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As a carpet cleaning company, you know how crucial clients are to your business. Without them, your business couldn’t succeed. But what can you do if your carpet cleaning business is in a rut? How can you increase your customer base?

If you’ve never considered social media marketing, now is the time. With over 2.23 billion monthly active users on Facebook, over 800 million users on Instagram, and 68 million users on Twitter, its safe to say that when you market on social media, you’re marketing to an incredibly large audience.

Social media marketing can help your carpet cleaning business stand out and attract more customers to your business.

On this page, we’ll talk about how, as a carpet cleaner, you can appeal to your audience on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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If you’d like to learn more, keep reading, but if you’d rather speak to a specialist, feel free to give us a call at 888-601-5359!

What social media platforms are beneficial for carpet cleaners

If you’re overwhelmed by starting a social media campaign for your business, don’t be! One of the first places to start is deciding what platforms you want to market your carpet cleaning business on.

Here are a few that are beneficial to carpet cleaners and what kind of posts you can make on each.


With such a gigantic user base, Facebook is one of the most popular, and most effective social media platforms available to businesses.

When you adopt Facebook as a part of your social media strategy, you have the potential to reach hundreds if not thousands of users in a very short period of time.

Facebook works like this: anyone that has a Facebook account can follow your business page. When they do, they’ll see everything that you post, whether it be an update, a photo, or an event.

People that follow your page also likely have lots of friends of their own. When they comment on, like or share something that appears on your business page, their friends will also be able to see that content.

This speaks to the viral nature of Facebook posts. Even though one of your follower’s friends may not follow your page, they can still catch wind of your business by way of their friend that likes and shares your content.

That being said, it’s important to share things on Facebook that will interest your audience so that they like and share your posts.

In addition, Facebook offers its own messaging app, which makes Facebook great for customer service. Your audience can message you with questions, comments, and more.

Here are some post ideas to use on Facebook:

  1. Promotions:You’re offering a carpet cleaning special. Anyone that shares your page receives three entries into the drawing for a free carpet cleaning, and anyone that likes it receives one entry. This is a great way to boost engagement on your page and when your followers enter the contest, their friends will be exposed to your content! It’s basically free advertising!
  2. Beneficial information:You just wrote a blog on how to clean wine stains out of white carpet. When you share this kind of content on Facebook, your followers will find it beneficial and potentially share it with their friends as well. If nothing else, when you provide beneficial information, you’ll position yourself as a leader in the industry, and show that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to carpet cleaning.
  3. New business information:If your carpet cleaning business is changing locations or adding a new service, Facebook is a great place to share that information. It’s an effective way of sharing important information to a wide audience, and it keeps your current followers up-to-date.
  4. Facebook ads:Facebook is a great platform to utilize ads. With so many users, you can appeal to your target audience by creating ads that target specific keywords. When users click your ad, they’ll arrive at a landing page which will prompt them to take further action.


Instagram is another popular platform for advertising your business. While Facebook is both text and image based in terms of posts, Instagram is a photo-based social media platform.

That means that it’s a great place to show, not tell, about your carpet cleaning business.

It works similarly to Facebook, where you attract different followers to your account. When someone follows you, they will see your updates on their feed.

Hashtags are an important part of Instagram, and help interested clients to find you easily. When you post a photo, using hashtags is a way to categorize your post. For example, if you post a shot of one of your employees cleaning a living room carpet, you could use the hashtags “#cleancarpet,” “#carpetcleaning,” or trending topics.

There is a search feature on Instagram that allows you to search by hashtag, which means the more hashtags you have, the more opportunities you’ll have to show up in a user’s search.

Another option would be to ask users to tag a friend in the comments. In doing so, your followers’ friends that they tag would also see your post — increasing reach and brand awareness.

Recently, Instagram has added something to their platform called stories. Stories can include still shots or videos, and they disappear after 24 hours. Users electively choose to view them.

Your stories create a great opportunity to show users what you do as a carpet cleaning business.

In addition to stores, Instagram also has a direct message feature, in which users can message you with questions or comments. It gives you the opportunity to show off your responsiveness and be super helpful to your followers.

Here are some things that you could post on Instagram:

  1. Before-and-after photos:As an image-based platform, it’s great to show results that you’ve provided for current clients. With their permission, ask clients if you can take a before and after shot of their carpet. Posting images like this will show potential customers the specific results that you’ve created and will trust you more as a carpet cleaner.
  2. Contest graphics:Just like Facebook, you can create a graphic and post it on Instagram, noting that whoever likes the post will be entered into a drawing for a free carpet cleaning. This gets people to interact with your posts.
  3. Story videos:Utilize the story option on Instagram to show followers a day in the life. You can post videos of your employees cleaning carpet, talk about the cleaning products you use, and so much more.
  4. Instagram ads:Instagram also has an ad platform that allows you to post ads for your carpet cleaning services. There are tons of different ads available, like photo ads, video ads, carousel ads (a slideshow of photos and video), and even ads for your story. When a user clicks on one of your ads, it will take them to a landing page that prompts them to take further action.

instagram video ads


Twitter is another great platform for carpet cleaners because it allows you to provide great customer service while sharing real-time updates about your carpet cleaning company. The catch with Twitter is that each post can only be up to 280 characters.

This forces you to be short and to-the-point and only share what’s important.

Your followers see your tweets, and can choose to reply to them, retweet them, or like them, which similarly to other platforms, makes your content visible to your friends’ followers as well.

Here are some post ideas for social media:

  1. Humor:Since tweets are real time, they don’t have a very long shelf life. That being said, humor is a great way to grab the attention of your followers. Try sharing a carpet pun or a cartoon about carpet cleaning. Users might even retweet it if it’s funny enough!
  2. Daily specials:Twitter is a great place to show daily specials that you might be having on your services. Because it’s a real-time platform, sharing live updates can help attract and convert consumers.
  3. Retweeting leaders in the industry:If you use a specific brand of cleaning products, retweeting their content is a great idea. Mostly because it provides value to your followers, which is a great way to promote trust and brand recognition.
  4. Ads:Twitter also offers ads for your followers, which makes a great option for attracting new clients. They allow you to target potential customers, and you pay as you go, so you always know what you’re spending.

twitter ads

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