6 Supreme Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is arguably one of the most important marketing tactics out there. It allows you to jump leaps and bounds in search engine rankings if you do it correctly and is extremely effective at increasing site traffic, conversions, and revenue over time. The key though, is that SEO has to be done right.

To ensure that your campaign is sound and effective, it’s crucial that you have a figurative knapsack full of free SEO tools to help you create a stellar campaign. Free SEO tools not only help you keep money in your wallet, but they help you automate so many of the processes that create a fruitful SEO campaign. On this page, we’ll talk about six of the best free SEO tools that will help you improve your overall marketing campaign since they can be used for other marketing strategies as well.

We’ll also talk about how they work, what other website digital marketing strategies can benefit from them, and why they’re important to SEO marketing success. If you’d like to speak with an SEO specialist, feel free to give us a call at 888-601-5359! Otherwise, read on!

What are SEO tools?

Before we get started, it’s important to outline exactly what SEO tools are, and how they can help your marketing campaigns. SEO tools are defined as any tool or program that allows you to complete a step in the search engine optimization process. So, for example, keyword research is a huge part of SEO.

A tool that most marketers can’t go without is an effective keyword tool for SEO. Other tools that are important to the SEO process include a free SEO checker, backlink tools, page speed tools, and more. Our proprietary SEO checker provides a free report that includes things like page speed, title tag quality, image analysis, and more for any page on your website.

It can quickly help you determine areas of SEO opportunity on your site pages to ensure that they rank highly in search results. If you’re still asking the question, “What are SEO tools,” keep reading to gain insight into what free SEO tools do, and how they can help businesses thrive.

6 free SEO tools that marketers can’t live without

The time is here, it’s time to reveal our list of top six free SEO tools that marketers (and you) can’t live without.

1. Google Analytics

Why we love it: Google Analytics is a tried-and-true SEO tool that helps you track user behavior, site traffic, conversions, and so much more. It’s a go-to tool for just about everything SEO, and it’s a no-brainer that it landed first on our list of best free SEO tools.

How Google Analytics works:  Google Analytics essentially uses a piece of JavaScript tracking code that allows the program to collect information about how users interact with your site by dropping cookies in their browsers.

Benefits of Google Analytics: Google Analytics is truly a catch-all tool that is beneficial to just about every area of your marketing campaign. Here’s how it can help each area of marketing:

  • SEO: Google Analytics helps to track page traffic, which is affected by page rankings, which is determined by how you optimize your website with SEO.
  • PPC: Google Analytics and Google Ads can be linked so that you can keep track of ad success within the platform
  • Web Design and usability: Google Analytics tracks things like dwell time and bounce rate, which can help you gain valuable insight as to how your website design is performing. It also tracks things like site speed, which falls under usability. You can also link Google Analytics with A/B testing tools which can help you determine what design works best on a page.
  • Content marketing: Google Analytics gives you insight into how long users stay on a page, how many users complete one of your set goals (like a conversion) on a page, and more, which helps you understand the value of your content.

Why Google Analytics is important to SEO success: Google Analytics provides a treasure trove of information that can help your SEO campaign in countless ways. It can help you determine whether or not your current campaign is working by allowing you to compare metrics in different time frames, as well as helping you visualize increases or decreases in specific metrics. Did you know that WebFX offers Google Analytics consulting to help you understand important metrics on the platform?

It’s true!

2. Ahrefs

Why we love it: Ahrefs is another one of the best free SEO tools for any marketer. Although there are paid versions of the program, the free version gives you access to the top 100 backlinks to your URL or any other URL you want to research. You’ll also be able to see the number of backlinks, referring domains, domain rating, and URL rating for any URL that you enter.

How Ahrefs works: Simply plug in any website URL to see the metrics mentioned above.

Benefits of using Ahrefs: Ahrefs crawls the web constantly and can provide you with extremely beneficial information that can propel your marketing campaigns.

The tool offers everything from cost-per-click (CPC) metrics, keyword difficulty, and domain rating to traffic value, organic traffic, and even keyword search volume. It helps you track backlinks, keywords, and traffic with the click of a button.   Why Ahrefs is important to SEO success: It helps you find keyword gaps in your content, see how you stack up against your competitors, measure traffic value, and more — giving you insight into how you may be able to improve your SEO campaign.

