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YouTube Demographics, Statistics, and Data Every Marketer Should Know

YouTube is home to more than just classic videos like “Charlie Bit My Finger” and “How Animals Eat Their Food.” Besides some laughs, YouTube houses advertising opportunities to connect with the platform’s sizeable audience. But to successfully engage with YouTube’s […]

5 Buzzworthy YouTube Video Ideas for 2023

The opportunity to trend on YouTube and go viral means thousands of content creators compete for the most viewership across industries. Thankfully, the core ideas that make an excellent video stay the same even as trends come and go. The […]

5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes and Solutions

Social media marketing is a great way to connect with customers and generate leads. In fact, 74% of people use social media when making purchasing decisions. It’s essential to maintain your brand by avoiding some common social media mistakes. If […]

YouTube Shorts Ads: Everything You Need to Know (+ How to Run Them)

Did you know that 694 hours of video is streamed on YouTube every minute? Or that 40% of global shoppers purchased a product they discovered on YouTube? YouTube is the world's most popular video streaming site, making it an excellent […]

LinkedIn Boosted Post

Improve Post Performance with a LinkedIn Boosted Post

LinkedIn is all about connecting with people — literally. To expand your network, you need to build your presence on the platform. You can increase your brand’s visibility by posting insightful and engaging content, but if you want to take […]

Instagram Reels Ads: How to Boost Your Reels to Reach More Users

Since the introduction of Instagram Reels in 2020, an “Instagram Reels vs. TikTok” debate has been present ever since. That debate continues to heat up with the addition of Instagram Reels’ new “Boost” feature, which allows users to create Instagram […]

The Best Instagram Features for Marketers and Businesses in 2023

If you’re not already using Instagram to advertise your brand, you will be after you read this article. The platform has come a long way from its humble beginnings of strictly allowing users to post photo content on their pages. […]

How to Make YouTube Shorts in 2023 with Ease

Short-form video content isn’t a new topic here — we’ve spent ample time discussing the power of Instagram Reels and TikTok. But now there’s a new player to add to the list of short-form video creation platforms, and its name […]

LinkedIn 101: Everything You Need to Shape Your LinkedIn Strategy

In this video, Madison from the WebFX Social Media team dives into LinkedIn 101 — how it works and how you can take full advantage of it for your business. Transcript:  Disclaimer: This video focuses on LinkedIn company pages […]

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Influencer Marketing Statistics

30 Influencer Marketing Statistics You Should Know for 2023

In the last few years, influencer marketing has grown to become a valuable tool for marketers looking to reach new audiences with their brand. Don’t believe us? We’ve got the influencer marketing stats to prove it. Now, the idea of […]