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9 Video Marketing Trends for 2024

Video marketing has been around for years, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t changed. As technology grows and markets expand, new video marketing trends emerge constantly.

For businesses, that means there are always new ways to reach potential leads and earn more revenue. If you aren’t up-to-date on video advertising trends, you could be missing out.

This page will break down 9 trends in video marketing, including some insights from the subject-matter experts at WebFX:

Read on to learn more!

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1. AI for all aspects of video marketing

First up on the latest video marketing trends is AI. AI, as you have likely seen, has become a staple in every marketing sector, from content marketing to ecommerce. That now includes video marketing.

AI tools can help with all aspects of video creation, and businesses are leaning into the new tools to get more videos out. Tools like Synthesia let you enter a text description and create content from there.

ai video example

If you are struggling with video as a small business (or someone with minimal time and funds), this emerging trend can help you add video content where needed.

Expert insights from webfx logo

Black and white portrait of a smiling young woman with shoulder-length straight hair wearing a patterned top.
Jess Bonacci Digital Video Analyst

“If you look at the production side of things, AI can help with idea generation, scripting, editing… It’s really making video marketing, especially production, accessible to more people who may have thought video was this unreachable, difficult part of their marketing. Of course, all these functions require human oversight. AI cannot work alone. When you combine AI’s capabilities with human creativity and insights, you’re bound to get some awesome content from it.”

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How To Implement This Trend

  • Try video generative tools and find one that fits your needs
  • Add generative videos to social media posts, blogs, and more
  • Edit your content carefully if using AI

2. Continued emphasis on CTV and OTT ads

CTV and OTT are essential advertising forms for all businesses, and they rely on quality videos. In fact, about 66% of users stated that they found a new product or service while watching OTT. Where did they learn? From video advertising!

These ads can appear on YouTube, Netflix, and other streaming services. Creating a simple ad can help you capture your audience’s attention and help them remember your brand:

sock ad

As more and more users give up cable services and rely solely on OTT streaming services, you must find new ways to reach these audiences. There are plenty of successful CTV ad examples out there to give you inspiration!

How to implement this trend:

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How To Implement This Trend

  • Create platform specific ads for CTV and OTT
  • Show your personality in your ads
  • Look at what competitors are doing in your field

3. Cross-platform marketing strategies

At this point, an omnichannel marketing strategy is a must. While you might not have to have an account on every social site or send out different emails every week, you need to approach customers at different angles. That includes your video marketing.

This trend in video marketing mainly focuses on creating videos for different apps and repurposing content. If you create a TikTok video, for example, you will get more engagement by also posting it to Instagram Reels.

Regardless of the combination you use, it’s time to focus on multiple channels at once.

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How To Implement This Trend

  • Evaluate your target audience to find what platforms they prefer
  • Create content on a consistent schedule (without overwhelming their feeds)
  • Format your videos to different apps

4. Short-form video marketing

Short form videos aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. With the ever-growing love of TikTok for people of all ages, it’s no surprise that more people want companies to share short, digestible videos.

Marketers have 2.7 seconds to capture their audience’s attention with videos. On top of that, people don’t always have the time or patience to watch a longer video. They want to learn about your company, but they want to learn fast.

Jess sums up the importance of short-form video and how it’s here to stay:

Expert insights from webfx logo

Black and white portrait of a smiling young woman with shoulder-length straight hair wearing a patterned top.
Jess Bonacci Digital Video Analyst

“Short-form video continues to be a crucial video marketing tool, and I don’t see it going anywhere. You have the behemoth that is TikTok leading the charge with short-form content, and the other major social platforms have all pretty much followed suit. Even YouTube, which for the longest time was known for its long-form content, has seen success with its Shorts feature. I think we’ll see even more brands utilizing short-form video across their marketing channels in 2024, especially on social media. It’s such a simple-yet-effective method to engage your audience.”

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How To Implement This Trend

  • Look at trending videos on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram
  • Share your videos on all platforms
  • Watch popular creators and competing businesses

5. Silent videos

This video advertising trend seems odd, but hear me out. A lot of people watch videos in public spaces or in between tasks — waiting in line, sitting on the bus, or even while eating. They can’t always listen to a video with sound, especially if they’re in a loud place with no headphones.

Enter silent videos. The goal with these videos is to get your message across without audio, whether that’s entertainment or marketing. Plus, making videos without audio as the main focus makes them more accessible overall.

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How To Implement This Trend

  • Create videos that are visually captivating
  • Use on-screen text and captions
  • Mix in silent videos with your regular content

6. Smartphone video creation and production

Professional cameras aren’t the only way to make attractive videos anymore. People are filming everything on smartphones — from ads and marketing material to professional music videos:

smartphone video example

If you have a smartphone, you have a way to create videos. This emerging trend is especially helpful for small businesses who want to participate in video marketing, but might not have the funds to do so.

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How To Implement This Trend

  • Try using a smartphone to create videos if you don’t have a camera
  • Use free or affordable video editing software to help you create the final product

7. Personalized videos

Personalized content is another trend in video marketing — 54% of people want to see content personalized to their interests.

That doesn’t mean you have to create a unique for every user that appears on your site. Rather, it’s more important to create content that actually appeals to your users based on their behavior and preferences.

Say you add an email video on what customers can expect from your service when they sign up for a quote. That is one simple example of personalization that makes a big impact.

Expert insights from webfx logo

Black and white portrait of a smiling young woman with shoulder-length straight hair wearing a patterned top.
Jess Bonacci Digital Video Analyst

“You don’t necessarily need to insert someone’s name into a video to make it personalized. Identify the questions your audience frequently asks and create content around them. Then, use your insights to place these videos in front of the right people at the right time. Maybe it’s an email drip campaign or a ‘Thank you page’ on your website. Use the data you have available to you to determine which marketing touchpoints would benefit most from a video. You can always test things out until you find what works for you.”

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How To Implement This Trend

  • Keep your videos relevant to users based on their behavior
  • Include personalized touches and content where possible

8. Live video and virtual events

Live videos are essential for building your branding and interacting with users virtually. You can use live videos on social media apps to connect with users, chat about a new product, or even show them new items.

Live videos are different from other forms. First, there is no room for editing, so it’s more on-the-spot and less polished. Second, you need a space that you can keep quiet and private to host your live video. You also need the right technology to keep your live video streaming.

You can also stream in-person events for virtual attendees by offering tickets and virtual access. Not only can this boost your revenue, but it also gives more people access to your presentations.

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How To Implement This Trend

  • Create a schedule for going live (on TikTok, for example)
  • Stream events whenever you can
  • Interact with users who tune in to your live videos

9. User-generated video content

The last video marketing trend to note for 2024 is the increase in user-generated video content. The main example of this user-generated content is influencer marketing.

If a brand creates and posts a video showcasing their new product, there will be some hesitancy from users. However, influencers and customers can create videos for you and showcase your product, which serves as a more trustworthy third-party review.

Encouraging users to create content on your behalf will build trust and help you appeal to new audiences.

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How To Implement This Trend

  • Encourage people to take videos of your product on their own devices
  • Compile photos into a slideshow or video

Apply video marketing trends to your strategy with WebFX

Keeping up with video advertising trends is much easier with a partner. Whether you want to get started with video marketing or improve your existing campaigns, WebFX can help.

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