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Designing your website is no small task It can feel overwhelming trying to figure out where to start, what elements you need for your website, and how to design it. That’s why we’ve generated this list of 24 dentist website design examples to help inspire you.

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1. Grand Street Dental

Area of focus: Design

To kick off this list of dentist website design examples, let’s look at Grand Street Dental. The most notable aspect of their website is their unique and colorful design.

Homepage for Grand Street Dental

The bold geometric design catches your attention the minute you enter their website. It’s a unique design that stands out from other competitors in the Brooklyn area. This design carries throughout their website and even appears in the photos on their website.

Design elements integrated through Grand Street Dental's website

Takeaway: Make your website unique to your business, but also make it stand out from your competition. It will help you make a lasting impression on potential clients and create a more memorable experience.

2. The Little Royals

Area of focus: Branding

If you’re looking for branding inspiration, The Little Royals is one of the best examples of dentist websites that integrate branding throughout. This pediatric dentist takes a childlike approach with their design elements to fit their branding.

Homepage for the Little Royal's dental office

The top of their page looks like a storybook with a starry background and their graphics have a childlike quality. They also use whimsical fonts and graphics to appeal to parents looking for a pediatric dentist.

Examples of typography used on the Little Royals' website

Takeaway: When you design your website, you must create a branding style that fits your practice. Carry that branding style throughout your website to create a branded experience for your audience.

3. Bowles Dental

Area of focus: Navigation

When looking at dental web design examples, pay attention to their navigation bars. The best dental web designs have a clean and simple navigation bar that’s easy to use –– like Bowles Dental.

Homepage for Bowles Dental

Their navigation bar breaks down their services into three categories –– general, cosmetic, and restorative –– to make it easy for website visitors to find the type of dental care they need. They use broad headings to organize pages underneath each category.

Hovering over each category of Bowles Dental's navigation bar

Takeaway: Make your navigation simple, organized, and easy to use. Use broad headings to organize your pages and subheadings as needed.

4. Village Dental Clinic

Area of focus: Accessibility

To continue this list of examples of dentist websites, let’s look at Village Dental Clinic. From the minute you enter their website, you’re greeted by a high-resolution photo of a smiling family.

Homepage for Village Dental Clinic

The most notable feature of this website is its accessibility. At the bottom of the website, they have a button that people can click to access their accessibility features.

Accessibility menu on Village Dental Clinic's website

Having these accessibility features makes it easy for anyone to browse their website and learn about their dental services.

Takeaway: Integrate an accessibility toolbar into your website to make it easy for everyone to use your website.

5. Smile Culture Dental

Area of focus: Page load time

One key component of dentist website design is your page’s load time. Did you know 83% of users expect websites to load in three seconds or less? Having a fast-loading website is a critical component of web design –– Smile Culture Dental is a prime example of what that looks like.

Homepage for Smile Culture Dental website

When you click on their website from the search results, it loads quickly. You instantly get to their website and can start learning about their services.

Clicking on an SEO listing for Smile Culture Dental's website and loading the homepage

Having a fast load speed means website visitors can get the information they need from the dental practice.

Takeaway: Having a fast-loading website is fundamental to your website’s success. Use a tool like Google PageSpeed Insights to identify areas where you can improve your website’s load time to deliver the best experience.

6. Tend

Area of focus: Visuals

When looking at dental web design examples, you’ll notice that many of them use visuals like photos and videos to create an engaging experience. Tend is no different –– they use high-quality visuals to accompany their sleek and modern design.

Homepage for Tend

As you scroll down their website, you see numerous high-quality visuals and graphics that catch your attention. They have pictures of their staff, offices, and more.

Scrolling through Tend's website and showcasing visual elements integrated through their design

Takeaway: Visuals are a crucial part of your website, so you must integrate them throughout your design. Make sure they are high-quality visuals that help enhance the text and messaging on your website.

