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Whether you focus on commercial, residential, or emergency services, your plumbing business runs on leads. If you want to continue booking appointments and growing your company, you need a reliable way to generate plumbing leads.

Plumber lead generation takes some work, but with the variety of online strategies available, your business can attract new prospects regularly, which means you can avoid buying leads.

Keep reading to learn about the best ways to generate plumbing leads, including:

  1. Run Google Local Services ads to reach qualified leads
  2. Help plumbing leads find you with search engine optimization (SEO)
  3. Get plumbing leads with pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements
  4. Earn plumbing leads by sharing your knowledge with content marketing
  5. Create a referral plan with email marketing
  6. Use social media ads to drive qualified plumbing leads
  7. Create ways to capture plumbing leads on your website
  8. Claim your Google Business Profile to drive plumbing leads
  9.  Manage your online reputation to earn plumbing leads

If you need professional help implementing any of these tacticscontact us online or call us at 888-601-5359!

Should I pay to get plumbing leads?

The short answer is — no.

A common approach many businesses consider is buying plumbing leads to help them build their customer base. It feels like a quick and easy way to get leads that need a plumber.

Simple, right?

Truthfully, this approach rarely pans out for plumbing businesses. Many times these lead buying platforms will offer you leads that they’ve offered to dozens of other plumbing companies that are also buying leads. That means you’re paying for leads that may not even choose your business in the end.

And it’s not cheap, either.

You could end up paying $15 to $100 per lead on platforms like Angi or HomeAdvisor. So, if you get a list of 10 leads that other plumbing businesses get, you could potentially lose $1000 because the leads aren’t exclusively offered to you and they may choose another provider.

Instead of paying for leads, it’s best to focus on using lead generation strategies that help you continously generate new leads and spend your budget more effectively.

Take paid advertising, for example. Let’s say you have a $1000 budget for advertising.

If you only targeted 1 plumbing-related keyword that had a $2 cost-per-click (CPC), you could obtain about 500 leads from your single ad for the same amount as buying 10 leads on a lead buying platform. And that’s not even accounting for bid adjustments you can make to lower your bid amount and get more leads.

So, overall, buying plumbing leads isn’t the solution for long-term success and strategic use of your budget. Instead, focus on using marketing strategies that will continually drive plumbing leads and help you maximize your investment.

9 best ways to get plumbing leads

Ready to learn the best ways to get plumbing leads instead of buying them? Check out these five digital marketing strategies you can use to boost your online plan:

1. Run Google Local Services ads to reach qualified leads

If you want to know how to generate plumbing leads, start by running Google Local Services ads. These ads appear at the top of local searches when people want to find a plumber in their area.

Google Local Services Ads at the top of search for plumbers

Local Services ads are valuable to plumbing businesses because they drive qualified leads looking to hire a plumber.

These ads are great for plumbers because you only pay when someone contacts your business. That means you’re paying for qualified leads that likely need your services and want to hire you.

To get started with Google Local Services advertising, follow these quick tips:

  • List all the services you offer in the job types section to maximize reach
  • Manage your reviews to give users a positive impression
  • Enable messaging to lower your cost per lead (messages cost less than phone calls)
  • Keep track of leads to dispute any spam or solicited leads

With Google Local Services Ads management services, we can help you manage your ads. From geographic targeting to review solicitation, we can help you boost your ad listing to generate more calls.

Explore: Google Local Services Ads Management Services

2. Help plumbing leads find you with search engine optimization (SEO)

Whether people need to find a plumber or want information about a plumbing-related topic, they’re turning to search engines to help them find what they need. That’s why investing in SEO is crucial for plumbers.

With SEO, you can boost your plumbing website’s rankings in search results for keywords and phrases related to your business. The higher your site ranks, the more people will be able to find and contact your business, which means more plumbing job leads for you.

So, how do you help your website rank better in search results? Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Optimize for relevant keywords: The keywords you target help people find your listing in search results. Conduct keyword research to find relevant plumbing terms and integrate them into your website to drive traffic.
  • Improve your website load time: Google likes to deliver pages that load quickly to users, so they can get information fast. Use Google PageSpeed Insights to see how fast your website loads and find opportunities to speed it up.
  • Optimize your URLs: Having simple and clean URLs helps provide context for search engine crawlers and users alike. Use your core keyword in your URL tail, use all lowercase letters, and implement hyphens to seperate words for a clean look.
  • Optimize your title tag and meta description: These tags appear in search results when someone searches a relevant term. You’ll want to optimize these tags on all of your pages to make them enticing and drive people to click.

