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marketing operations team meeting

What Is Marketing Operations?

A marketing operations team is key to increased success for your business. Think of marketing operations — or MOps — as the behind-the-scenes experts working to ensure your next big marketing strategy goes smoothly and is as effective as possible. […]

Woman studying at a laptop

11 Marketing Certifications to Elevate Your Skills

Growing your business online in 2022 involves juggling many digital tools and changing tactics. Fortunately, you have access to countless marketing certifications you can earn to elevate your expertise. But which are the best certifications for marketing? With so […]

What Is Customer Data Management? Definition & Best Practices

Definition: Customer data management (CDM) is the process of acquiring, organizing, and using customer data to better understand your audience and ultimately inform your marketing strategies. Data is fundamental for implementing successful digital marketing campaigns that drive sales and revenue. […]

Woman peeking through the product shelves in a grocery store

Distribution Channels: 3 Types of Distribution Channels

Whether you are a business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) business, your products go through different phases before reaching the end user. You may manufacture and ship your products yourself or source them from other areas before selling. Distribution channels are […]

Hot Leads

3 Ways to Increase Lead Quality Like the Pros

In this video, Ashley from the WebFX Internet Marketing team shares 3 ways to increase lead quality and drive more revenue for your business. Transcript:  Want to earn leads that invest more in your business and keep coming back? […]

Man reading data on a computer

11 Marketing Automation Tools to Improve Your Marketing

If you aren’t using marketing automation tools to help make your marketing more efficient, you’re missing a prime opportunity for your business. Marketing automation enables you to increase your marketing efficiency to focus your attention on more pressing tasks. But […]