7. West Village Dental Studio

Area of focus: Trust signals

Another of the best dental website designs comes from West Village Dental Studio. They have a clean and modern website that integrates New York City imagery to build a sense of familiarity with their practice.

Homepage for West Village Dental Studio

West Village Dental Studio does a great job of integrating trust signals into their website’s design. As you scroll down their page, you see various badges showing they’re part of the American Dental Association and New York State Dental Association, and that they’ve won awards for their practice.

Badges of awards and associations on West Village Dental's website

Integrating these badges helps to build confidence with prospective patients considering their dental office.

Takeaway: Integrate trust signals into your dental web design to show you’re a qualified dentist. It can be badges from associations, awards, or anything similar that helps build confidence in your practice.

8. Austin Dental Works

Area of focus: Icons

One of the best examples of dentist websites comes from Austin Dental Works. They have an eye-catching white and teal design and high-quality imagery that catches your eye when you visit their website.

Homepage for Austin Dental WorksAustin Dental Works does a great job integrating icons into their website to help enhance their messaging. They use icons like a tooth and a smile to enhance the written content on their website.

Dental icons on Austin Dental's website

Takeaway: If you want to add engaging visual elements to your website, integrate icons. It’s an excellent way to make your website visually appealing and add some stylistic elements to enhance your website.

9. Skyline Dental Designs

Area of focus: Engaging elements

To continue this list of examples of dentist websites, let’s look at Skyline Dental Designs. Their modern design and easy-to-read font make for an enjoyable experience on their website.

Homepage for Skyline Dental Website

Skyline Dental does a great job of integrating engaging elements throughout their design. At the top of the page, they have a moving graphic of a city skyline. As you scroll, different elements pop into view and catch your attention.

Elements moving on Skyline Dental's website as you scroll down it

Takeaway: Adding engaging elements to your website helps catch your audience’s attention and keeps them on the page. Try adding moving graphics, videos, and more to boost engagement.

10. Fairmont Dental Associates

Area of focus: Reviews

Another excellent dental web design comes from Fairmont Dental Associates. They use a clean and simple teal and white design for their practice.

Homepage for Fairmont Dental Associates

One thing Fairmont Dental does well is integrate reviews into their design. They share client testimonials that highlight people’s experiences visiting this dentist.

Reviews on Fairmont Dental integrated into their website

These reviews help build confidence with website visitors and nudge them towards choosing your practice.

Takeaway: Integrating reviews on your website is an excellent way for you to build trust with leads. You’ll want to use them as proof of the good dental work you do.

11. Cedar Village Dentistry

Area of focus: Above the fold

If you want more examples of dentist websites, check out Cedar Village Dentistry. Their simple design, accompanied by their branded logo, creates an inviting experience when you enter their website.

Homepage for Cedar Village Dentistry

One of the best features of their website is their above the fold. At the top of their website, they have a moving graphic that catches your attention. Additionally, they include a “book online” button and a phone number, so people can make appointments easily.

Top of Cedar Village Dentistry's website

Not only is their above-the-fold area engaging, but it also provides crucial information their audience needs, like contact information.

Takeaway: Creating an engaging top-of-the-fold is crucial for keeping leads engaged on your page and scrolling. Make sure you include important information at the top of the fold, like contact details, to help visitors get what they need fast.

12. Skippack Village Dentistry

Area of focus: Contact information and hours of operation

To continue this list of dental web design examples, let’s look at Skippack Village Dentistry. This Austin-based dental office uses a bright and modern design to attract new patients.

Skippack Village website

When people visit a dental office’s website, they want to get all the important information about them. Skippack Village Dentistry does a great job integrating their contact information into their design, so website visitors can’t miss it.

Contact information on the bottom of Skippack's website

They include their address, email, phone numbers, and hours of operation. It makes it easy for anyone to get quick contact information so they can reach out to the dentist.

Takeaway: Make your contact information prominent within your design. You want people to be able to find your information fast so they can contact you when ready.

