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Fintech sites need to strike a balance between engaging with the user, meeting search engine requirements, and meeting all business objectives. To find the right website design for the Fintech sector, you need to look to others for inspiration.

On this page, we’ll look at eight examples of web design for Fintech to help you get ideas for your website.

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Fintech web design trends to follow

You want your Fintech company’s website to stand out from the crowd, but there are also certain must-have elements you should incorporate as best practices for your industry. Here are a few Fintech web design trends that you can draw inspiration from and put your own spin on:

  • Animations and slide shows: A little movement goes a long way in keeping your audience engaged. You can stick to the traditional moving images and text, or create a design element that moves as your audience scrolls or engages with your website.
  • Data visualizations: Keep your data clean and simple by incorporating visualizations, like graphs, infographics, and charts. This helps break up an otherwise wall of copy into digestible pieces for your audience.
  • Mobile first: More and more clients are accessing the Internet through their mobile devices. Make sure all sites, copy, and apps are mobile-friendly and use responsive design.
  • UI & UX: User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) will help you create a journey for your clients that is personalized to them and their needs.

8 Fintech web design examples you need to see now

Ready to get inspired with your Fintech website’s design? Check out these 8 examples of good Fintech web design!

#1 Reusing the wheel: Nerdwallet

Nerdwallet Web Design

We could discuss the psychology of using a trusting, health-orientated, nature-harmony color like green in Nerd Wallet’s web design. We could also expand on their use of sharp lines, simple, illustrated icons, and traditional serif fonts, giving us the balance between modern and old. But Nerdwallet does something even more impressive with its design.

It plays on our association with whom we can trust with our finances: “Nerds.”

A lot of that is in its name: Nerdwallet. But it carries that concept into its design as well. Almost every photo of their staff has a pre-built element that we associate with the nerd community: Coffee cups, books in the background organized by color, and an endless amount of people wearing glasses and using post-its on a board.

Nerdwallet Web Design

All of their design elements used throughout their website’s reinforce their branding. From emojis with glasses to their integration of green (which makes people think of money), they do a great job of showcasing their financial branding throughout their website

#2 Worldwide reach: PayIt

PayIt web design for fintech

Purple is associated with mental activity. It’s the color of psychology, and it makes us feel unified and peaceful.

The color plays heavily into their design, as their whole angle is that this Fintech is for everybody. Everyone from all cultures, backgrounds, and financial situations is welcome.

They aim at parents with their fee payment feature. They also target managers with their domestic help option. You can also pay friends and split bills at dinner, or send money to people in over 200 countries.

PayIt web design for fintech

Even with their graphic choices, they show you can use PayIt for your frappuccino, shopping, or any other daily activity. They managed to cover a lot of target audiences and give an inclusive feel of welcome with a few diverse photos, simple icons, and one color: Purple.

#3 Minimal design, maximum profit: Albert

Albert 01 homepage1

Most websites push content. Albert pushes space. On their landing page, the only thing that changes is the image of the mobile phone with the fintech app. It’s a powerful statement of simplicity.

Albert web design for fintech

The simplicity is carried throughout the whole site. Every page is just one or two images combined with one or two sentences. The message is clean, the effect is almost immediate. This brand is not complicated, and you feel like a partnership with them wouldn’t be complicated either.

#4 One audience, one design: GiveCampus

Give Campas Fintech Web Design

The great thing about having a single target audience is that you can go all out with a focused theme. GiveCampus uses colors, images, and layouts that appeal to students.

Even when you look at the school clients, you can’t help but notice that they have similar branding to the colleges and schools. The text is all bold, often in caps, to give the feel of a college jersey.

Give Campas Fintech Web Design

They know exactly what their product is, who they are targeting it for, and what makes that customer at home.

#5 Clean illustrations: Betterment

Betterment fintech web design

The financial industry is complicated and stressful enough without overly stimulating graphs, images, and content. Betterment has created a clean approach that is followed through with its illustrations. The pale colors give a relaxing, almost meditative feel.

Betterment fintech web design

The combination of simple graphics and good spacing creates flow through the site. You feel like you are in a good, trusting space. The use of space also frames the illustrations, capturing the user’s attention and drawing the eye in, enhancing the text.

#6 Saying you’re corporate, without saying you’re corporate: Mantl

Mantl web design fintech

It is amazing how a specific set of fonts, combined with some gray swirls and forest green, with a touch of modern tangerine red, will just put you in a boardroom. Mantl has provided a corporate website, balancing it with a touch of innovation that says small business owners are welcome.

The images range from a youthful group with technology to a sophisticated gathering of business executives in the boardroom. Everywhere, there is a sprinkling of brand names—logos of companies that trust them and logos of companies they use.

Mantl web design fintech

It’s clear that if you want to open shop, these are the guys you would think of, thanks to a gray swirl and splash of tangerine.

#7 Making financial planning interactive: Acorns

Acorn fintech web design

Acorns opens their website with a bang of interactivity. Just one short scroll down the page and you find  a useful, investment calculator you can use to start working out your finances. Straight underneath is an animation to walk you through the steps toward your potential financial freedom.

Acorn fintech web design

Acorns does a great job of adding interactive elements that make people want to stay on their website and learn more about the company.

#8 Adding style with font: Chime

Chime Fintech Web Design

The logo from Chime is just its name, in pale pea green. What gives it character and a jiggle is the “m,” which has a playful loop in it, similar to the movement path line of a cartoon character doing a flip.

Simple. Yet, effective.

Chime does a great job of using typography to enhance their branding, They use a peace hand sign for the “y” in “goodbye” which invokes a caring emotion in the audience.

Chime Fintech Web Design

Flowers, instead of an “o” in grow, makes it feel like home. There is a touch of whimsy and play within their fonts that takes the edge off the serious nature of finance. Immediately, this will make potential clients feel relaxed at home and want to sit down with their favorite fintech app.

You then add on their carefree, relaxed illustrations, plus a good content strategy of feel-good stories about their clients who have achieved their dreams by using the app, and the whole brand comes together.

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