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11 Content Marketing Trends You’ll Want to Follow To Maximize Revenue

Did you know that 82% of companies use content marketing? Content marketing is one of the most valuable strategies for driving traffic, earning leads, and growing your business’s revenue. For your content marketing strategy to remain effective, you need to stay on top of the latest content marketing trends.

Here are the top trends in content marketing for 2024:

  1. Using artificial intelligence (AI) to generate and personalize content
  2. Creating content that offers value
  3. Crafting relatable, trendy content
  4. Focusing on the quality of your content
  5. Shooting short-form video content
  6. Monitoring how AI impacts search engine optimization (SEO)
  7. Honing in on the user experience
  8. Trying podcasting
  9. Being consistent with content creation
  10. Refreshing old content
  11. Adding interactive elements to your content

Keep reading to learn more about these content marketing insights!

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Content marketing trend #1: Using AI to generate and personalize content

So, what are some content marketing trends for 2024? First on the list, let’s talk about using AI to generate content. As tools like ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing AI become more popular, the biggest rising trend in content marketing is using AI for creating content.

Expert insights from webfx logo

Black and white portrait of a smiling woman with glasses.
Adrienne Wolter Director of Earned Media

“AI is going to feature in 2024 in a big way –– AI will serve as a tool for researching and pulling together ideas to write more complete content that fully answers a searcher’s query, but it will also feature as a tool for personalizing content and creating really custom user experiences.”

Using AI can help you create more content faster. AI speeds up your content process –– all you need to do is input your query, and the AI tool will spit out the information you need for a piece. It saves you from hours of researching and combing through information. Here’s an example:

ChatGPT generating a list of background information about expensive comics

You can use AI to generate entire articles for your website, but use caution. As society shifts towards using AI, there is a lot of skepticism about the technology and its uses. Specifically, people are concerned about the authenticity and accuracy of information.

Additionally, there is also the concern about the ethics around using AI to generate content pieces.

In November 2023, Sports Illustrated came under fire after being accused of generating articles using AI and creating fake, AI-generated writer profiles for those blog posts. The biggest issue was that Sports Illustrated didn’t disclose they used AI to create the articles, though they stated the articles were created by a third party, and they didn’t know they were AI-generated.

Nonetheless, it created questions about the ethics of using AI to generate content, especially journalistic pieces.

Let this experience serve as a reminder that the shift to using AI in content needs to be gradual and transparent. There are still some people who are hesitant about companies using AI, so you must integrate it gradually into your process to “warm up” your audience to its use.

So, as mentioned earlier, using it to generate background information for a piece of content is a great way to use the tool and save time in your content creation process. You can also use it to help generate ideas for organizing your information, what information to cover in an article, and more.

If you opt to use AI for a significant portion of your content, you must disclose that to your audience. Even if you have a mention at the bottom that says, “Article was created with the help of [insert AI tool here],” it’s enough to show transparency with your audience.

Notions from the Associated Press indicating they show when a piece is written using AI

Keep in mind that, regardless of how you use AI in your content creation process, you need human oversight. You’ll still need to:

  • Fact check to make sure information is accurate
  • Rewrite content or ideas that are vague
  • Edit content to your company’s style

Using AI is one of the top trends in content marketing for 2024, so make sure you take advantage of it.

Content marketing trend #2: Creating content that offers value

Offering value in your content is another of the content creation trends you’ll see for 2024. If you want people to interact with your content, it must have value. You need to give your audience a reason to choose your content over the competition.

So, what does it mean to create content that offers value?

Here are a few ways to add value to your content:

  • Synthesizing information into one piece: A simple way to create valuable content is to synthesize information into one piece, so your audience doesn’t have to go to multiple websites for the information.
  • Explaining difficult topics simply: Explaining a difficult subject in simple terms offers a lot of value. It makes your resource valuable to your audience because you make the topic easy to understand.
  • Adding downloadable elements: Offering a free template, guide, or something similar can add value to your piece.
  • Integrating videos: Creating a piece of content featuring a video talking about your content topic can make your piece more valuable by offering different formats for digesting information.

Making your content valuable for your audience will drive more traffic, increase engagement, and help you capture more leads for your business.

Content marketing trend #3: Crafting relatable, trendy content

Another top content marketing insight for 2024 is crafting relatable, trendy content. So, what does that mean?

