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7 Top Benefits of PPC Advertising

PPC advertising can help you increase your visibility online, bring new leads to your website, and boost conversions — all without breaking the bank. Learn more about the benefits of PPC advertising below.

Are you looking for a type of advertising that won’t kill your budget but will produce excellent results?

The answer is pay-per-click advertising (PPC). The benefits of PPC advertising include its affordability and its ability to drive traffic, increase conversions, and grow your business.

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What is PPC advertising?

PPC advertising is an online advertising model that allows you to place ads on search engine results pages (SERPs), social media sites, and other websites. With PPC, advertisers bid on keywords and pay only when a user clicks their ad. When users click your PPC ad, it brings them to a landing page on your website.

If you’ve ever looked something up on Google, you’ve almost certainly seen PPC in action. PPC search ads show up above and beside the regular listings, and they’re marked with a small icon that says “ad.” Here’s what they look like:

dalsinind ppc ad


7 benefits of PPC advertising

Here are some of the key advantages of PPC advertising, and all of them are great for your business.

1. You set the maximum budget for your ads

With other types of advertisements, you are locked into a specific rate.

PPC enables you to work within your budget. That means whether you’re a multi-national conglomerate or a mom-and-pop in a small town, you can constantly change your ad budget within your limits.

2. You only pay when someone clicks your ad

With many types of advertising, you pay the same amount for your ad spot, no matter how many people see it or contact you because of it.

One of the major PPC benefits is that you pay per click. This means you only pay when someone interacts with your ad, providing a chance for conversion.

You won’t go over your budget, though, since you can set your maximum spend ahead of time.

3. You can compete even if your search engine rankings aren’t high

If your site doesn’t rank well in search engines, you can still promote your company through PPC.

With PPC, you can gain an edge over your competition even if you just launched your website. This is one of the most important PPC benefits for startups, as it lets them compete for new customers with companies that have been around for decades.

4. You can easily test different ads

Every PPC provider tracks stats on your ads so you can refine your marketing strategies and see the benefits of PPC advertising in action.

All of them track the same basic stats, like clicks and how much you’re charged and provider-specific information. Whether you’re on Google, Bing, or Facebook, you can always refine your PPC approach.

These stats also show you if you’re getting worthwhile returns from your investment. If you’re not, you can easily change something in a matter of minutes.

5. You can gain more brand recognition

As your PPC ads show up more frequently, more people will see (and later recognize) your brand. That’s great for building your company’s reputation online, even if people don’t click on your ads at first.

6. You can launch a PPC advertising campaign in no time

Do you want to deploy PPC advertising before lunch? You can do it!

You can set up PPC in a hurry when you have all of your other details laid out (like the ad text and landing page). You don’t need to sign a contract or lock into a five-year deal — you just set it up and go.

You’ll start seeing the benefits of PPC advertising soon after launching your campaign!

7. You can reach your ideal customers

Another one of the top PPC advertising benefits is that you can target your ads directly to the people most likely to become customers.

By conducting keyword research, you can determine which keywords potential customers are searching when looking for information about your industry, products, or services. Then, you can bid on these keywords and get your ad in front of those users.

You can also target your ads to users based on characteristics such as their demographics, interests, past online activity, and more. By using a tactic called remarketing, you can even serve ads to people who recently visited your website but didn’t make a purchase.

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