Enterprise Lead Generation Pricing from WebFX

Looking for some high-quality enterprise lead generation services, but worried about the potential costs? Don’t worry — here at WebFX, we’re open with our pricing. Keep reading to learn about our enterprise lead generation pricing!

Transparent enterprise lead generation pricing from WebFX

Are you worried about the costs of your lead generation strategy? You might be unsure exactly how much lead generation costs, and therefore struggling to plan your budget accordingly. Fortunately, we’re here to help relieve you of that issue.

If you’re wondering what kind of costs are associated with our lead generation services, wonder no more. On this page, we’ll explain the cost of enterprise lead generation with our agency and look at what factors influence that cost.

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Enterprise lead generation pricing: How much does lead gen cost with WebFX?

Lead generation isn’t limited to a single marketing strategy. You can include a handful of different strategies in your lead generation process.

That means the cost of enterprise lead generation depends on which strategies you use to generate leads. For that reason, you need to look at the individual costs for each strategy.

Here’s an overview of our enterprise lead generation costs broken down by strategy:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Price summary: $1375–$3275 per month

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective lead generation strategies we offer. With our SEO services, we’ll help you optimize your web content to rank high in relevant Google search results. That way, interested parties can easily find your site and become leads.

For the above price, you’ll get service features like:

We offer a custom enterprise pricing plan for our SEO!


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Price summary: 12–15% of your ad spend per month

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising involves displaying paid ads online. Those ads appear at the top of Google search results, in the margins of third-party websites, and more. WebFX will help you create, launch, and reoptimize those ads.

For the above price, you’ll get service features like:

  • Keyword targeting
  • Google Ads optimization
  • Bid management
  • And more!

We offer an enterprise plan that costs 12% of your ad spend each month (with an initial investment of $7500).


Social media marketing

Price summary: $1850–$2350 per month

With people spending so much time on social media, it’s one of the best places to market your business online. That’s why WebFX offers social media marketing services. We’ll help you set up your account, create and schedule posts, and respond to users on the platform(s) of your choice.

For the above price, you’ll get service features like:

  • A set number of social posts each month
  • Boosted post creation and launch
  • Custom social media images
  • And more!

Here’s an overview of our social media marketing pricing, based on how many networks you’re using:

  • Two networks: $1850 per month
  • Three networks: $2050 per month
  • Four networks: $2350 per month

As the number of networks increases, so does the number of posts we’ll create for you and the frequency of our post comment monitoring.


Social media advertising

Price summary: 15% of ad spend per month

With social media advertising, you can go beyond basic social posts and start showing paid ads on social media platforms. Those ads will appear right in users’ feeds, and when you partner with WebFX, we’ll help you target them to just the right users based on demographics and other critical information.

For the above price, you’ll get service features like:

  • Unique ad creation
  • Ad copy reoptimization
  • Ad campaign management
  • And more!

Here are the prices associated with our social media advertising services:

  • One network: $550 or 15% of ad spend (whichever is greater) per month
  • Two networks: $750 or 15% of ad spend (whichever is greater) per month
  • Three networks: $950 or 15% of ad spend (whichever is greater) per month
  • Four networks: $1150 or 15% of ad spend (whichever is greater) per month
  • Five networks: $1350 or 15% of ad spend (whichever is greater) per month

As with organic social media marketing, each additional network also comes with a higher number of ads and targeting options.


Content marketing

Price summary: $1800–$6000 per month

Content marketing is a valuable marketing strategy that we offer. It’s all about crafting content on your website that will draw users in, be it blog posts or videos. WebFX will help you create that content, ensuring it’s all optimized to attract potential customers and turn them into leads.

For the above price, you’ll get service features like:

  • An online project management schedule
  • Competitor content analysis
  • Rich media citations
  • And more!

Here’s a breakdown of our content marketing pricing:

  • Basic Plan: $1800 per month
  • Aggressive Plan: $3600 per month
  • Market Leader Plan: $6000 per month


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Factors that affect the cost of enterprise lead generation

As you can see in the above overview, the cost of enterprise lead generation can’t be boiled down to a single number. It depends on various factors that play into your campaigns.

Here are four substantial factors affecting enterprise lead generation costs:

1. Your company’s budget

The first — and most obvious — cost factor is your budget. It’s not that your budget causes the prices to go up or down. Rather, your budget determines which strategies you can consider.

Having a higher budget will allow you to invest in more expensive services. Just because services are expensive doesn’t always mean they’re higher quality, but a higher budget will still give you more options.

Whatever the case, you should make sure to set your budget before you do anything else. That way, you can focus on strategies that fit your budget.

2. Your choice of agency

The second factor that impacts enterprise lead generation prices is your choice of agency. Three different agencies might all offer the same set of services, yet those services could come with different pricing depending on which agency you choose.

It might seem like a no-brainer to choose the cheapest agency. But one thing to consider is that sometimes, an agency might cost more because it has more experience or a larger team, enabling it to provide higher-quality service than its competitors.

3. The strategies you use

Another significant contributor to the cost of enterprise lead generation pricing is which strategies you include. As you can see from the list above, several strategies contribute to lead generation. If you only use two or three of them, the price will be much different than if you use five.

For that reason, be sure to consider in advance which strategies you intend to pursue. It’s best to use at least a few to avoid limiting your reach. But if it’s not in your budget to afford all of them, consider which ones will serve you the best and maximize results for your business.

4. Campaign scope

Finally, you’ll want to account for the scope of your lead generation campaign. Maybe you want to start out small, or maybe you want to go big. That could result in you choosing different plans from whichever agency you partner with, and those plans vary in cost.

At WebFX, we offer multiple plans for each strategy, letting you choose the scope of the services we provide. 

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