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With 5 billion active users and 91% of businesses on social media, your flooring company stands to benefit from a robust social media marketing strategy.

Flooring companies can use social media to promote their products and services. It’s a great way to show potential clients why they should partner with you for their flooring needs.

Want to learn more? See how to leverage social media for flooring companies and learn our favorite social media tips for flooring businesses in this all-in-one guide!

Or, if you’re ready to partner with a data-driven social media marketing agency, request a free proposal from our experts today!

How can I promote my flooring business on social media?

If you’re trying to grow your business, one of the top questions you may have is, “How can I promote my flooring business on social media?”

With social media, you can communicate your products’ value, answer customer questions, and build client relationships. Because of how many people use social media — and share content that interests them — this medium can significantly increase your company’s reach.

Now that you know how to use social media for flooring professionals, are you ready to dig into specific tactics? Follow these eight social media tips for flooring businesses:

1. Choose your social media platforms

While you have many social media platforms to choose from for your flooring company, focus on the most strategic platforms for your business. Start by understanding your business goals and target audience.

Once you have a clear understanding of your business strategy, you can choose the most effective platforms for your company. Possible social media for flooring companies include:

  • Instagram: With Instagram, you can share photos of your clients’ newly installed floors to showcase your work.
  • Facebook: You can also share photos on Facebook. One benefit of Facebook over Instagram is the ability to link to your site directly in your posts. You could share a photo of a specific hardwood floor, for example, and link to the relevant product page.
  • LinkedIn: On LinkedIn, you can reach commercial flooring clients or leverage industry partnerships with builders and designers.
  • Twitter: Have a snappy product description or teaser for a page on your site? Consider sharing it on Twitter, the hub for bite-sized content.
  • YouTube: This platform is the perfect social media for flooring professionals who want to show their expertise in action. You can use YouTube to share videos of you installing and caring for your floors, or even provide a how-to video for your clients.
  • Houzz: Did you know there’s a social media platform specialized for home services businesses? You can use Houzz to tap into a network of professionals and customers looking specifically for content related to your business.

Pro tip: Optimize your social media profiles for users. Feature your logo in your profile picture, include keywords in your bio, and link to your website.

2. Gather social media marketing content about your flooring company

With your profiles ready to go, you’ll need content ideas to publish. A few post ideas for marketing flooring include:

  • Behind the scenes of the installation process
  • Past projects you’ve completed or rooms featuring your flooring
  • Newly available flooring
  • Information about each type of flooring
  • Industry news and trends
  • How-to guides for customers to choose, install, and maintain a floor
  • Best flooring for different uses and niches (e.g., durable flooring, kitchen flooring, easy-to-clean flooring, and more)

For example, LL Flooring highlights flooring design trends while also showcasing one of their hardwood flooring options:

LL Flooring Facebook post

Pro tip: Once you’ve gathered your social media marketing ideas, strategically choose which content to post on each platform. Instagram works great for visuals, Twitter for bite-sized content and links, and LinkedIn for industry-related content.

3. Align your social media content with other digital marketing strategies

Your digital marketing strategies should all work together to promote your flooring company. Use consistent branding across all platforms and write your social media posts with the same brand voice you use on your website and advertisements.

Improve your site’s search engine optimization (SEO) by sharing site content on your social media pages. Provide a link or a teaser of your most recent articles or blog posts to encourage your followers to read the page on your site.

This content-repurposing strategy works well for building backlinks, which is one of the most influential SEO ranking factors. Share articles that position you as a flooring expert on LinkedIn and Twitter.

When you share your knowledge, industry pros can see what you created. If they find your pages valuable, they might link to it on their website. This process drives valuable traffic to your business.

4. Create unique, valuable flooring content

As you plan your social media content, prioritize value. Your social media followers want to see content that matters to them and that they can use. Show your audience how you solve their flooring-related problems by:

  • Answering customer and flooring industry questions
  • Posting high-quality photos and videos
  • Writing engaging, informative captions

Make your content more valuable by targeting niches. Depending on your business goals, you can drill down to niches such as:

  • Homeowners with pets
  • Parents who own a home
  • Interior designers
  • Commercial building managers
  • And other audience segments

While a designer might want aesthetic-based information, a pet owner focuses on flooring maintenance and durability.

Therefore, social media marketing for flooring businesses that target designers might emphasize design trends and theory. Meanwhile, content for pet owners could include maintenance tips and facts or case studies about your floors’ durability.

For example, Floor and Decor highlights the durability of some of their flooring choices in this Instagram post:

Floor and Decor Instagram post

Want to target multiple customer segments? Create a social media strategy that incorporates a strategic mix of both content types!

Pro tip: Test your content ideas to see what performs best with your audience. You might try different hashtags, content types, or topics, then collect engagement data to measure each variation.

5. Plan and schedule social media posts

Success on social media requires consistency. Plan your content to go up at the optimal times of the day, according to when your audience most often uses social media.

Your posting schedule will vary across platforms and audience segments. Homeowners, for example, might scroll social media in the evenings or on weekends. Meanwhile, your business-to-business (B2B) segments likely consume content during the week.

Juggling multiple platforms and post schedules can prove challenging. To help you manage your social media posts, use a social media scheduling tool like Buffer or Hootsuite to keep track of all your posts in one place.

6. Engage with your audience

Social media provides a more effective way to build relationships with your target customers than other marketing platforms. When your potential clients see how responsive, authoritative, and helpful you are, they’re more likely to want to work with you for their flooring needs. Engage with your followers by:

  • Encouraging comments
  • Responding to comments
  • Encouraging clients to tag you in posts about your flooring
  • Reposting user-generated content
  • Using industry- and brand-specific hashtags
  • Employing social listening
  • Posting surveys and question boxes to better understand your audience’s needs
  • Interacting with industry partners such as designers and construction managers

7. Integrate paid social media advertising for your flooring company

In addition to marketing flooring services through organic posts, incorporate paid social media advertising to improve your reach.

Each platform provides different ad types, and you set your budget. Social media advertising also allows you to target specific audience segments. Want to reach young adults who may be purchasing their first home soon? Set a demographics-based target audience for your ads!

8. Measure results and adapt

Social media changes regularly. Stay ahead of the changes by constantly measuring your posts’ performance. To track your social media success, select metrics that align with your business goals.

Compare your performance to key performance indicators (KPIs) so you know where you need to improve — and where you’re succeeding.

As you analyze your flooring company’s social media performance, don’t be afraid to try new tactics. Social platforms are continuously publishing new features to help you deliver a better experience. Because organic social media marketing requires no direct investment, you can experiment with new post types at minimal risk.

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Social media marketing for flooring businesses provides the perfect opportunity to showcase your stunning products and build relationships with potential leads. Through your content, you can show your audience why they should trust you for their flooring needs.

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