Bruni and Campisi wanted to reach more local customers, and we helped them reach this goal with improved online visibility.

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Meet Bruni and Campisi

Bruni & Campisi has been providing plumbing and HVAC services in Westchester County, NY and the surrounding areas since 1979. They work with both residential and commercial clients, and do everything from installation to maintenance and repairs.


  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Content Marketing

Their Goals

  • Improve rankings for HVAC-related searches in their service area
  • Increase online conversions
  • Improve ROI from paid ad campaigns
  • Launch a Facebook ad campaign with the goal of driving site traffic & conversions
bruni and campisi

"When people have problems, they're calling us first.”

-Bobby Acker, Marketing Manager

Our Strategy

bruni and campisi blog
  • Remove a manual penalty from spammy links built by a previous SEO firm
  • Add and optimize location-based pages for each of Bruni & Campisi’s service locations
  • Write & publish original longform content based on common HVAC-related questions and concerns
  • Create highly targeted PPC campaigns for each of Bruni & Campisi’s services & locations
  • Repurpose existing TV commercials by running them as YouTube ads

“With all of this marketing we’re doing, we’ve had record numbers this year. We’re doing better than we ever have before.”

-Bobby Acker, Marketing Manager

The Results

bruni and campisi results

  • Goal conversions on the site have almost doubled since their SEO campaign launch in October 2015.
  • Many of the keywords we identified during initial keyword research have moved up over 10 pages in Google search results.
  • Their first YouTube pre-roll ad now has over 10,000 views.
  • Facebook campaigns drove a 4,207% increase in Facebook traffic, and more importantly, 15 goal conversions.

Launch Site

Bruni & Campisi has seen a 524% increase in clicks from AdWords, and a 321% increase in goal completions.

increase in clicks from AdWords