SEO listing for a Fort Wayne plumber

WebFX offers local SEO services to help your business earn plumbing leads in your area. From optimizing for area-specific keywords to managing your local citations, we can help you drive more leads in your area to your business.

Explore: Local SEO Services

3.  Get ready-to-book plumbing leads with pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements

One of the ways to get plumbing leads is to run PPC advertisements. These are paid advertisements that appear at the top of the search results on Google when users make a search relevant to your ad, like “emergency plumbing services in [city].”

PPC ads for plumbers in Philadelphia

PPC ads operating on a bidding system — you set a maximum bid to determine the most you’re willing to pay for someone to click on your ad. Your maximum bid, along with other factors, determines your ad positioning.

So, how can you get the most plumbing leads from your PPC ads?


  • Target long-tail keywords:  To maximize your budgets and clicks, target keywords that contain three or more words. These keywords are specific, so they have less competition. They also tend to drive more qualified traffic because they’re specific.
  • Optimize your bid amount: Continually adjusting your bid amount is crucial for maximizing your budget. Keep tabs on how your ads perform and make bid adjustments to help you get more from your ads.
  • Use a custom landing page: Once you get people to click on your ads, you want them to stay engaged. Creating a custom landing page will keep users focused and engaged with your ads.
  • Create compelling ad copy: To get plumbing leads to click on your ads, you need to create compelling and informative ad copy. Integrate your target keywords in the page and provide helpful information that convinces leads to click.

Our PPC advertising services help you create compelling ads that put your plumbing business in front of interested leads. From ad copy to custom landing page creation, we help you create clickworthy ads that drive qualified plumbing leads ready to book.

Explore: PPC Services

4. Earn plumbing leads by sharing your knowledge through content marketing

When you’ve worked in plumbing for years, you have a lot of knowledge and experience to bring to the table. You can captialize on it by sharing it with your audience through content marketing.

Content includes everything from blog posts to videos, infographics, online guides, and more.

People constantly search for information or advice about plumbing issues. By providing them with that information, they view you as a trusted source. When they decide the job is too much for them, they’re going to turn to a trusted company to do the repairs.

Here’s how you can make the most of content marketing and earn more plumbing leads:

  • Make it readable: When you create written content, make sure it’s readable. Use small paragraphs, bulleted lists, and subheadings to organize your pages and make them easy to read.
  • Publish content regularly: Publising content often shows your audience you’re active online. It also continuously creates new ways for people to find your business online, which boosts your website’s traffic and leads.
  • Use a content calendar: Using a content calendar helps you stay organized. You can plan out when to write, edit, and publish content on your website. It helps ensure you publish content often and keep track of when you’re doing it.
  • Try different content formats: Not everyone likes to consume content the same way. Diversify your content marketing strategy by incorporating different strategies, like video, blogs, and infographics.

YouTube video from This Old House on snaking a drain

With a team of 100+ specialized content writers, our team can help you create compelling industry-related content that drives plumbing leads to your website.

Explore: Content Marketing Services

5. Create a referral program through email marketing

If you want how to generate plumbing leads, try creating a referral program. Referral programs allow current customers to refer their friends, family, and co-workers to you in exchange for a reward.

Referral programs are a great method to use because it’s an easy way to get qualified leads. The people who refer others know they’re looking for a plumber, and they act as an ambassador and endorser of your brand.

Here’s how to create a successfully generate plumbing leads through a referral program:

  • Reward the referrer and referee: Offering a reward for both parties will ensure the most success. You can offer money off a next service, for example, to entice the referrer to recommend your plumbing business to others.
  • Only reward if the referee takes action: A key part of successfully generating plumbing leads through a referral program is only rewarding when the referee takes action. It ensures that the referrer will only send qualified leads rather than sending bogus leads to get the reward.
  • Create an email sequence: An email sequence will help move your referral program along. It can automatically send emails to referrers and referees to get them to complete desired actions, like making a referral suggestion or booking your services.

With email marketing services from WebFX, we can help you create referral emails and nurture plumbing leads into loyal customers. From email design creation to professional copywriting, we’ll help you build impactful email marketing campaigns.

Explore: Email Marketing Services

6. Use social media ads to reach qualified plumbing leads

One of the best strategies to get plumbing leads is by running social media ads. Social media advertising is an effective way to put your plumbing company in front of people who need your services.