13. Sparks Precision Dental

Area of focus: Responsive design

The best dental web design includes responsive design. Responsive design enables your website to adapt to the device your audience uses. Sparks Precision Dental is a prime example of what it looks like to integrate responsive design.

Homepage for Sparks Precision Dental

When you access their website from a mobile device, you can see how the website adjusts to fit the users’ screen. It enables mobile users to have the same positive experience they would have on a desktop computer.

Mobile version of Sparks Precision's website

Takeaway: Integrate responsive design into your website to ensure you deliver the best experience no matter what device a user uses.

14. Swish Dental

Area of focus: Call to action (CTA) button style

To continue this list of dentist website design examples, let’s look at Swish Dental. They use a fun modern design to welcome new patients to their website.

Homepage for Swish Dental

One aspect Swish Dental does well is creating call-to-action (CTA) buttons that stand out on the page. They use a teal color that fits with their design to help it stand out from the tan and pinkish hue of the page.

Green and white call to action buttons on Swish Dental's website

Additionally, when using two CTAs next to each other, they use two different colors to help them stand out from one another. It’s a great way to draw the users’ eyes to these buttons and get them to click them.

Takeaway: Create CTA buttons that stand out on the page, so your audience won’t miss them when scrolling through your website.

15. East Indy Dental Care

Area of focus: CTA text

The top dental web design examples have CTA buttons that stand out and catch their audience’s attention –– but they also use text that drives prospects to click. East Indy Dental Care is a prime example of using actionable text to get people to click.

Homepage for East Indy Dental

Their CTA buttons provide actionable text that tells you what will happen if you click the button. They use phrases like “Request Now!” and “Schedule Now!” to get an appointment, and “Contact Us” to reach out to them.

CTA buttons on East Indy Dental's website

Takeaway: When you create CTA buttons, make them stand out on the page, but also use actionable text that tells users exactly what happens when they click. Opt for phrases like “Book Now!” and “Schedule Today!” over phrases like “Click Here!”

16. Greenspoint Dental

Area of focus: Chat function

Another one of the best dentist website design examples comes from Greenspoint Dental. Their modern design, bold typography, and high-resolution photographs make for a great online experience for website visitors.

Homepage for Greenspoint Dental

In addition to all those great features, Greenspoint Dental also uses a chat function on their website. This automated chat function enables you to ask questions and book appointments with ease.

Chatbox on Greenspoint Dental's website inviting you to chat with them

Integrating these features enables this dentist’s office to provide better customer service for current and future patients.

Takeaway: Make it easy for people to get answers to their questions. Integrating a chatbot is one easy way for you to provide information to prospective patients easily by answering common questions automatically.

17. Upstate Pediatric Dentistry

Area of focus: Website security

Next up on this list of examples of dentist websites is Upstate Pediatric Dentistry. They use a bold and playful green and blue design to appeal to families with children.

Homepage for Upstate Pediatric Dentistry's website

One of the most notable elements of Upstate Pediatric Dentistry’s website is their integration of website security. Their website uses HTTPS, which means any information shared on their website is encrypted and protected.

Upstate pediatric dentist website showing a lock next to the URL

That means that, whether a patient logs into their account, books an appointment, or makes a payment, their information is safe.

Takeaway: Securing your website is crucial when you handle important patient information and take payments online. Get a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate to help secure your website.

18. Zen Dental Studio

Area of focus: Page flow

One thing you’ll notice about all these dental web design examples is that they have great page flow. As you scroll through their pages, the information is broken up into different sections and it’s easy to skim from one section to the next. Zen Dental Studio is a perfect example of this flow.

Homepage for Zen Dental website

As you scroll through their home page, there are bold headings, color changes, and blocks that help organize information on the page and keep the flow of the page moving.

Page flow scrolling through Zen Dental Studio

Takeaway: When you design pages, make sure they flow from one section to the next. Use headings to break up sections, images to break up text, and visual changes to signify a new section. It will help you keep people scrolling and checking out your dental website.

