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7 Key Web Design Problems & Solutions in 2024

Your website is often the first impression your clients have of your business. 

Poor web design prevents clients from finding the information they’re searching for, ultimately impacting your bottom line. If your potential clients find your site inaccessible or visually unappealing, they likely won’t stick around for long — and you risk losing valuable conversions. 

If you need help designing a website that captures interest and reduces your bounce rates, the design team at WebFX is here to help. Explore our guide to common web design problems and their solutions! 

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7 common web design problems

Many web design problems could affect your site, with these issues being seven of the most common: 

  1. Outdated design
  2. Low-quality content
  3. Navigation issues
  4. Hard-to-access information
  5. Confusing look and layout
  6. Slow loading speed
  7. Not being optimized for mobile 

1. Outdated design

Over time, web design, like everything else, changes. Having an outdated website can affect how clients see your brand. Making sure your site has a modern layout and design elements that appeal to today’s searchers will encourage them to stay on your site.

outdated web design example

2. Low-quality content

Creating relevant, high-quality content is vital in helping your site rank in the SERPs, especially if you have a blog. Suboptimal pages with duplicate content, inaccuracies, stuffed keywords, and grammar mistakes can impact the overall quality of your site. 

3. Navigation issues

Your audience want to be able to easily navigate your site and access the information they’re looking for. If you have too many pop-ups or a confusing navigation menu, potential customers will likely get frustrated and close out of your page.

bad website navigation example

4. Hard-to-access information

Similar to navigation issues, if people can’t find specific information on your site, like your phone number or contact form, it will decrease the chances that they will take the desired action.

5. Confusing look and layout

Some sites have confusing or cluttered layouts, and several design elements can contribute to this effect. 

The type of font you use is one of them. Fonts similar to hand-drawn scripts or cursive writing are especially difficult to read. Clean, easy-to-read fonts make it easier for users to read the information. 

Colors are another design element that can make your site distracting and prevent people from easily accessing information. Focus on color contrast that makes the text easy to read and ensure the color scheme is consistent throughout the site.

6. Slow loading speed

No matter how relevant or high-quality your content is, if it takes too long for your site to load, most users won’t have the patience to wait until it does. Along with losing potential customers — and revenue — a slow loading speed can also affect your Google rankings. Paying attention to elements like large image files can help improve your load speed. 

7. Not being optimized for mobile

More and more searchers are accessing information through mobile devices. Making sure your site is optimized for mobile ensures they can easily access content from their smartphone or tablet. 

Solutions for web design problems

One of the most important ways to prevent and solve web design problems is to stay updated with web design trends. Website capabilities and designs are constantly changing, so your business needs to be able to adapt and make the changes needed to remain relevant and accessible. 

You should also analyze your site’s design regularly to determine what’s working and what might need adjustments. Have you added more information, making the navigation menu harder to understand? Are the graphics and colors outdated?

Staying on top of these elements lets you make changes that your searchers will appreciate while helping you reach your business’s goals.

Whenever analyzing or making changes, focus on the overall user experience. Keep things simple, and make sure your pages load as fast as possible. This priority will encourage searchers to stay on your page, increasing the chances that they’ll contact you or make a purchase.

Another solution is to work with an experienced web designer. They’ll be able to analyze and explain the changes you should make to maintain a responsive, user-friendly site.

How WebFX can help you avoid common web design problems

Here at WebFX, we are committed to designing custom websites that drive results and sales. We’ve been in business since 1996, and our expertise has earned us more than 50 awards.

Our team also understands that your needs and goals are unique, so we offer a custom approach. Our professional website design services tailor every feature and element to your business.

No matter the size or type of business you have, we’ll help you design a website that is:

You’ll also have access to MarketingCloudFX, our platform for measuring and accelerating your return on investment (ROI).

Tackle your web design challenges with WebFX

If you are ready to overcome web design problems and create a site that works for you and your clients, WebFX is here to help. As a leading web design agency, we’ll work with you to reach your goals and create a site that drives revenue for your business. We have multiple hubs, from our local Fort Myers web design agency to our overseas South Africa and London offices.

Our team will work with you to help you create an attractive, functional website that benefits your company.  

To learn more about our web design services and receive a free, instant quote, fill out our form today. You can also give us a call at 888-601-5359

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