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As a forklift dealer, it can be difficult to know how to reach new customers. And while there are many strategies to try, one of the most effective is pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising. PPC can be one of your strongest weapons in keeping your forklift dealership top-of-mind for those who are in the market to purchase what you offer.

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How PPC works

If you’ve ever conducted a Google search, you’ve seen PPC advertisements. They’re displayed both above and on the right side of organic results, and are indicated by a special color and “Ad” so you know they’re paid listings.

What makes PPC so appealing is that—true to the name—you only have to pay when an advertisement is clicked by a potential customer. Thus, if someone ignores your PPC advertisement, you still get visibility, but it doesn’t cost you a thing. Of course, the goal is to have as many people click as possible, which you can achieve by continuing to develop and improve your PPC campaigns.

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How to create effective PPC ads for your forklift dealership

Whether you use Google Ads or another platform, you’ll find that the process of putting an ad together and getting it to perform is relatively similar. So regardless of the platform you choose, there are a few things you need to determine to create your ads:

1. Decide which keywords you want to use for each PPC ad

Keywords are an essential piece of PPC. When those keywords are typed by search engine users, they trigger your ad. Thus, you have to be very selective and accurate.

Most platforms have built in tools (like Google’s Keyword Planner for Google Ads) to help you know which keywords are likely to perform well for your forklift dealership. However, there are limits to these tools, which is why many forklift dealers prefer to hire professionals for their PPC campaign management.

2. Determine your PPC ad campaign budget

How much do you want to spend on your PPC campaign? Your budget will drive how many times your ad displays, and how many impressions it receives. Obviously, you want as many impressions as you can afford. That being said, you also don’t want to pay too much for each click.

Be prepared to play around with the numbers and change your PPC budget accordingly. Some forklift dealerships prefer to start with a modest budget and work their way up, unless they are aggressively trying to sweep up market share.

3. Decide what you’re trying to accomplish with each ad

What are you trying to accomplish with your PPC campaigns? Do you have a special deal on a brand of forklift that you’re offering? Are you just trying to get the phone to ring? Are you offering a new model of forklift? Forklift services? Forklift parts? Forklift certification classes? The more purpose your ad has, the higher the odds that your target audience will click on it.

4. Determine where you want to send your PPC ad clicks

After someone clicks through one of your PPC ads, what happens? Where does he or she go? Most forklift dealerships prefer to have specific landing pages for their advertisements.

These are simply pages on your site that are made specifically to match the PPC ad content. For instance, if the ad talks about a special financing offer, the landing page would give more information on that offer and how to take advantage of it.

5. Decide how you will measure your PPC ad performance

Measuring the success of your PPC ads is essential. How else will you know whether you need to increase the budget, tweak the copy, change the campaign, or anything else? With the proper goals and analytics in place, this will all be a breeze.

That being said, don’t forget that managing a PPC ad campaign for your forklift dealership involves more than just looking at numbers and statistics. It also involves asking your employees what kind of feedback they’re getting, and whether your ads are attracting the kind of leads you need.

The benefits of PPC campaigns for forklift dealers

The advantages of a PPC campaign for forklift dealers are many:

You have control over your budget

Since you only pay for clicks, you never have to waste your budget on searchers that aren’t interested in what you have to offer. You have complete control over where your money goes, and you can adjust it whenever you want.

You increase visibility

Even if you aren’t organically getting top 10 search results, your PPC ads could be front-and-center. This means it’s the perfect complement to SEO, and can help you start getting leads before your optimization efforts start showing results.

You build your brand

It takes many, many impressions for a brand to be built, but it can definitely be done. Over time, people searching for forklift dealers will slowly begin to associate your company’s name with forklifts.

You can change your PPC ads any time

PPC campaigns are open-ended, which means you can change any parameters when needed. You can even increase the budget during times when you especially want the phone to ring, or people to email your dealership or walk through the door.

You can monitor the success of your advertising

PPC makes it easy to monitor how successful a campaign is, because most PPC campaigns have built-in tools to assist in analyzing performance. You can add your own monitoring tools and software as well.

You can conduct A/B marketing splits easily

Want to see which PPC ad is going to be strongest for your needs? Conduct an A/B split test. You’ll quickly be able to observe which ad is better suited for your needs.

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How to keep your PPC campaign running smoothly

After you’ve decided to launch a PPC campaign, you want to make sure it’s running smoothly. Beyond monitoring performance, be aware that you may want to keep altering the content of both the ads and the landing pages, so they don’t get stale.

If one type of PPC ad is performing better than the other, by all means keep using it! The key is to maximize your forklift dealership’s presence and profitability.

Want to start using PPC for your forklift dealership?

If you want to use PPC ads for your forklift dealership but don’t have the time or experience to do it in house, it could be time to consider hiring an agency for your PPC campaign management. At WebFX, our dedicated digital marketers have years of experience creating and managing successful campaigns for our clients.

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