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Email marketing is here to help you build trust and turn opened emails into appointments, purchases, and revenue.

We’ve gathered 29 of the best healthcare email examples to help you understand how other companies in your industry communicate with prospects. We will break them down into the following categories:

Read on to learn more!

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Appointment and care follow-up emails

First up, let’s look at some healthcare emails focused on appointments and continual care.

1. Ivee

Starting off strong, we have this email from Ivee advertising free consultations for their services. Ivee offers personalized health and wellness plans that help people take control of their health. This email is easy to read and gives users the basic information they need to schedule a consult.


What works:

  • Bullet points of information
  • Clear text and images
  • Call to action (CTA) to schedule a consultation

2. GoodRx

GoodRx is here to help users schedule healthcare appointments, get treatment, and more. This healthcare marketing email is a great example of how to connect with users without overwhelming them. The fun illustrations also help establish the brand’s style and encourage engagement.


What works:

  • The “how GoodRx works” breakdown
  • Bullet points with icons
  • Multiple CTAs for learning more or getting treatment

3. Sesame

This email from Sesame is a seasonal reminder for vaccinations, healthcare, and more. Users can find services by clicking the CTA or booking a visit for the specific issues listed in the email. This is a simple, effective format to get people to sign up for services.

sesame appointment

What works:

  • The clear CTAs related to different issues
  • Seasonal timing
  • Clear text and formatting

4. Highmark

This email promotes having access to a Spring Health account for Highmark clients. This is a short email, but a great example of how to send out an announcement or reminder to your clients or leads.


What works:

  • The brief, helpful copy
  • The clear CTA

5. hers

hers is a woman-focused healthcare company. They offer everything from skincare to haircare and more. This email targets those who bought and started using their products. It encourages them to keep going for better results — and hopefully for repurchases in the future.


What works:

  • The tracker at the top of the email
  • The personal touch within the copy
  • The colors and branding throughout the email

6. MyEyeDr

This health email from MyEyeDr encourages users to schedule a routine eye appointment. This specific email is a reminder for previous patients, so it’s targeting those already in the contact system. It’s short, sweet, and to the point — readers should snag their benefits and schedule a checkup!


What works:

  • Limited text
  • Clear CTA button
  • Imagery and color without overwhelming the reader

7. Noom

Noom is a diet and fitness app that helps with calorie counting and weight loss. This email targets those who have expressed interest in Noom before but have not committed. The format, text, and offer all work well to target interested parties and get them to convert.


What works:

  • Headings and short paragraphs
  • Fun colors
  • The author photo and bio
  • The discount code

Product and promotional emails

The following healthcare industry emails cover products and promotions for new and previous customers.

8. Armra

This email from Armra details the issue of seasonal allergies before pivoting to their product. This is both an informational email and a promotional one since it gives information on allergies while positioning their product as a solution — a great tactic for marketing!


What works:

9. Moonjuice

Moonjuice creates powder vitamin drink mixes that you can buy for different purposes. This email announcing their new flavor targets people with a potential interest in more energy. It’s a basic product email, but the colors and fruity imagery are a nice touch that evoke clean, healthy goodness.


moonjuice 2

What works:

  • Attractive, clean visuals
  • Reviews and product descriptions in the email
  • The color palette and brand aesthetic

10. Roman

This promotional email focuses on Roman’s new product — 10-pack, at-home COVID-19 tests. This is a simple announcement email that alerts the user of a new product while talking more about it below the fold. They also highlight that this product is a result of customer feedback, which is a plus.


What works:

  • The bright, bold colors
  • Above the fold messaging
  • Clear CTAs
  • Including customer feedback in their explanation

11. Everlywell

Here we have an example order confirmation from Everlywell. This looks like any other ecommerce email, but the colors, formatting, and length make it effective.


What works:

  • Branded colors
  • Clear order information
  • CTAs to learn more

12. Persona

Persona offers vitamin subscription services for users of all demographics. This email breaks down their services, benefits, and features, as well as how people can get started with their offerings. The 15% off code also encourages people to try it out.


What works:

  • Informational and sales-oriented language
  • A free promo code
  • Their expertise and authority in the field

13. Heights

Heights is a vitamin company focused on improving brain and mental health. These vitamins claim to do a lot, so they have to grab their users’ attention and get them interested. This promotional email does just that with the discount code and encouraging copy.


What works:

  • A free discount code in the email
  • The bullet point benefits
  • Multiple CTA buttons at the top and bottom

Informational emails

The health industry is full of information that can build trust with clients. These informational healthcare email examples are here to teach their recipients something new.

14. Ioma Linda University

This informational email from Ioma Linda University is a great example of an email newsletter. The reader has all the information they need right in the email, but they can learn more on the university’s website. It’s purely informational and helps the reader learn more about their nervous system!

loma linda university

What works:

  • Multiple brief tips
  • Clear CTA related to the post
  • Builds trust with the reader and encourages learning

15. Peloton

Everyone’s favorite bike and workout provider also sends marketing emails! This email sample from Peloton is a great example of a health newsletter. There are multiple articles that users can click on, and they also include a section at the bottom that’s more tied to sales.


