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10 Inspirational Social Media Marketing Examples to Ramp Up Your Campaigns

Are you wondering how you can create the best social media marketing campaigns that will drive revenue for your business? These 10 best social media marketing examples can help!

Since 74% of people use social media platforms when making a purchase decision, social media is an excellent way to boost your brand awareness, promote your products and services, and reach more online consumers.

And with these stellar social media marketing examples for inspiration, you’ll be able to boost your sales and revenue across different types of social media. Keep reading to learn more!

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74% of people use social media when making a purchasing decision.

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Social media branding examples to inspire your profiles


Using social media platforms is one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness and online visibility. Check out some of these stellar social media branding examples to inspire to your campaigns:

1. Wendy’s

Showcase branded images

If you want to increase your brand visibility on social media, it’s essential to showcase plenty of on-brand images. Creating branded images involves incorporating colors and themes that match your brand, using your company logo throughout your social media page, and custom social media designs for your header and other areas of your website.   Wendys social media branding examples

We love this example from Wendy’s because they perfectly incorporate a blend of their business colors and logo to create a lasting image of their brand.

When a consumer views their social media page, they’ll easily recognize Wendy’s signature logo and company colors.

By showcasing branded images on your social media pages like Wendy’s, you can create a lasting impression of your brand, boosting your brand recognition and awareness in the process. Over time, this step can imprve your social media return on investment (ROI).

2. Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Don’t forget the basics

Most social media platforms provide the option to add essential details about your business to your social media profile page. You’ll want to ensure you fill in these sections because they can tell consumers a lot about your brand.

Warner Bros social media branding examples

In this social media branding example from Warner Bros.

Studio Tour, they included their location information, phone number, and links to their website and other social media pages.

Because 54% of consumers use social media to research products and brands online, including this basic information is essential for informing customers about your business.

It provides them with the information they need to learn more about your products or services.

3. Aldi Stores

Establish your brand tone and persona

Aldi social media branding examples

We love this social media branding example from Aldi. Establishing your brand voice and persona is essential for communicating with customers and boosting your brand recognition and awareness.

Aldi expertly communicates with their audience through funny memes and humorous replies to customer’s comments and photos.

By establishing a comedic brand voice, most consumers have come to expect funny content from Aldi.

When you establish your brand tone and voice, you can further build your brand recognition and create a reputable online presence on social media that will keep consumers coming back for more.

Social media campaign examples

Looking for more of the best social media marketing examples to boost your engagement and sales? We’ve got you covered.


Check out these stellar social media campaign examples to ramp up your social media marketing strategy:

4. Snickers

Hold an exciting contest

Do you want to increase engagement on your social media page? If so, holding an exciting contest is an excellent way to do it!   Snickers social media campaign examples

In this social media campaign example from Snickers, they host a contest for users to submit their rookie mistake on the Snickers website for a chance to win tickets to the upcoming Super Bowl.

By incorporating fun contests like this into your social media strategy, you can help create more buzz about your brand and get more consumers to engage on your social media page, expanding your reach and boosting your visibility online.

5. Coca-Cola

Use emotional campaign messages

Emotional and personalized marketing messages are an excellent way to connect with consumers and develop marketing campaigns that will resonate with them.

Coca Cola social media campaign examples

This example from Coca-Cola shows their social media campaign “#TogetherTastesBetter”. Coca-Cola is expertly able to appeal to their followers’ emotions by asking them to think about someone who has guided them or gave them advice.

Because this campaign brings out emotions in their followers, Coca-Cola can show their business’s values and create marketing campaigns that will resonate with their target audience.

Implementing a marketing campaign that evokes emotions in your followers can increase your leads and conversions and showcase your brand’s personality and values.

It’s a win-win situation.

6. McDonalds’s

Jump in on trending topics and events

Another great way to expand your reach on social media is to stay relevant by jumping in on trending topics and events that already have a large following.

McDonalds social media campaign examples

McDonald’s is an excellent example of creating social media campaigns centered around a current event. In this example, McDonald’s launched a new campaign with several videos and advertisements geared towards the start of the soccer season in Europe.

Creating campaigns focused on current events and topics can increase your social media engagement and reach more online consumers, earning more conversions and sales for your business.

Social media advertising examples


Looking for some advertising inspiration? Check out these awesome social media advertising examples to spice up your campaigns.

7. Clear

Connect with social media influencers

Do you want to know how to promote your products and services to more consumers on social media? Connecting with a social media influencer could be the answer.

Did you know that 92% of users trust the recommendations and opinions of social media influencers? That means if you connect with an influencer with a large following, you can promote your brand and products to their audience, allowing you to reach more consumers.

Clear social media advertising examples

We love this example from Clear, who connected with social media influencer and popular soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo has more than 100 million followers just on Facebook alone.

By connecting with Ronaldo, Clear can market their brand to millions of social media followers, boosting their brand awareness and sales. And, you don’t always need to connect with huge influencers.

Sometimes reaching out a smaller or industry-niche influencer is the perfect way to promote your products and services within your industry and reach more members of your target audience.

8. Guinness

Use promoted advertisements

Most social media platforms allow you to pay for promoted advertisements that will appear on users’ newsfeeds.

These promoted advertisements are an excellent way to reach your target audience on social media. Many ads come with customization and targeting features to ensure your messages reach the most interested consumers in your products and services.

Guinness social media advertising examples

In this social media advertising example, Guinness takes advantage of promoted social media ads on Twitter. By using promoted ads like this, you can ensure you’re marketing messages will reach your target audience on social media, increasing your sales and revenue as a result.

9. Dunkin’

Shout out your current deals and sales

Next on our list of social media advertising examples is Dunkin’. They expertly advertise their latest sale to their social media followers, encouraging more users to make a purchase and increasing their revenue.

Dunkin Donuts social media advertising examples

And as a bonus, if you frequently shout out your current sales, more followers will follow your social media pages to keep up to date with your latest deals and news.

Of course, it’s always a great idea to sprinkle in other types of content into your posts too so your followers can see your brand’s fun personality. A mix of both promotional and fun content is a recipe for success on social media.

10. Samsung

Incorporate videos to advertise your products and services

Incorporating videos into your social media advertising strategy is one of the best ways to promote your products and services to your audience. In fact, 90% of users say that videos help them make a purchase decision, and videos can improve your conversions by 86%.

Samsung social media advertising examples

Samsung uses plenty of videos on their social media pages to advertise their new products. Their videos provide the perfect opportunity to explain the benefits and features of their products and how they bring value to consumers.

By using video advertising like Samsung, you can engage more users on your social media page and increase your sales and revenue in the process.

Use these social media marketing examples to help you create revenue-driving posts with WebFX

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