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Mobile Marketing

Today, your marketing strategy needs to go above and beyond traditional tactics that have been implemented for decades. People are now constantly connected to the web through smartphones and tablets, which means that your advertising has to be optimized to reach these viewers. Our mobile marketing services can help your business:

  • Instantly reach and connect with your audience in short, mobile-optimized messages
  • Deliver SMS messages for contests, coupons, and keyword-based promotions
  • Influence marketing messaging through "GeoFencing," a location radius targeting strategy
  • Create mobile-optimized advertisements that appear on leading social media networks and applications

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Mobile Advertising

More people are using their phones today than ever. Nearly everyone has a smartphone. To reach your target audience, you need to reach them on the devices they use the most. That's where WebFX, a leading mobile marketing and mobile advertising company, comes in.

To reach viewers, our mobile advertising plans provides your business with maximum reach on mobile websites like Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter. We can also create mobile-optimized ads for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Take a look at our mobile marketing pricing to determine which plan best works for your company.

Mobile Advertising Pricing Plans

Basic Plan
Aggressive Plan
Market Leader
Features Basic Plan Aggressive Plan Market Leader
Monthly ad spend $400 to $2,000 $2,000 to $5,000 $5,000 and up
Geo-fencing ad targeting
Mobile ad design
120x20 ads
168x28 ads
216x36 ads
300x50 ads
Google mobile search ads
Bing/Yahoo! mobile search ads
YouTube/video ads
Ads for iPhone apps
Ads for Android apps
200+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Ads for Pandora (client supplies audio file)    
Facebook mobile ads  
Twitter mobile ads    
Mobile coupons  
Foursquare mobile ads    
International mobile ads    
SMS messages    
SMS delivery     3.5 cents per recipient
Initial (first month) investment $900 $1,300 $1,700
Monthly plan $325 $500 $750

These mobile-optimized ads will help you reach app users, those using their phone or tablet to search for products, and even those using services like Foursquare to "check in" at their favorite locations. We work to make sure your mobile marketing plans are accessible by as many people and in as many places as possible.

Our mobile advertising plan gives you attractive, eye-catching ads in all the sizes you need to get placement on the best and most used apps and search engines. Instead of simply hoping your ad shows up and gets noticed, work with WebFX and know your ad will get the response you want.

Our team of mobile marketing experts knows how to get the most out of potential customers that are on the go. Our mobile marketing plans are a reflection of that knowledge and expertise, and we'll work to make sure you get the best ROI from every strategy you want to implement.

Plus, we publish our mobile marketing pricing online so you can know exactly what to expect when you invest in your plans. We believe transparency is crucial to a healthy relationship with our clients, and we don't add any surprise or hidden fees to any of our services.

Text Message Marketing

With text message marketing, you can instantly reach and connect with your target audience without worrying about the chance that a browser will improperly format your message. Build your texting list via opt-in or find your potential customers when they are in your area with our GeoFencing location-based texting. As you're determining your needs, take a look at our text message marketing pricing — also called SMS marketing pricing — to find what works best for your business.

All of our text message marketing pricing is listed below. We offer a variety of different services, and we deliver superior results for all of them. Our SMS marketing pricing is based on the measures you want to take to increase your business's visibility, drive traffic to your website, and increase conversion rates.

SMS Messaging Plans & Pricing

Standard Plan
Vanity Code Plan
Enterprise with Geo-Fencing
Features Standard Plan Vanity Code Plan Enterprise with Geo-Fencing
SMS Delivery on all networks
SMS Mailing Lists
SMS List Management
SMS Contests
SMS Coupons
SMS Keyword based promotions
SMS Auto-responders    
SMS Dashboard
Full SMS campaign reporting  
Monthly vanity code cost:   $1,500 $1,500
Days to setup vanity code:   ~60 days ~60 days
Setup of geo-fencing computer hardware    
Setup of a "geo-fence" around all store locations    
Variable "geo-fence" distance radius per store    
Auto SMS of coupon or promotion when patron enters store geo-fence    
Custom geo-fencing SMS integration with ERP or CRM software     Yes - call to speak with a developer
SMS message based on patron buying habits/history     Yes - call to speak with a developer
200+ SMEs behind campaign driving results Included Included Included
Setup of call tracking number for monthly ROI tracking Additional $200 mo. Additional $200 mo. Additional $200 mo.
Custom programming Call for quote Call for quote Call for quote
Price per standard SMS message: $0.035 $0.035 $0.035
Price per geo-fenced SMS message N/A N/A Volume based: $0.08 to $0.15
Initial Investment: $2,000 $2,500 $3,000
Cost per iBeacon: N/A N/A $50 - One time equipment cost purchase
Monthly Plan: $1,500 $2,000 $2,500

GeoFencing SMS Marketing

To make the most of your mobile message, the WebFX mobile strategists utilize Geo-Fencing technology and proximity campaigns. This tactic increases subscriber interaction and conversion rate by targeting your potential customers at a time when they are most likely to visit your business or when they are already in your store. If they're in your area, geo-fencing helps bring them to your door!

Location-based SMS and message marketing works by creating a virtual perimeter around your business location. Once a SMS or Push Notification subscriber crosses the boundary of this "geo fence," the location-aware messaging is triggered.

The most successful location-based texts offer a compelling and time-sensitive promotion to potential customers. From a local restaurant offering nearby shoppers a buy-one-get-one special before 2pm to nail salons promising 10% off all manicures and pedicures, these messages can be the perfect opportunity to entice a first time customer toward your business. To learn more about geo-fencing SMS promotions, speak with a WebFX team member today.

Some of our client Successes

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Ocean City NJ paddle boat
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“We measure our success by how much we WOW our clients.”

Bill Craig
WebFX President

Bill Craig
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SMS Contests, Promotions and Coupons

With a WebFX text message marketing plan, you are guaranteed delivery on all mobile networks. This allows your branded message to always find your targeted audience.

Once a mobile visitor opts in to your text messaging service, WebFX will manage your list of potential customer numbers. Our team of SMS strategists will work with you to create unique promotions, coupons or contests for your business. Compared to other sweepstakes or contests, texting contests are extremely easy for participants who can immediately enter. Examples of SMS contests range from "text to win" or mobile treasure hunts.

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