marketing research collects […]