These ads appear in users’ newsfeed as they scroll, catching their attention and getting them to notice your brand. It’s an effective way to reach people who are already thinking about hiring a plumber, but aren’t sure who to choose.

So, how do you effectively generate plumbing leads with social media ads?

  • Refine your target audience: The biggest benefit of social media ads is the precise targeting it offers. Refine your target parameters to get granular and reach the most qualified leads for your plumbing business.
  • Create an eye-catching visual: Social media ads typically include a picture or video, so it’s important you put time and effort into choosing your visual. You want to ensure it’s relevant to your plumbing business, but also eye-catching enough that users stop scrolling to look at your ad.
  • Create a custom landing page: Like PPC ads, you’ll want to create a custom landing page for your social media ads. A custom landing page ensures you keep leads engaged and focused on what you advertised in your ad.

With our social media advertising services, we can help you promote your plumbing business to local leads as they scroll on social media. Our team can help you create clickworthy ads on popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Explore: Social Media Advertising Services

7. Create ways to capture plumbing leads on your website

One of the most valuable online assets your plumbing business has is your website. Your website is at the heart of your marketing, so it’s important that you have a modern and functional website.

On top of that, you want to create opportunities to capture leads on your website, too. You can capture plumbing leads by:

  • Adding an email sign-up bar to get people to join your email list
  • Integrating call to action (CTA) buttons throughout your website to contact your business
  • Add a “Contact Us” form for people to ask questions and reach out to your business

By creating opportunities to capture leads, you can earn more qualified leads that turn into customers for your plumbing business.

At WebFX, we offer conversion rate optimization (CRO) services that help you capture more leads for your business. From analyzing your conversion funnel to looking at your website’s usability, we can help you find opportunities to capture more leads and improve your conversions.

Explore: CRO Services

8. Claim your Google Business Profile to earn leads

As a plumber, many of your leads come from your local area. That means it’s valuable for you to invest in strategies that help you reach people in your area. One of the best ways to get plumbing leads is to claim your Google Business Profile.

Your Google Business Profile appears when people conduct local searches.

Listings for plumbers in Dayton Ohio

Claiming and optimizing your Google Business Profile will help you reach people conducting searches in your area. Here’s how you can get the most from your Google Business Profile:

  • Make sure your name, address, and phone number are accurate
  • Add photos to your listing to give users insight into your business
  • Add a short description about your business to provide insight to your audience
  • Enable appointment scheduling to capture leads

Need to manage more than your Google Business profile? With LocalFX, we can help you manage local citations across 40+ platforms to ensure you deliver the right information to people looking for your plumbing business!

Discover: LocalFX

9. Manage your online reputation to earn plumbing leads

As a local business, your reputation is everything. You’ll often earn leads from people checking out your reviews and deciding you’re a good fit. That’s why one of the best strategies to get plumbing leads is managing your online reputation.

Here’s how you can build your reputation online:

  • Ask for reviews: Whenever you provide services to customers, ask them to leave feedback about their experience. You can do this through email or by handing them a flyer. To build your reputation, you need to get reviews in the first place — don’t be afraid to ask for them!
  • Respond to reviews: When people take the time to leave reviews, make sure you respond. You’ll want to respond to positive and negative reviews to show people you’re listening. After all, 88% of consumers are likely to use your services if they see you respond to all reviews.
  • Monitor your competitors’ reviews: Keeping tabs on what your competitors do wrong offers opportunities for you to do what’s right. Use this informaiton to help you find opportunities to provide better service than your competitors.

Local reviews for a plumbing business in Houston

As a local plumbing business, managing your reputation is crucial. With reputation management services from WebFX, we can help you monitor what people say about your business and create custom review generation campaigns to help you earn more reviews.

Explore: Reputation Management Services

Get professional help using these plumbing lead generation strategies

If you want your plumbing business to grow, you can’t do it through buying leads. The most effective way to generate plumbing leads is to use online marketing strategies that create a continuous flow of leads to your website.

Don’t know where to start? WebFX can help.

We’ll create a custom marketing plan that helps you stretch your marketing budget to maximize your ROI. Our team will help you take advantage of the digital marketing strategies that help you drive valuable leads

We’ve generated over 24 million leads for our clients in the past few years alone. You can feel confident we’ll help you drive leads that turn into customers for your business.

Are you start generating more plumber leads? Contact us today or give us a call at 888-601-5359 to see how we can help you generate more credible leads for your business!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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