What works:

  • The orange CTAs
  • Sales and informational language
  • Clear distinction between the different sections

16. MedExpress

MedExpress offers a preventive, informational email to help readers better prepare for vacation. This email is easy to reference or remember, and it’s timely with a summer date. It has an informative tone while still encouraging users to contact their local MedExpress.


What works:

  • Multiple clear CTA buttons
  • Reviews for the company at the bottom of the page
  • Information related to the subject line in the copy

17. Parsley Health

Next, we have a newsletter from Parsley Health that gives users tips on improving their health and wellness. This email is pretty standard for a newsletter — readers get the gist from the email, but they can access more information directly from the article.

The earthy color scheme and images also establish the brand’s aesthetic and reflect health, serenity, and wellness overall.

parsley health

What works:

  • The branding and visuals
  • Brief article intros and clear CTAs

18. Fullscript

This email from Fullscript is a short, sweet example of how informational emails can look. They include a taste of the full article without leaving too much room for confusion. Their approach is simple but effective.


What works:

  • Text followed by a clear CTA to learn more
  • Short messaging

19. Base

Base offers their readers more information on how hormones can cause headaches and migraines. Then, they explain how balancing one’s hormones can help with headaches and other issues.

This email is similar to the other informational examples, but it’s a great example of how to visually interest your readers while providing them with helpful information.


What works:

  • CTA at the top of the page
  • More details below the fold
  • Tips listed with fun icons
  • Problem and solution format

Prescription emails

Here are some healthcare email marketing examples focused on prescriptions and pharmacy services.

20. Sesame

Sesame helps users find and save on prescriptions from their preferred pharmacies. This email serves as a lead magnet for getting people to their website. Specifically, the goal is to get users to download and use the free prescription savings card, and this email outlines all the benefits of it.


What works:

  • Numbers and data on savings
  • Bold text and lettering
  • Facts about the card and its uses

21. Fullscript

This second example from Fullscript shows how to remind users when they should be running low on their prescriptions. The email lists the product, when it was prescribed, where they got it, and offers them the option of filling it again.

Fullscript reminder

What works:

  • Images and details regarding prescriptions
  • Timely reminders based on customer data
  • Information on how to use Fullscript below the fold

22. Walgreens

This email from Walgreens is a confirmation for someone joining their rewards program. This email shows how using their pharmacy can help them save money and simplify the prescription process.


What works:

  • The illustrations and branded information
  • Benefits and features of using the service

Wellness emails

Finally, let’s look at some wellness examples to finish our list of healthcare industry emails.

23. Vessel

Vessel is a health company focused on helping people find risk factors they might not know about. They offer different tests, including urine samples and wellness tests. This email is a promotional opportunity to try Vessel for $20.


What works:

  • The color palette
  • The discount code and timing
  • The email length and details

24. Headspace

Headspace is a meditation app that offers events and support for mental health. This email is an invitation to attend a virtual meditation event. The instructions are clear in the body, and there is a convenient link to “secure your spot” as well.


What works:

  • The fun, branded colors
  • The personalized introduction
  • Clear instructions, dates, and times

25. Sauna House

Sauna House breaks down the importance of breathwork in this email newsletter. Those who subscribe to Sauna House are likely interested in wellness and health, and this email hits that target audience head-on.

The reader can get all the info they need without clicking any links and start practicing breathwork on their own!

sauna house

What works:

  • Calming color palette and white space
  • Brief tips and explanations in the email copy
  • Options to learn more on their website

26. Nanit

Nanit is a smart baby monitor that tracks information on babies’ sleep patterns and environment.

This email from Nanit is a bit unique because it’s a report for an existing customer, not a marketing email. Nanit sends reports to parents that disclose key information about their baby’s sleep. However, the format is great for showing data and getting user’s attention. It also serves the customer and builds loyalty over time.


What works:

  • Personalized data
  • Clear numbers and figures
  • Tips and tricks related to sleep coaching

27. ZocDoc

ZocDoc provides a great example of what a welcome email should look like. This email is sent to customers who provide ZocDoc with their contact information. ZocDoc then personally thanks them for choosing their company, and lets them know all the things they can do with ZocDoc’s services.

It also works as a way to promote their app with an easy download CTA.


What works:

  • The fun colors and icons formatting the list
  • The simple, comprehensive list of services available
  • The direct link to downloading the app

28. Pulp & Press

Pulp & Press is a juice company that highlights the wellness benefits of juicing. This particular email focuses on wheatgrass shots and why they’re good for you.

wheatgrass 1

You can learn about wheatgrass and then head to their website to order your own shots.

pulp and press

What works:

  • The green branding and color palette
  • Informational content followed by sales CTAs
  • The clear subject in the main heading

29. A Kids Book About

A Kids Book About publishes a series of books that break down adult topics, some related to health. This email outlines a book about anxiety specifically directed at children. This promotional email is ideal for helping adults find new ways to help children connect with their feelings.

a kids book about

What works:

  • The introduction to the topic
  • The brief content and CTA
  • The author bio and headshot

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