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6 Benefits of Remarketing Your Business Needs to Know

The benefits of remarketing revolve around brand awareness, lead nurturing, and sales:

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What is remarketing?

Before we dive into our list of remarketing benefits, let’s first address what remarketing actually is. Remarketing is a type of marketing aimed specifically at people who have already engaged with your business in some way. If someone visits a page on your site or searches for  your business in Google, you can market a specific set of ads to that user.   netflix remarketing emailYou may also hear the term retargeting used online.

Retargeting is basically a specific type of remarketing — by far the most common type. Retargeting aims to reach people who have visited specific pages on your website.

How does remarketing work?

The process of remarketing to someone is fairly simple. You can see how it works by breaking it down into the following steps:

  1. Someone visits your website, and then they leave after browsing for a bit.
  2. The user browses some other websites.
  3. On the other websites they browse, the user sees your remarketing ads.
  4. After seeing the ads, the user is reminded of your website.
  5. The user returns to your site to finish converting.

As you can see, remarketing isn’t at all a complicated process!

What are the benefits of remarketing?

Remarketing is a fantastic way to reach your target audience and drive up your company’s revenue.  Below, we’ll look at six different ways remarketing can help your business!

1. Remarketing keeps you at the forefront of people’s minds

One of the challenges of marketing online is that it can often be easy for people to get distracted. One moment they might be scrolling through a page on your site, but then they may go to a different site or be drawn away by a pop-up notification. Fortunately, remarketing can help with that challenge. With remarketing, you can remind people about your business.

Maybe someone developed an interest in your products or services one day, but then forgot about you. When they see your ad, that person is reminded of you and returns to your site to continue browsing. This repeated brand exposure is one of the foremost benefits of retargeting, and one you’ll definitely want to harness.

2. Remarketing reaches the most relevant possible audience

One of the most critical elements of marketing is reaching the right audience. If your audience isn’t receptive to what you’re selling, your marketing efforts will be wasted.  There is virtually no audience more relevant to your business than one made up of people who already have a clearly vested interest in your products or services. If you’re trying to reach the people who will be most receptive to your ads, it’s going to be the people who’ve already visited your site. For that reason, remarketing is an incredible strategy for reaching the ideal group of people.

3. Remarketing has excellent timing

One of the best retargeting benefits is that it has the perfect timing. With other forms of marketing, particularly those that involve targeting ads to a particular group, it’s hard to know if the people you’re reaching need your product or service in that exact moment. With remarketing, however, that’s not the case. You’re targeting people entirely because of a recent search or visit to your website, which means you know their interest in your business is active. Since you’re advertising to your audience at the perfect time — right when they have the most interest in your products — you can achieve better results than you can with some of your other marketing.

4. Remarketing reduces cart abandonment

Another one of the best remarketing benefits is  it significantly reduces cart abandonment. Cart abandonment is when users add items to their cart, but get distracted or leave with the items still in their cart. Cart abandonment is a common cause of reduced conversions for businesses online. Fortunately, retargeting is an excellent way to counteract it.

When you send people an abandoned cart email, for example, you remind them to complete their purchase, and many of them will do so.   homage cart abandonment emailAs a result, you recover more sales for your business.

5. Remarketing increases your conversion rate

While all the points listed above are excellent retargeting benefits in their own right, several of them also work together to create an additional benefit — high conversion rates. All your marketing is designed to drive conversions — the higher your conversion rate, the happier you are. Remarketing offers a distinct advantage in that it can lead to higher conversion rates when done well. As your ads remind users to return to your site, targeting just the right people at the right time, it understandably leads to far more people making purchases. That, in turn, results in a far higher conversion rate for your business.

6. It generates a high ROAS

The last of the major remarketing benefits is that remarketing is a stellar way to drive up your return on ad spend (ROAS). ROAS basically refers to how much profit you make from your marketing — how much money you get back relative to how much you spend on an ad campaign. With remarketing as part of your overall strategy, your ROAS will be much higher. That’s because remarketing reaches the perfect audience to drive far more conversions than many other strategies, meaning it results in more purchases and more overall revenue. The bottom line is that remarketing is hands-down worth the investment when you execute it effectively.

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