Relatable and trendy content is content that’s popular amongst influencers across social media. TikTok, for example, has tons of trending video content that influencers and businesses will recreate to hop on the trend.

With platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels continuing to rise in popularity into 2024, you’ll want to keep track of trendy content to capitalize on it with your video marketing strategy.

So, how do you find what content is trending?

A great way to find relatable and trendy content is to see what influencers post online. If multiple influencers post the same type of videos, you’ll know it’s a trend and can hop on it.

Content marketing trend #4: Focusing on the quality of your content

We can’t discuss content marketing without mentioning SEO. These two strategies are integral and influence one another, so it’s important to look at SEO and content marketing trends.

Focusing on the quality of your content is one of the biggest SEO and content marketing trends for 2024. Google wants to direct people to informative, authoritative, and helpful content, so you must make your content high-quality.

You can create high-quality content by:

  • Thoroughly covering the topic: Covering a content topic thoroughly with all the information a searcher needs will help you create quality content.
  • Making content readable: High-quality content is easy to read and skim. Use headings and subheadings to organize your content so your audience can read the information easily.
  • Integrate visual elements: Visual elements, like images, videos, and infographics, add context for your audience. These elements elevate the quality of your content pages.
  • Back up your claims: Use statistics and data to help back up any claims you make in your content. It boosts the validity of your pages, which helps improve the quality.

Focusing on the quality of your content is crucial for growing your business in 2024. Using content analysis tools can help you accomplish these goals and more.

Content marketing trend #5: Shooting short-form video content

So, what are other content marketing trends you need to know for 2024? One big trend for this coming year is shooting short-form video content.

As we mentioned earlier, platforms like TikTok and Instagram continue to grow in popularity, which means people will continue to create short-form video content. These videos, which are typically no more than two minutes, are a great way to connect with your audience.

Consider these statistics that show the power of short-form videos:

So, how can you create effective short-form videos?

  • Stay on top of trends: As we mentioned earlier, timely content is one of the top trends in content marketing, and it applies to your short-form video strategy too. See what’s trending and put your own spin on your short-form videos!
  • Use your videos to educate: There are a lot of people who don’t know about your industry, but they want to! Use short-form videos as an opportunity to educate your audience about popular topics in your industry.
  • Cross-post videos: Don’t limit sharing your videos to one platform! Share your short-form videos on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts to maximize reach.
  • Use AI to help generate video content: AI tools can help you create content for specific audiences, generate ideas, and more!

Expert insights from webfx logo

Black and white portrait of a smiling woman with glasses.
Adrienne Wolter Director of Earned Media

“Video will continue to play an important role in content marketing, especially short-form videos like Reels. AI will become increasingly important for this kind of video content, particularly producing it at scale, but also potentially to personalize it or create content geared to a specific audience on the fly.”

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Content marketing trend #6: Monitoring AI impacts on SEO

Another SEO and content marketing trend you’ll want to track is monitoring the impact of AI on SEO. As AI continues to integrate into facets of marketing, it’s crucial to see how using AI impacts these strategies.

Google is already trying out using AI in its search engines with its experimental generative AI feature. This feature enables Google to deliver a general summation that answers the user’s search query:

Search results on Google that showcase the use of their AI software

The generative AI is still experimental, so it isn’t a permanent part of Google yet. But it will likely become an integral part of the search engine experience in the future. That’s why it’s crucial to monitor the impact of SEO on search engines –– it will change how you produce content.

For example, when asking Google an informative search query like “How do you flavor coffee beans,” it generates a list of ways to impart flavor into coffee beans, followed by showing a few articles that can answer the user’s question more in-depth.

So, how will this generation of information impact SEO in the future? Well, it means that companies need to focus on delivering answers to their audience immediately. Since AI in search can provide answers quickly, you’ll need to do the same with your content.

So, as we continue into 2024, keep tabs on how AI impacts SEO so you can adjust your SEO and content strategy.

Content marketing trend #7: Honing in on the user experience

Next up on this list of content creation trends for 2024 is to focus on the user experience. While the user experience has always been a crucial part of creating content, it’s becoming even more vital.

People have more options than ever for where they can get information. That means they don’t have to settle for poorly constructed content that’s difficult to read or navigate. So, if you want your audience to choose your content over the competition, you must focus on optimizing for the user experience.

