7 Effective Ways to Use Twitter Advanced Search [2023 Guide]

Twitter advanced search can help your business with competitive research, market analysis, and lead generation. It’s an excellent tool for narrowing down your searches to get the result you want while analyzing your target audience’s preferences.

With some tried and tested social media strategies, you can use Twitter’s advanced search option to find qualified leads more likely to convert.

Keep reading to learn more about advanced search on Twitter! Here’s what you’ll find on this page:

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What is Twitter’s advanced search?

Twitter’s advanced search feature lets you filter search results based on people, date ranges, and more. Using Twitter’s advanced search feature, you can use your data to tailor your marketing activities and find specific tweets.

How to find Twitter advanced search

To find Twitter’s advanced search option, follow these steps on desktop:

  1. Enter your search into Twitter’s search bar
  2. Click the three-dotted line next to the search bar
  3. Select Advanced SearchSidebar menu showing the advanced search option
  4. Enter information in the fields of your choiceFilters available for Twitter advanced search
  5. Click Search

From there, you will see narrowed results that match your filters. You can change your search query at any time.

Navigating Twitter advanced search

When you use advanced search, you’ll be met with various different fields and options which can be a little overwhelming at first.

Here’s a quick guide to help you find your way around.

Searching for words or phrases

Search filters enable you to choose the word or phrase that you want, or don’t want, to appear in the search results. This feature is handy for finding specific keywords on the platform.

Here are a few examples of the types of search filters you can use to search for words or phrases:

  • All of these words: Enter one or more words to search for all of them across Twitter.
  • This exact phrase: Enter one phrase here to search for it in its entirety.
  • Any of these words: Use the field to search for multiple words.
  • None of these words: Enter one or more words here that you want to exclude from the search results.
  • These hashtags: Use this field to search for a specific hashtag.
  • Replies or original tweets: use this field to search for only original tweets and/or replies to tweets.

Searching for tweets by location

Use the following search filter to tweets from a specific location:

  • Near this place: Enter a location to see Tweets that were sent when the person was in a specific area.

Searching for people or accounts

Use these filters to search for tweets made by specific people or Twitter accounts:

  • From these accounts: Use the option to search for tweets that came from a Twitter account
  • To these accounts: Use this option to find tweets sent as replies to a specific Twitter account
  • Mentioning these accounts: Use this option to find tweets that mention a specific account in the post

7 ways to use Twitter advanced search

Wondering how you can put this search feature to good use to improve your social media strategy? Here are seven effective ways to use Twitter advanced search to level-up your social media campaign:

  1. Monitor mentions of your brand
  2. Keep on top of trends
  3. Identify your most popular tweets
  4. Provide customer service
  5. Keep tabs on competitors
  6. Research locations
  7. Promote your products or services

1. Monitor mentions of your brand

One of the most effective uses of Twitter’s advanced search feature is to monitor mentions of your brand.

Search for your brand’s name in the search bar and see what people and businesses have to say about your company and products or services. Not only can use this feature to gather feedback, but you can also use it to reply to comments and questions.

2. Keep on top of trends

You can also use advanced search to research popular trends on the platform and see what everyone is talking about.

For example, you can search for popular tweets for a topic about a celebrity or event, like the Grammys.

This is helpful for understanding why a topic is trending and what’s making everyone talk about it.

3. Identify your most popular tweets

An easy way to track your best performing tweets is to try searching for them. For example, you can search for posts with 100 likes to find your most popular tweets.

When you identify what performs the best, you can work on incorporating it more in your social media strategy for better results in the future.

4. Provide customer service

Using the advanced search feature to monitor mentions of your brand can help you improve your customer service and offer solutions to your customers.

Use this feature to identify any problems or issues your customers have and offer them solutions that improve their experience.

5. Keep tabs on competitors

Search tools like this one are useful for finding companies that offer similar products are services to your business.

When you identify these competitors, you can monitor their Twitter profile and content to gather insights on how you can stay ahead.

6. Research locations

Wondering how many people are interested in your products or services in a specific location? Use the advanced search feature!

By finding locations of your target audience, you can begin to target more people in those regions and cities in your ad campaigns and messaging to expand your reach and earn more customers!

7. Promote your products or services

Many people use social media platforms like Twitter to find the best services or products for their needs and often use the platform to ask for recommendations from their followers, friends and family.

Try out different search terms and look for phrases like “looking for recommendations” to find people who are looking for your products or services. Once you’ve found them, you can recommend your brand as a solution.

Why use Twitter advanced search?

Twitter’s advanced search bar makes it easy to fine-tune your query, resulting in more pertinent information. To make Twitter an effective tool, you can structure your searches based on exact dates, location, accounts, languages, and phrases.

Using this advanced search can help you:

  • See who’s tweeting about you and when
  • Find influencers that tweet about your products or services
  • See how events resonate with your audience
  • And more

Twitter advanced search FAQs

Find the answers to common questions in our Twitter advanced search FAQs below.

How do I access advanced search on Twitter?

Navigate to www.twitter.com on your desktop. Enter your search into the search bar at the top center of the page. Click Advanced Search under the Search Filters at the upper right of the results page, or click More Options and then Advanced Search.

Why is Twitter advanced search not showing all the results?

Twitter filters search results to show quality tweets and accounts. As a result, any material or account that jeopardizes this search quality or creates a bad user experience will not be shown in the search results.

Can you use Twitter advanced search on mobile?

No. Currently, the advanced search feature is only available on desktop.

How do I find an account’s most popular tweets?

To use the advanced search feature to find an account’s most popular tweets, use the codes “min_retweets:” and “min_faves:”.

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