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Most business owners know the importance of advertising their products and services on social media, and cleaning services are no different. With more than 3.5 billion active social media users today, creating profiles on the most popular platforms can get your services noticed by an entirely new audience. Before you click “post,” dig into how you can best use social media for your cleaning services business. 

How to get started with social media for cleaning services

A great cleaning service is professional, trustworthy, and high-quality. You can convey all of these qualities and more on your social media accounts. Start with the following considerations to make your cleaning service stand out on social media:

1. Target the appropriate audience

The benefit and the drawback of social media is its reach — your posts can find their way in front of millions of eyes, but without proper targeting, they could fall in front of those who are not interested or do not need your services. So first things first, you must identify your target audience. Who are they? What do they do? Are they baby boomers or millennials, men or women? 

Creating marketing personas of your ideal customers is a solid place to start. Once you know about them, you can discover how best to reach them. Which social media platforms are they likely to use? What time of day are they most active? If the primary audience of your cleaning company is working homeowners with children, doing marketing research will help you figure out how best to reach them on social media. 

2. Pick the platforms you want to join

Most would agree that the most popular social media platforms for marketing are: 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest 
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • YouTube

While it may be tempting, you probably do not want to hop onto these platforms at one time. For starters, it would be plain overwhelming. Additionally, you may not reach your intended audience on all of these platforms. For example, the homeowner audience mentioned above may be in their 40s or 50s and not as likely to hang out on TikTok as often as they do on Facebook. 

Explore the research about which platforms yield the most promising marketing results for businesses and the different demographics that make up each site to start on your journey toward making accounts. 

Extra tip here! Consider using localized Facebook Groups to market your cleaning company on social media. Facebook Groups can foster community among like-minded individuals looking for cleaning tips or help with keeping up with their household chores amidst a busy life. It’s an excellent option for engaging closely with a subset of your target audience. 

3. Promote your profiles on your site

Add links to your social media profiles to your website home and about pages. Prominent links allow easy access for users looking at your website to get more information from your social media channels. You can also add them to related blog posts to generate more traffic. 

4. Create a content strategy

Content strategies keep you organized and lay a foundation for your social media presence. With a content strategy, you can identify overarching goals and visions for your social media content to help ensure you’re always working toward company goals and staying on track. 

Example social media posts for cleaning services

If the idea of posting on social media has your hands sweaty, we’ve got some ideas to help you out in that department:

How-to videos

Posting a mix of images and videos keeps your feed varied and your audience engaged. One way to use videos on your profiles is with quick how-to guides. You can create these videos for TikTok or Instagram Reels or create long-form videos on Facebook and YouTube. 

Examples of relevant videos you could post include:

  • How to get wine stains out of carpet
  • How to clean different types of flooring without damaging them
  • How to keep glass tables looking pristine
  • How to clean crayon off of walls 
  • How to remove paint from baseboards

How-to guides are ideal for engaging your audience and proving your cleaning expertise. 

Customer reviews and testimonials

You can share existing reviews of customers praising your brand on your social media pages to build trust with potential clients. Put quotes on graphics or make a short video showing some of those glowing reviews to garner more interest in your company.

Social media also provides an excellent opportunity to get more reviews. You might find reviews and testimonials in the comments and direct messages (DMs). Then, you’ll have more to share. 

Cleaning product reviews

You can also write reviews of the cleaning products you use to show homeowners how they work and the best methods for using them. If you have your own line of cleaning products, posting about them shows people how — and how well — they work. Types of products you might review could be:

  • Glass cleaner
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Countertop spray
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Cleaning tools 

Tips, tricks, and FAQs for social media for cleaning services

Everyone loves cleaning tips and tricks. You can post the answer to a cleaning question once or twice per week and even share tips from your audience to engage with them more directly. Sharing your tips positions your company as an expert in the industry, and sharing tips from your audience shows you are committed to learning more about your field. 

Employee spotlights

If you want to increase trust in your services, putting faces to your profiles could be beneficial. Employee spotlights show your appreciation for employees and helps your audience build more personal connections with your brand.

Latest industry trends and news

If there is any breaking news or new trends in your industry, social media is the ideal place to talk about it. You can respond to trends quickly on social media, especially on sites like Twitter, to show your audiences that you are committed to staying up to date on your industry and all it entails. 

Benefits of cleaning services

Lastly, sharing the biggest benefits of cleaning services makes a great social media post. Whether you’re targeting a residential or commercial audience, lots of benefits can be found in cleaning services, such as:

  • Increased organization 
  • Decreased distractions
  • Enhanced safety
  • Better aesthetics
  • More time for high-priority activities 

Posting about the benefits could be the thing to convince your audiences that cleaning services are right for them.

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