How to Use Twitter Advanced Search to Generate More Leads

Twitter advanced search can help your business with competitive research, market analysis, and lead generation. It’s an excellent tool for narrowing down your searches to get the result you want while analyzing your target audience’s preferences.

With some tried and tested social media strategies, you can use Twitter’s advanced search option to find qualified leads more likely to convert.

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What is an advanced search on Twitter?

Twitter has two primary searches — a general search feature and an advanced search feature. The advanced search feature lets you filter search results based on people, date ranges, and more. Using Twitter’s advanced search feature, you can use your data to tailor your marketing activities and find specific tweets.

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How to access Twitter’s advanced search feature

To use Twitter’s advanced search option, follow these steps on desktop:

  1. Enter your search into Twitter’s search bar.
  2. Click the three-dotted line next to the search bar
  3. Select Advanced SearchSidebar menu showing the advanced search option
  4. Enter information in the fields of your choiceFilters available for Twitter advanced search
  5. Click Search

From there, you will see narrowed results that match your filters. You can change your search query at any time.

Why use Twitter advanced search?

Twitter’s advanced search bar makes it easy to fine-tune your query, resulting in more pertinent information. To make Twitter an effective tool, you can structure your searches based on exact dates, location, accounts, languages, and phrases.

Using this advanced search can help you:

  • See who’s tweeting about you and when
  • Find influencers that tweet about your products or services
  • See how events resonate with your audience
  • And more

How can Twitter advanced search help with marketing?

Twitter’s social ecosystem can help grow your business in powerful ways. Twitter advanced search can help you:

  • Research competitors
  • Engage with audiences
  • Discover consumer needs
  • See what people say about your brand
  • And more

One of the biggest perks of using Twitter’s advanced search option is connecting with influencers in your industry. Use the hashtag feature to find industry faces, narrow it to those with a genuine following, and highlight your company’s message to consumers.

By implementing social media marketing strategies, you can leverage Twitter’s advanced search option to:

  • Develop a relationship with potential customers
  • Understand user sentiment
  • Reach your local market
  • Research competitors
  • Get to know your industry’s prominent names

7 search topics for your social media strategy

Use Twitter’s advanced search option icon to research the following factors.


Discover what ideas are circulating the Internet and what’s popular on Twitter when searching for retweets. You can discover patterns to craft content that leads to more retweets.

2. Specific keywords

You can filter out the number of keywords in your search using the Twitter advanced search. You can see who’s tweeting the exact keywords of interest to your business. It’s a great way to see what people say while using your keywords.

3. Questions

Answering customers’ questions on Twitter is one of the best ways to build client relationships. Some people may ask you questions about your products, services, or competitors, and you can be the one to provide a helpful and detailed answer by doing and advanced search and finding questions.

4. Negative tweets

Learn where your competitors fall short by searching for negative tweets. By figuring out what customers in your niche want and don’t want, you can become the solution while helping them find the products and advice they need.

5. Positive tweets

You can find followers who are likely to react positively to your tweets by searching for people who engage with other thought leaders on social media. Search for people who respond positively to other industry names — they will be more likely to respond positively to your brand.

6. People by location

If you own a retail store or restaurant, you can use Twitter advanced search to filter people by location and discover potential customers.

7. Specific languages

Searching for a specific language helps you focus on people who will understand your messages and your brand. Consumers are more likely to buy your products or invest in your brand if they speak the same language as you. You can quickly narrow your search and save yourself time.

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