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4 Examples of the Best Ecommerce Marketing Campaigns

Are you looking for inspiration for your ecommerce marketing campaign? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got four examples of the best ecommerce marketing campaigns that you can use to inspire your marketing campaigns. Plus, we’ll provide you with four tips to help you create a successful marketing strategy for your ecommerce business.

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4 examples of the best ecommerce marketing campaigns

Ready to get inspired? Let’s look at four ecommerce marketing examples to stimulate ideas for your campaigns!

The example of knowing your brand: Dollar Shave Club

If you want one of the best ecommerce marketing examples, Dollar Shave Club is it. This company’s marketing strategy enabled them to garner thousands of new subscribers for their razor subscription service.

dollar shave club ecommerce marketing 1024x372Perhaps the most notable component of their ecommerce marketing strategy was their video advertisements. Many of their early video advertisements took a quirky and unique approach to appeal to their audience.

In Dollar Shave Club’s first commercial, they created a video that outlined the model of their company. The video was comedic, fun, and quickly went viral.

To date, the video has garnered over 26 million views. This campaign helped them earn 12,000 customers within the first two days.

Why this is one of the best ecommerce marketing campaigns: Dollar Shave Club immediately established their brand identity out the gate. They knew their target audience and how to appeal to their audience’s pain points, and used that information to create engaging and effective video ads.

What you can take away from this ecommerce marketing campaign: Establishing your brand’s identity is critical to creating a successful campaign.

You need to know who you are, what you offer, and how you’re going to help make your customers’ lives better. When you know who you are, you can convey that better to your audience.

The example of tapping into your customer base: Blue Apron

Blue Apron is another one of the best ecommerce marketing campaigns examples you can use to inspire your campaign. This meal kit service company wanted to get more subscribers, so they created a referral program.

Blue Apron invested $35 million into its referral program. blue apron ecommerce marketing 1024x341With this referral program, Blue Apron encouraged current subscribers, through strategies like email marketing, to refer their friends to use Blue Apron. The new subscribers would receive free meals with free delivery, while the referrer got referral credits towards their subscription.

As a result, 34% of the new customers they obtained came through their referral program. Blue Apron ran this referral program in conjunction with other marketing strategies, like display ads and podcast ads, to garner subscribers for their business.

Why this is one of the best ecommerce marketing campaigns: Blue Apron harnesses the power of their customer base to market their brand for them and help them obtain new subscribers. It’s an extremely effective way to obtain new leads for your company.

What you can take away from this ecommerce marketing campaign: Don’t be afraid to harness the power of your current subscribers!

Whether it’s creating a referral program or posting user-generated content, your customers can often serve as your best salespeople!

The example of knowing your product value: Purple

Purple is our next example of the best marketing campaigns for ecommerce. This online mattress company takes a similar approach to Dollar Shave Club with their marketing campaigns. purple mattress ecommerce marketing 1024x364To help gain new customers, Purple created creative commercials to highlight the quality and appeal of their product.

An example of one of their commercials focuses on two robbers who are stealing from a house when they notice the Purple mattress.

They see this mattress as a sought-after item and lay down on it. The robbers fall asleep and end wake up  next to two cops who are in bed with them and tell them they’re under arrest. The commercial is comical, but also highlights the value of their product.

The fact that the robbers stop stealing a TV to take note of the mattress conveys the message that it’s a high-value item. This video is so successful that it has over 32 million views.

Why this is one of the best ecommerce marketing campaigns: Purple knows the value of their product, and they use video advertisements and marketing to convey that message. They also use these videos to highlight what their competition does that they don’t do, which helps them set their brand apart from other mattress companies.

What you can take away from this ecommerce marketing campaign: Know the value of your products and convey that to your audience.

If you can’t tell your audience why they should buy your product, they’re not going to feel motivated to buy. Creating compelling and robust marketing campaigns that showcase the value of your product will help you drive success.

The example of creating compelling content: Beardbrand

Beardbrand is our last example from this list of best marketing campaigns for ecommerce. As a men’s grooming company, Beardbrand focuses on providing its audience with valuable information related to their plethora of beard, hair, and body products.

beardbrand ecommerce marketing 1024x306For this example, we’ll focus on Beardbrand’s content marketing strategy. Their content marketing strategy is a key component of their success (and they say it, too!) beardbrand content Beardbrand is a successful ecommerce company because they create content their audience wants, like whether you should grow a beard or why you should get a buzz cut. beardbrand articles 1024x438In addition to these articles, they have a profoundly informative YouTube channel that covers everything from different haircuts to different ways to trim your beard.

This channel provides men with valuable information about grooming — that’s why they have over 1.5 million subscribers.

Why this is one of the best ecommerce marketing campaigns: Beardbrand is a shining example of how content can help you attract relevant leads and turn them into sales for your business. By providing helpful information about grooming, leads are more likely to choose Beardbrand’s products.

What you can take away from this ecommerce marketing campaign: Don’t underestimate the power of a strong, industry-focused content strategy! Providing your audience with valuable information about your industry can make you a stronger candidate than your competitors and help you earn more sales.

How to create the best ecommerce marketing campaigns

Now that you’ve seen some of the best ecommerce marketing campaigns, it’s time to dive into creating your campaigns.

Here are four quick tips to help you get started with your campaigns.

1. Know your goals

The best ecommerce marketing campaigns always have a goal. Whether it’s to increase brand exposure or earn more sales, you need to know what you want to achieve with your campaigns. So, for example, Dollar Shave Club’s video was meant to get people to subscribe to their razor boxes.

The campaign was successful because it made compelling points to convince leads to convert. Knowing what you want to achieve with your strategies will help you create better campaigns for your business.

2. Know who you’re targeting

If you want to create one of the best marketing campaigns for ecommerce, you need to know who you’re targeting with your message. Your campaigns won’t succeed if you don’t know who’s likely to purchase your products. To establish your target audience, think about who is likely to purchase your products.

You can establish information like:

  • Demographics
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Buying habits
  • And more

Beardbrand is an excellent example of this. They create content that they know will appeal to their male, beard-growing audience. It’s what helps them drive so much success with their content.

When you know your target audience, you’ll create a better marketing strategy for ecommerce that helps your business grow online.

3. Try different strategies to figure out what works

If you look at the ecommerce marketing examples, many of them use videos and advertising as part of their marketing strategy. What works for them and what works for you, though, may end up being completely different! It’s vital that when you create your strategy, you test different methods to see what works for your business.

You have dozens of options, including:

You can try these different strategies to see what garners the best results for your business.

4. Test and refine your strategies

To ensure you’re creating the most effective marketing strategy for your ecommerce business, you need to test and refine your strategies regularly. As you use different strategies, you may find that they’re not as useful for your business as other tactics. Your business is unique, so you must use strategies that work for your company.

You can also test your campaigns to see if they effectively drive results or if they need work. You may need to tweak and refine some of your campaigns to help them perform better. Overall, testing and refining your strategies will help you have a more effective ecommerce marketing campaign.

Build your marketing strategy for ecommerce now

You’ve got a list of the best ecommerce marketing campaigns and some helpful tips to nail your ecommerce marketing strategy.

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