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Web Design

Shopify vs. Magento: Which Platform Should I Use?

You’re ready to build your business’s dream website, but one question is holding you up: Where should I make my site? With so many platforms available, it’s challenging to figure out which one is best for you. As you research more, you find that some professionals recommend Shopify, while others say Magento is a great […]

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Web Design

Website Optimization Checklist: Your Go-To Guide to SEO

“I can’t find your website.” That was the phrase Frank, a local business owner, didn’t want to hear. He put hours into crafting the perfect site for his coffee shop, only to find out that his regular customers can’t even find his site when they search for coffee shops online. Frank feels frustrated — where […]

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Web Design

5 UX Design Trends to Dazzle Users in 2021

Many UX design trends for 2021 have evolved from the challenges and setbacks we experienced in 2020. The tech industry has had to adapt to a world where remote work is the new normal, and people are spending even more time in front of screens. All of these aspects are connected to the user experience […]

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Web Design

What Is the Average Page Load Time and How Can You Do Better?

Think back to a few seconds ago when you clicked the link that led you to this page. Now picture the page loading in your head and count out fifteen seconds. Long before you reached fifteen, you’d probably give up, right? You’d be flabbergasted if this page loaded that slow. Clearly, having a good page […]

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