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25 Technical Marketing Skills (+ Examples and How to Improve)


Technical marketing skills can be your greatest asset if you want to get ahead in the digital marketing landscape. Building your technical skill toolbox can give you an advantage over other marketers and drive results for your company or clients. […]

5 Best Contact Management Software Options for 2023


Staying in touch with your prospects helps you successfully deliver messages that encourage them to convert into customers. In addition, by keeping in touch with your current customers, you can build brand loyalty and upsell your products or services. But […]

What is Sales Revenue? Definition and How to Calculate


When tallying up your business expenses and profits, you must calculate your sales revenue to see how much you’ve earned. Your sales revenue will impact the rest of your operations, so having accurate figures is crucial. The sales revenue […]

8 Sales Tech Examples You Can Use Now


The sales industry involves a range of tasks and markets. Between finding leads and closing deals, your sales team has a lot of data to track. How can you simplify the process? Sales technology can be the golden ticket to […]

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Your Complete Guide to CRM Retargeting: What It Is, Why It Matters, and Benefits

At the heart of every successful business is its customers. For your business to keep growing, you must continually attract new customers while maintaining your current customer base. Using a customer relationship management (CRM) platform can help. If you’re using […]

Sales Prospecting 101: Your Complete Guide


An effective sales prospecting process is essential for tracking down more sales opportunities for your company. But what if you’re new to prospecting in sales or find the process tricky? Then this blog post is for you! In this […]

What is End-to-End Marketing? an In-Depth Look into Full-Funnel Marketing


For your business to earn sales, you need to track the customers’ journey from start to finish. By tracking the customer’s journey, you can deliver relevant marketing material at the right time and convert more prospects — also known as […]

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Sales Roles: Types and Responsibilities


The sales team is the backbone of any business. They are responsible for finding leads, nurturing them to conversion, and building a solid client base. Each team member has a specific role, job description, and set of responsibilities. What […]

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What is a Project Manager? Everything You Need to Know About the Project Manager Role


Project manager. You’ve heard people use that term to describe someone, but what is a project manager? While the name implies that the role involves managing a project, there are a lot of roles a project manager plays to help […]

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The 6-Step Guide to Creating a Sales Plan That Works

Since revenue is the heartbeat of every business, any respectable company will have an overarching sales plan and departmental procedures explaining how each team will do its bit to bring that goal to fruition. But what is a sales […]