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3. Moz Link Explorer

Why we love it: There are free and paid versions of Moz’s Link Explorer, but with the free version, you get a pretty great link analysis. You’ll be able to gain insight into the most impactful links to your site, as well as pages that you link the most to.

How Link Explorer works: Simply plug in a URL and gain insight into the links to and from that site.

Benefits of Link Explorer: Link Explorer is much more than just a link checker. When you get into paid versions of the tool, you’ll have access to tons of other beneficial metrics including spam scores, link building opportunities, and top-performing content.

Why Link Explorer is important to SEO success: Links are a huge part of SEO, and Link Explorer helps you keep a close eye on the links pointing to and pointing away from your site.

4. Ubersuggest

Why we love it: Keyword research is one of the most crucial parts of SEO. Without a tool to help with the process, your SEO efforts will likely fall flat. Ubersuggest is a fantastic keyword tool for SEO that allows you to see the most important keyword metrics to help you decide which ones to include in your content.

How Ubersuggest works: Simply type in a keyword that is important to your company and get tons of alternate keyword suggestions in addition to search trends, search volume, CPC, the probability to rank, and more.

Benefits of Ubersuggest: Unless you want to spend hours upon hours coming up with keywords for your SEO campaign, a keyword tool for SEO like Ubersuggest is crucial.

It helps automate the process of keyword research, as well as giving important metrics to help you decide which ones to use. You can also use Ubersuggest for your PPC campaigns to determine what keywords to target with your Google Ads.

Why Ubersuggest is important to SEO success: If you don’t target the right keywords with your SEO campaign, you won’t be able to rank in search engines. When you don’t rank, that means no traffic, and no traffic means — you guessed it — no conversions.

5. Responsive Design Checker

Why we love it: Responsive design is a huge part of your website, and believe it or not, it’s crucial to good SEO, too. When Google ranks websites, it doesn’t only look at things like content, it also checks to make sure that users will have a great experience no matter what device they use. This is where responsive design comes in, and the Responsive Design Checker is perfect for ensuring that your website is squared away.

How Responsive Design Checker works: Simply plug in any URL to see if it’s responsive.

You’ll be able to test how the site will look on just about any device, including tablets and smartphones.

Benefits of Responsive Design Checker: It’s super intuitive, easy to use, and gives you the information you need quickly, and all in one place.

Why Responsive Design Checker is important to SEO: Without a design that’s responsive, users won’t be able to search your site on mobile devices or tablets. Responsive design is crucial, especially because 198.8 million users used their mobile device to shop in 2018.

6. Page Speed Insights

Why we love it: A tool created by Google, Page Speed Insights helps you understand the speed of your website as well as how you can go about improving it.

How PageSpeed Insights works: Simply plug a URL into the search bar and get a full report of that URL’s page speed.

Benefits of PageSpeed Insights: Not only does this tool show you the speed of your website, but it also provides technical “lab data,” in addition to opportunities to speed up your page. There is also a diagnostics section which gives additional information about the performance of the page.

Why PageSpeed Insights is important to SEO: Page speed, much like usability, is a metric that Google considers when ranking your website. If your page doesn’t load quickly, users will bounce to another website since they didn’t get their answer quick enough.

This can affect bounce rate and time on page, which affects the overall ranking of your site over time. Don’t worry, if your page speed is less-than-desirable, WebFX offers page speed optimization services to ensure that your site is speedy.

WebFX can help you get the most out of free SEO tools

WebFX is a full-service digital marketing agency that is home to over 500 SEO specialists. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest, cutting edge SEO tools to benefit our clients, including many of the tools that we mentioned above.

If you want to get the most out of the free SEO tools on this page, or if you’re not sure if it’s the right time to jump from the free version to the paid version, WebFX is here for you. If you want to learn more about great SEO and how we can help you create a custom campaign for your business, feel free to fill out a contact form online, or give us a call at 888-601-5359!

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