So, how do you create the best user experience? Here are a few best practices to follow:

  • Make content easy to skim: As we mentioned earlier, high-quality content is easily readable content. Using headings and bulleted lists will help organize your information and provide a good user experience.
  • Ensure your website loads quickly: Having a fast-loading website is crucial for a positive user experience. Use Google PageSpeed Insights to find areas to improve your website’s load time.
  • Declutter your website: If your content pages have too much going on, users will bounce back to search results and visit a competitor’s website instead. Use white space to help keep your website clean.

By putting the user first, you’ll create a better experience for your audience when they engage with content on your website.

Content marketing trend #8: Trying podcasting

One of the newest trends in content marketing is podcasting. At least 42% of Americans 12 and older have listened to a podcast within the last month. This content medium is becoming an increasingly popular way for people to obtain information, laugh, or keep up with the latest news and information.

If your business doesn’t already have a podcast, consider creating one! It can be an excellent way to connect with your audience and create a following for your brand.

Keep in mind that your podcast should fit your business. For example, a celebrity gossip podcast wouldn’t be fitting for a financial planning business.

Here’s how you can create a podcast successfully:

  • Publish episodes weekly: To maximize success with your podcast, publish episodes weekly. Publishing them on the same day each week creates anticipation and ensures listeners know when to tune in.
  • Keep the length concise: While podcasts require engaging listeners for a long time, it doesn’t mean you should ramble on for two hours. An ideal podcast episode is 20-60 minutes, depending upon the information you cover –– some topics might warrant an hour-long episode while others don’t.
  • Be relatable: Relating to your audience keeps them coming back each week. Make sure that whoever hosts your podcast is personable.
  • Promote your podcast: Make sure you share your podcast on social media, in your emails, and more!

 If you think a podcast is a good fit for your business, give it a try in 2024!

Content marketing trend #9: Being consistent with content creation

So, what are content marketing trends you can’t skip out on? One of them is consistently creating content. Consistency is crucial for helping your business continually drive qualified traffic to your website.

If you only post a blog post or video occasionally, you won’t build a following. It’ll be challenging to get people invested in your content because they’ll never know when the next post or video is coming!

Consistent content creation offers benefits like:

So, how often do you need to create content? It depends.

With video content, for example, it’s best to be consistent and post content every week. Like podcasts, you can release new videos the same day each week, so your audience knows when to expect new videos.

As for blog posts, how often you publish depends on your business and resources. You can post a few times a week or once a week. You may even post once every two weeks. Consider experimenting to see what works best for your audience.

Content marketing trend #10: Refreshing old content

Even if you create evergreen content, it’s going to need a refresh at some point. That’s why refreshing your old content is next on this list of content marketing trends.

Industries constantly change, data becomes outdated, and old concepts make way for new ones. You must keep the content you’ve published updated, so that if someone finds it, they get the latest information.

Refreshing your old content is one of the most important trends in content marketing because it helps you get more value for your content. If you have a well-performing page, for example, you can help it continue to perform well in the future by updating any outdated information.

Additionally, best practices for content marketing evolve and change. Implementing these practices into old content can help breathe new life into these pieces.

Here are some ways you can refresh your content:

  • Adding updated photos
  • Removing outdated information and replacing it with current information
  • Adding a video on the topic
  • Improving content format and readability
  • Targeting new keywords on the page

Content marketing trend #11: Adding interactive elements to your content

To wrap up this list of content marketing insights, let’s talk about adding interactive elements to your content. In today’s world, people look for something that catches their attention and keeps them engaged. Interactive elements help to create that experience on your content pages:

Interactive 360 photo of the Northern Lights

Interactive elements enable your audience to manipulate or engage with portions of your website. Here are some things you can add to your content, when appropriate, to make it more interactive:

  • Calculators or other tools
  • Quizzes
  • Infographics that move
  • Image galleries
  • Maps
  • 360 photos

Debt calculator on a website

Adding these elements will make your content more valuable and engaging for your audience.

Need help staying on top of content marketing trends?

There are always new content marketing trends emerging that you need to take advantage of to keep your strategy fresh and effective for your audience. Staying on top of these trends, though, can be a daunting task.

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We have a team of over 500 content experts who stay on top of the latest trends in content marketing. Our team can help you craft content like blog posts, videos, and infographics with ease.

Not to mention, we create content that drives results –– we’ve driven over 24 million in leads and over $10 billion revenue for our clients.

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