19. Timberhill Dental

Area of focus: Copywriting

When doing dentist website design, the design is only one part of your website. The information –– copywriting –– you put on it is just as important. If you want to see an example of good copywriting, check out Timberhill Dental.

Homepage for Timberhill Dental

When you scroll through their website, you see a lot of information on their pages. When detailing their services, for example, they provide a succinct yet informative overview of what they offer.

Copywriting on Timberhill Dental's website

Takeaway: Take time to focus on the copywriting on your website because the information is just as important as the design. Keep your copywriting succinct and focus on providing the information potential patients need.

20. The Dental Suite

Area of focus: Readability

For more dental web design examples, check out The Dental Suite. They use a sleek and modern design accompanied by high-resolution photos to make a good first impression on their audience.

Homepage for Dental Studio

The Dental Suite does a great job of making the text on their website easily readable. As you scroll through their website, the information is broken into small paragraphs. They also use a clear font that makes it easy to read.

Written text on The Dental Suite's website showcasing their spacing and font choices

Takeaway: When you add copywriting to your website, make sure you make it easy for website visitors to skim. Use small paragraphs that are about 2–3 lines long to keep it simple and easy to read your information.

21. Jackson Family Dental

Area of focus: Typography

Next on this list of dentist website designs, let’s look at Jackson Family Dental. This dental office takes a fresh and modern approach with their design to create a clean and inviting website.

Homepage for Jackson Family Dental

 One aspect of their website that stands out is the typography. They use fonts that fit with their design but are also clear and easy to read.

Jackson Family Dental information on their website

They also stick to these fonts throughout their website to keep it consistent and visually appealing.

Takeaway: When you choose a font for your website, make sure you choose one that’s easy to read but fits your unique style. Web-safe fonts are a good choice to use because they’re easy to read online. Avoid using “fancy” fonts, like cursive styles, throughout your website because they aren’t easy to read.

22. Del Mar Dental Studio

Area of focus: Video integration

As we mentioned earlier, visuals are a crucial component of dental web design. Not only do you want to add images and graphics, but you also want to add videos –– like Del Mar Dental Studio does.

Homepage for Del Mar Dental Studio

As you scroll through their website, you come across videos that show their dental practice at work. They have interviews with their dentists on staff, as well as interviews with patients who share what it’s like to be at their practice.

YouTube video on Del Mar Dental's website

Takeaway: Integrate video into your website’s design to create a more engaging experience. You can use videos to share information about your practice and approach to dentistry to help inform potential patients.

23. Kingstowne Dental Specialists

Area of focus: White space

To continue this list of dentist website design examples, let’s look at Kingstowne Dental Specialists. Their website uses engaging imagery to catch visitors’ attention when they visit their website.

Homepage for Kingstowne Dental

One aspect of their website that stands out is their use of white space. As you scroll through their website, you see plenty of empty space that enables you to focus on the photos, videos, and text on their website.

Blank space surrounding information on Kingstowne's website

Takeaway: When designing your dental website, refrain from filling every inch of your website with text and photos. Use white space to help draw focus towards what you want your audience to see and create a cleaner presentation of your website information.

24. Bridgetown Dental

Area of focus: Logo integration

To wrap up this list of examples of dentist websites, let’s look at Bridgetown Dental. They use a simple green, black, and white design to create a modern look for their Portland office.

Homepage for Bridgetown Dental

Bridgetown Dental does a great job of integrating their logo into their navigation bar to make it prominent. Their logo, which features a bridge, fits the name of the practice and helps create a further brand association.

Logo on Bridgetown Dental's navigation bar featuring a bridge

Takeaway: Create a logo that is relevant to your business and memorable (if you don’t already have one). Then when you design your website, you’ll want to integrate it into the navigation bar, so it displays prominently at the top no matter what page someone visits.

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