Our Corporate Sustainability Initiatives: How We Protect the Environment [INFOGRAPHIC]
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Our Corporate Sustainability Initiatives: How We Protect the Environment [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here at WebFX, we live by our company values. One of those values is, “We lead by example, work with Integrity, and aspire to leave the world a better place.” This value applies not only to our digital marketing efforts, but also to the natural environment around us.

The infographic below explains the programs and partnerships we’ve implemented over the years to become a carbon-negative company.

An infographic about GreenFX initiatives

What is GreenFX?

We recognize that all of us have a responsibility to protect the Earth. Our GreenFX initiatives — which focus on how we can positively impact the environment — empower our team to live and work sustainably. The mission of GreenFX is to make our offices greener and decrease our carbon footprint by reducing waste, reducing energy usage, and promoting the recycling and reuse of nonrenewable resources.

Through partnerships with environmentally-conscious organizations and other programs offered to WebFX team members, we aim to help offset the estimated 1.6 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions that result from the production and operation of digital technologies around the world.

Our team is powered by the sun

As a digital marketing agency, we rely on the Internet and computers to drive revenue for our clients.

The amount of energy needed to power our strategies, technology, and offices continues to grow with our business, which makes solar energy more and more important to a sustainable work environment.

The solar panels at our Harrisburg headquarters have produced over 124,000 kWh of energy.

We estimate that our use of solar energy has helped to prevent 10,440 pounds of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

Talk about major energy savings.

We help preserve natural resources

We’ve partnered with several organizations doing great work to protect the environment in our backyard and around the world.

A major part of our carbon negative efforts is the Guatemalan Coast Conservation project. In partnership with Stand for Trees, we’ve helped protect 100 acres of biodiverse forest in Guatemala.

The Guatemalan Conservation Coast project offsets our carbon footprint by 120%.

We’re also committed to improving our local environment. We’ve planted more than 2,500 trees through the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Keystone 10 Million Trees Project, which uses the trees to stop runoff and pollution from entering the Chesapeake Bay.

We can’t forget about our oceans, too. We’ve partnered with The Ocean Cleanup to remove over 275 football fields of plastic from our oceans every year. This partnership offsets the plastic from local rivers and helps protect the many organisms that thrive under the sea.

We drive more than revenue for our clients

Did you know that your daily commute to the office impacts the environment? Our GreenFX program encourages team members to use environmentally-friendly modes of transportation to arrive at the office each day.

Our team members have driven more than 7,700 miles in our company Tesla to reduce carbon emissions and fuel consumption. We also offer an electric and hybrid car credit to team members in order to make investing in eco-friendly transportation more accessible.

We see the value in alternative methods of travel, as well. Our Green commute program rewards team members for walking, biking, or taking a train to work. FXers have saved 373 gallons of gas and have stopped 7,313 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere through this program.

In addition, we’ve given our team the ability to eliminate their commute entirely (or commute less often). Our FlexFX program gives FXers the freedom to work from home, saving gas and reducing CO2 emissions.

Every little bit counts

We reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever we have the opportunity.

Through the TerraCycle Zero Waste System, we recycle as many items as we can, even if they’re not considered items that are easy to recycle. This includes e-waste, beauty products, and kitchen supplies.

To reduce the use of plastic cutlery, we provide our team with reusable snack bags and cutlery. We estimate a potential savings of 900+ plastic forks, knives, and spoons each day.

What to take away from this eco-friendly content

Every person and every business can help reduce carbon emissions, eliminate plastic waste, clean our waterways, and protect the Earth.

No matter how big or small your efforts are, they will have an impact on your local community and the larger world around you.

Want to learn more about how technology impacts the environment? Check out our blog post on the Internet’s carbon footprint.

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