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9 Testimonial Page Examples and Best Practices for 2024

“I absolutely love this product! It was a game-changer for me.”

“The customer service was amazing. They solved my problem immediately!”

“Really happy with this product!”

If you saw people saying this about a business, would you want to buy from them?

Chances are, you’d feel pretty confident buying from them based on these glowing testimonials.

Testimonial pages play a valuable role in showcasing what people love about your product or services. It’s crucial to spend time developing a testimonial page that builds trust, engages, and convinces people to buy.

Looking for testimonial page examples? We’ve got a list of nine testimonial page examples that will help you build trust with your audience and earn more loyal customers for your business!

Keep reading to get inspired!

9 best testimonial pages that build trust and credibility

Explore these testimonial page examples and the features that make them stand out.

1. Warby Parker

Warby Parker Direct Quote Site Testimonials

Changing the world of prescription glasses, Warby Parker is proud of what customers have to say about picking out eyewear online.

Visiting Warby Parker’s customer testimonials page provides dozens of examples of customers mentioning how they would recommend the service to friends and family for the try-at-home convenience and plethora of frames you can try without leaving the house.

Warby Parker has one of the best testimonial pages because it aligns the reviews with common questions or objections people have. They address questions about quality and their free try-on program by using testimonials to back them up.

The testimonial page is a great example of how you can use testimonials to back up your product or service claims.

2. The Farmer’s Dog

Testimonial page for The Farmer's Dog

One of the top testimonial pages comes from The Farmer’s Dog. Their testimonial page includes numerous reviews that help people see why The Farmer’s Dog is a good choice for their pet.

The page integrates multiple types of reviews, including written and video testimonials. They also have the added value of testimonials from veterinarians, which builds trust with their audience.

On top of all that, The Farmer’s Dog does a great job of aligning testimonials with the benefits of their product.

They include a section where people can jump to the benefit they care about and see what pet owners say.

Jump menu on The Farmer's Dog's website

It makes it easy for prospective customers to see what other pet owners say regarding things like picky eating and regulating weight.

This testimonial page is a great example of building with your audience in mind. It focuses on sharing different types of testimonials, allows people to see reviews on topics that matter most to them, and more!

3. Mixpanel

Mixpanel scrolling testimonials

Next on this list of the best examples of testimonials pages, we have Mixpanel. Mixpanel does a great job of sourcing and presenting testimonials, so people can see authentic opinions of the product. They make the page engaging by putting their testimonials on a moving slide to attract attention.

Additionally, Mixpanel builds trust by highlighting testimonials from well-known companies, like Yelp and Ticketmaster.

Mixpanel has one of the best testimonial pages because it’s eye-catching and draws people in to read about why people like their product.

4. Dropbox

Dropbox customer stories

One of the best testimonial pages comes from Dropbox. The testimonials on Dropbox’s page aren’t just quotes of people praising their product. Instead, they share detailed stories of different companies using their product.

These stories are filled with testimonials from the companies that used their service and details on how Dropbox solved business problems for them.

Dropbox also allows you to filter these testimonials by industry or product, so you can see how someone in your industry used their service.

5. WeightWatchers

Testimonials on WeightWatchers

The popular weight loss program has one of the best testimonial pages because it showcases the impact of what they offer. WeightWatchers shares people’s experiences with using the problem and the goals they were able to achieve by participating in the program.

Not only do the testimonials highlight the weight they’ve lost, but also bigger goals they were able to achieve, like one woman’s goal to join the Army. It’s a great testimonial page because it shows the impact their “product” has and the value it brings to the table.

6. Upright

Scrolling down the testimonials page on Upright

Upright has one of the best testimonial pages. Why? Because they use different testimonial formats to share people’s experiences with their product.

Not only do they show real people wearing their device, but they also share a mixture of written and social media testimonials.

On top of all that, they integrate video testimonials of people sharing their experience with the product.

It’s one of the best testimonial pages because it provides multiple testimonial formats to appeal to different visitors.

7. Sundays for Dogs

sundays dog food testimonials

Yet another dog food brand makes it on to this list of the best testimonial pages. Sundays for Dogs is a prime example of how you can create a simple, yet effective, testimonial page. The page lists testimonial after testimonial that people can keep reading to see what others say about the food.

There are two things Sundays for Dogs does really well.

The first is that their testimonial page integrates the brand’s unique style throughout, creating a cohesive and branded experience.

The second is that it shares both good and bad reviews about their business. Website visitors can choose to filter reviews to look at different star ratings and see what others say. While Sundays for Dogs focuses primarily on positive testimonials, they give people the opportunity to see what others didn’t like and present an unbiased representation of their brand.

8. Fiverr

Customer success stories from Fiverr

Similar to Dropbox, Fiverr takes the “customer success stories” approach with their testimonials page. They share companies who have used Fiverr and share quotes from people at the company about their experience.

Fiverr’s layout is simple, clean, and easy to navigate. They also highlight what the companies used Fiverr for, so you can focus on the testimonials most relevant to your interests.

9. Casper

testimonials on Casper's website

To wrap up this list of the top testimonial pages, let’s look at Casper. Casper’s testimonial page is simple, but what makes it the best is the functionality.

You can easily determine what level of review you want to look at, whether it’s 3 stars or 5 stars. Additionally, you can filter reviews based on the mattress model, so you can see what people say about the one you’re most interested in purchasing.

While the design and setup is fairly simple, it’s the ease of use of this page that makes it one of the best examples of a testimonial page.

Types of testimonials and how to use them to your advantage

Our testimonial page examples used at least one of these testimonial types.

Continue reading for more ideas on how you can collect and showcase customer reviews on your website.

1. Direct quote testimonials

Hearing words from legitimate customers shows others that your brand is worth checking out. Any positive statements you can retrieve from your customer base might be the missing piece a reader needs to choose your team for service or goods.

You might collect direct quotes via email forms or by speaking with your customers directly.

2. Social media testimonials

Social media testimonials are similar to direct quote testimonials. These testimonials take the form of positive comments on threads, before and after photos, or posts recommending your brand to others in your area. Collecting social media testimonials is straightforward once you link accounts to your site.

3. Video testimonials

The phone in your pocket is a useful tool for generating video testimonials. Show future customers the quality of work you perform or give an in-depth look at satisfied customers using your products during demonstrations. You can share customer stories without a professional film crew.

4. Audio testimonials

Compiling a group of sound bites communicates who you are to prospects. You can motivate an online audience to explore your offerings using the microphone on your mobile device and free editing software. Upload small files to share the words of past customers.

5. Press testimonials

Authoritative outlets have power. Whether your brand is featured on a local news station, a popular website, or on an influencer’s social media account, press review testimonials can persuade viewers to work with your team instead of others.

6. Blog testimonials

Your company’s blog is a blank canvas for testimonial examples. Generating creative content about a customer’s experience with your brand is an engaging way to spread the word about how you can solve a reader’s problem. You can share blogs on your social media accounts to increase viewership.

7. Case study testimonials

Case study testimonials provide a detailed analysis of a customer’s journey with your business supported by facts and observations about how your team made a difference. These testimonials are ideal for generating leads.

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